November 11, 2011

See's Chocolate Report: REVISITED!

Remember when I tried all those See's candies?

(See's Chocolate Adventure: A First-Round Report,
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That was fun, wasn't it? Normally the price per pound would have inhibited me from much experimenting, but it was different when I knew I'd be writing about them so it became an excuse to place the order to begin with I knew even a flavor I didn't like would be fun to write about. And then I found there were a several I wouldn't have expected to like (pineapple truffle, for example) that I liked VERY MUCH INDEED, which left me wishing I'd tried ALL the flavors.

So I tried to be bold again this time. I ordered enough pieces I knew I liked so that I'd be happy no matter what, and then I used a "Let's try one of everything!" approach to anything that looked appealing. The boxes were once again heavier than I paid for: almost exactly one and a quarter pounds per pound box (including the box itself, but still).

I wouldn't have bothered with Cashew Brittle two boxes ago: I like brittles but I wouldn't normally think of them as a FAVORITE, and I don't like white chocolate anywhere near as much as milk/dark. But I loved California Brittle and wished I'd ordered more, and I liked their Polar Bear Paws (also white chocolate-based), so I tried Cashew Brittle. It was fine, and definitely appealing in the box and interesting to try. But I'm not sure the combination of white chocolate and brittle was my thing. I don't think I'd order it again, but if I were getting a mixed box for someone else I'd want to put a piece in for variety and coolness and fun.

Cashew Brittle
(photo from

The Almond Square reminded me of the Walnut Square from last time, but it had a saltier and more roasted flavor that I liked, along with the caramel and chocolate. I think I'd prefer it with more chocolate, though. Probably wouldn't order again, but I'd want a single piece in an assorted box.

Almond Square
(photo from

Apple Pie Truffle is another one I never would have tried pre-last-experiment. White chocolate is not usually my favorite, nor is apple flavoring, nor are truffles. But remember the Pineapple Truffle? MMMMmm. So I tried the Apple Pie one, and it's uncanny how much it tastes like apple pie---and how much the TEXTURE reminds me of it. It's like...little bits of apple peel! and little bits of crust! The spice flavor is pretty strong, and I liked it. The white chocolate didn't seem like a dominant flavor---more for sweetness and to hold the filling. I would only want one per box, but if I were ordering in the fall I would definitely include one, and I can imagine really looking forward to it. Middle tier for the piece as it falls in my particular preferences, but upper tier for an unexpected/fun idea and an excellent execution of it.

Apple Pie Truffle
(photo from

Anne recommended the Dark Nougat to me, and since she and I are Rum Nougat twins, I trusted her advice. DELICIOUS. It's described as having honey, roasted almond, vanilla, and coconut flavors, and it's all chewy and delicious and coated in dark chocolate. Upper tier for me; I'd definitely order a few next time. I didn't taste any coconut, but I may have just been overwhelmed by the almonds and dark chocolate and chewiness. Plus, I LIKE coconut, so if you don't like coconut you might notice it way more than I did.

Dark Nougat
(photo from

I also tried the Peanut Nougat. It was good, like a gourmet Snickers bar. I think at this price level, though, I would just get the Snickers and have about ten times as many of them.

Peanut Nougat
(photo from

I wouldn't have been interested in the Key Lime Truffle last time: white chocolate, fruit flavoring, truffle---meh. This time I tried one, because I am reformed and adventurous! As with the Apple Pie Truffle, the coating was mostly to hold in the filling and wasn't a strong influence on the taste. The inside was dense as you'd expect with a truffle, and the texture made me think of fillings/frostings made with powdered sugar (like the filling in a buckeye, if you've had those). Nice intense key lime flavor. I'd definitely order this in a mixed box for someone else because it was so cool and different. For myself, I'd probably want one in a box but it wouldn't be a top priority.

Key Lime Truffle
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More later, when I've made more progress through the box!


el-e-e said...

It is really surprising how interesting these blog posts are. I just... you're THAT good, I guess! ;) Mmmm, chocolate. The Apple Pie one looks/sounds amazing.

Shalini said...

I love these blog posts.

I do get a little cringy at the apple pie and key lime flavors, though, but maybe I will just have to go in to the store and request a sample. Hard work!

Christina said...

Oh my dear, dear Swistle. You cannot do these Sees posts until after my wedding, you hear!? haha
Also, I'm seeing your Amazon thing on the side and am way jealous. They revoked my privileges a few months ago in IL. I got all excited when I moved to NC and tried to reinstall it but they shut me down again b/c NC is another state they won't work with. Grr them and their litigation mess. I want to earn Amazon moneys again damnit!!

St said...

Mmmmm, you've just reminded me that it's cold enough to order a box!! Can't wait! I like those polar bear paws but my very favorite is the butterscotch square.

Nik-Nak said...

Your desciptions are very good. I can almost taste them myself when I read you think about them.

If I could choose some for myself (which I never could because Hello, I am Mrs. Frugal, nice to me you) I would pick a box of nothing but caramels and chocolate fillings. Yes, that would be my heaven.

Bird said...

Oooh the candy posts are back! I remember the first ones and being RIVETED by each post. I'm with Shalini in that the apple pie and key lime sound a little suspicious but I'm glad you tried it and told me about it. I think the Almond Square and Nut Nougats sound delicious!

Erica said...

I'm reading this at 8 am and now all I'm going to want to eat today is candy. That MIGHT have been the case anyway, but now we'll never know.

Susanica said...

You are not a good influence on anyone on Weight Watchers right now dear Swistle. But it's fun to be voyeuristic. I have LOVED See's chocolates since my first bite in the late 1980s (see reference to WW above ;-)

Anne said...

That almond nougat haunts me. I have memories now- taste memories- mmmmmmmm......

Misty said...

Man, I want candy with nuts in it. These look so yum.

SarahSews said...

I live in CA where there is a See's candy shop in every mall around. My mom's Christmas tradition is a box when we decorated our tree and one for Christmas day. My brother's and I fought over Rum Nougats. So delish. I am not adventurous. I like what I like and leave the rest.