February 6, 2011

See's Chocolate Report Concluded: The More Ordinary Flavors

The Milk Divinity looked yummy, and I'd say it was "nice": light sweet nougat-like filling with nuts in it, covered in chocolate. I don't think I'd order it again: it was so mild, it barely made an impression.

Milk Divinity
(photo from Sees.com)

I was certain I'd like the Maple Walnut because that's usually one of my top favorites in any assortment box. It's coated in dark chocolate. I think I'd like it with milk chocolate, too, but the dark is perfect. MMM YUM. Mapley without being over-mapley, and some nuts, and definitely in my upper tier.

Maple Walnut
(photo from Sees.com)

I thought I was very likely to like the Caramel, and I did. Very nice caramel (not too sticky, not too hard on the teeth) with almonds, coated in milk chocolate. Seems like it should be called Milk Almond Caramel instead of just Caramel. Upper middle tier.

(photo from See.com)

I knew the Light Chocolate Truffle was unlikely to be a success: I always give Paul the truffles from an assortment. But this one was milk chocolate and had ground almonds on top so I thought maybe? But no. This is not the fault of the truffle, but rather that I don't tend to like chocolate-covered chocolate truffles. Lower tier for me, and I gave the other half of it to Paul.

Light Chocolate Truffle
(photo from Sees.com)

The Milk Butterchew is a nice caramel. It's very much like the Caramel, above, except without nuts. It says it's a "brown sugar" caramel, which is why I chose it, but it tasted like regular caramel to me. I wouldn't specifically order them: they're yummy, and I'd enjoy them in an assortment, but they're not special to me---I'd much rather have the one with nuts, above. Middle tier.

Milk Butterchew
(photo from Sees.com)

I mentioned the Milk Bordeaux in my first post on this topic. I'm glad I also got a Dark Bordeaux, because as with some other very-sweet fillings (like vanilla buttercream), I preferred it with the dark chocolate coating. I still didn't like the texture of the sprinkles.

Dark Bordeaux
(photo from Sees.com)

I was pretty sure I'd like the Walnut Roll enough to want a piece but not enough to get a whole bunch, and that was exactly my opinion of it. The inside is like a cross between a buttercream and a caramel: neither creamy nor chewy, but more like a nougat. Then rolled in walnuts. Yummy, a nice large satisfying piece, and a nice break from chocolate. Middle tier for me.

Walnut Roll
(photo from Sees.com)


d e v a n said...

The almond/caramel and the truffle both look absolutely scrumptious!

Stimey said...

I think we are different chocolate people. Although I normally don't care for fruit flavors mixed with other things (salads, sausage, candy), my favorites are the "fruit"-flavored creams—orange, lemon, etc. I'm a fan of the creams in general.

Jenny said...

The almond caramel and the butterchews are my favorites. I'll just get a couple of those when I stop in. I just like the flavor of their caramel, I think.

SLynnRo said...

I don't even like chocolates (of the box variety) and this is making me want to do this.

Kelsey said...

If I ever do order a box - which I'm so tempted to do now - these posts will be so helpful. We have different tastes in chocolates, but I love the detail in your reviews! These might be the most delicious posts ever...

Swistle said...

Stimey- I LOVE fruit creams---but because I love them, I'd already tried a lot of them before this order. I wasn't crazy about the lemon, but loved the orange, raspberry, strawberry--and now I've added blueberry and pineapple.

Caitlin said...

we could very easy share a mixed box. i basically only like truffles and hate everything with nuts.

these posts are making me hungry.

Superjules said...

So are you going to post a diagram of this tiered ranking system you have and where all the candies fit on it?

Anne said...

My box of sees arrived as I was reading this. I heard a THUMP and realized out UPS guy, who must be having one horrific Monday, THREW it on my front porch.

Let's just say NOW he knows that I'm home.


Anyway, I got the dark chocolate variety. And I am regretting that I did not get the dark chocolate nougats and chews mix as those are my favorite.

I also, since it is an assortment, am eating blindly. I need a diagram. I think I ate a dark chocolate marzipan and I was meh about it- but I ate some dark chocolate nougat thingee and it was very very tasty and worth every bite, one of those chocolates that you wish would go on forever.....

Temerity Jane said...

I have enjoyed the hell out of this entire series and am eagerly awaiting Valentine's day when my enormous, me-sized box of candy should be arriving, considering the television I just allowed to be purchased.

Sam said...

Totally off topic but I was reading @gallopingcats and her cat was doing the bed pee thing-until she tried Prozac (again). It made me think of you. Which doesn't sound especially flattering, but you know what I mean, right?

Also, I'm getting See's Candies for Valentine's because your posts have bestirred the pregnant craving in me. Which has been quiet lately, so thank you!

-R- said...

Please feel free to send me any truffles that are too chocolate-y for you!

Kels said...

I just had an orgasm scrolling through these photos. Oh my. The dark bordeaux looks particularly delicious.

SIL Anna said...

I'm with Anne: without a diagram I'm chocolate-ing blind. Whatever just I ate was just delicious, though.