November 18, 2011

See's Chocolate Report: It Just Keeps Going! (But Now It's Done)

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P-Nut Crunch was a very happy surprise. It's KIND OF like chocolate-covered peanut brittle, but the brittle isn't very brittle: it's somewhere between a brittle and a cookie. Like a Butterfinger (with the nice saltiness of a a Butterfinger, too), but looser, and with less sticking to the teeth. I really liked it, and would order one next time. Maybe two. Maybe three. (SEND ME A WHOLE BOX PLEASE AND THANK YOU.)

P-Nut Crunch
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Dark Buttercream is one of the ones that showed me that even though I can have a stack of dark chocolate bars in the house and not even be tempted, sometimes I DO prefer dark to milk. Usually when combined with something very sweet, such as vanilla buttercream filling. Top tier for me.

Dark Buttercream
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Because of my success with dark chocolate + sweet fillings, I thought I'd try the Dark California Brittle. I really like the California Brittle, which is coated in milk chocolate. It turns out I vastly, vastly prefer it to the Dark California Brittle. There is something magic for me about the combination of the toffee flavor with MILK chocolate. Dark chocolate gives me a startled/clash feeling with toffee. I wouldn't order these again, I'd just increase my percentage of the regular California Brittle (I got more of them in this box so I made sure I was comparing only the coating, and that also served to remind me how much I love them).

Dark California Brittle
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After my unexpectedly positive response to the Apple Pie Truffle, I thought the Pumpkin Pie Truffle might be a hit. But I didn't even finish it. I ate half and then thought "Why am I continuing to take little bite after little bite of something I don't like?" I gave it a fair shot, but I didn't like the pumpkin-pie-spice flavor combined with chocolate, and the filling seemed like Too Much: too spicy, too rich, too dense.

Pumpkin Pie Truffle
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The Apricot Delight, though, was another unexpectedly positive experience. It has apricots, which I think of as not having much flavor but these were really tart and yummy, and coconut, and white chocolate, and a sweet filling. The white chocolate wasn't a strong flavor (mostly to hold things together), but everything else pitched in with good enthusiasm. I wouldn't want a bunch of them, but I'd want ONE.

Apricot Delight
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The California Crunch has the same hybrid of peanut butter cookie and Butterfinger bar as in the P-Nut Crunch, but then coated in white chocolate (not much contribution to the taste) and crushed walnuts. It was yummy, and kind of messy, and I think I'd rather have the P-Nut Crunch because that peanut-buttery stuff was so good with the milk chocolate.

California Crunch
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One last note: in my last order, I was surprised and pleased by both the Blueberry Truffle and the Pineapple Truffle. This time, I was sort of ho-hum about both. Neither seemed as tart and flavorful as I'd remembered. This could be that conditions changed: last time, I expected both to be losers so I was pleasantly surprised, but this time I expected both to be yummy so I was less wowed. Or it could be that batches vary a little. Or perhaps I'm getting a cold. I still liked the Pineapple Truffle enough that I think I'd order one piece in my next custom order, but I don't think I'd order the Blueberry Truffle again.


lifeofadoctorswife said...

I am a lover of dark chocolate - I vastly prefer it to milk chocolate. BUT I do not like dark chocolate with toffee. There's something off about that combination, whereas the buttery-ness of toffee mixes so well with the creaminess of milk chocolate.

The P-Nut Crunch sounds good, but the name irritates me. I wonder why the P instead of Pea?

I loved it when you said this: "everything else pitched in with good enthusiasm." Such a fresh way to talk about ingredients and yet so very apt!

Swistle said...

lifeofadoctorswife- That name irritates me, too. I feel like giving it extra emphasis, with air quotes: ""P""-Nut Crunch. And I'd feel a little embarrassed to say it, if someone asked what my favorite See's candies were. And also, that name is trademarked, which is puzzling.

Trooper Thorn said...

Anything with butterscotch pudding inside?

Laura said...

I love this series. It is happiness!