September 22, 2012

Three Movies: 10 Items or Less; The Station Agent; Becoming Chaz

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10 Items or Less (Netflix link). I was completely charmed by this movie. COMPLETELY CHARMED. I think Netflix recommended it to me, and I was like, "Eh, I do like Morgan Freeman, so okay." And then I really, really liked it. Morgan Freeman plays himself, which is fun, and there are cameos by other actors. He forms this affectionate, non-sexual, out-of-nowhere buddy relationship with a supermarket clerk, and...that's pretty much it. But I really liked it. I think you might like it too.

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The Station Agent (Netflix link). This is the perfect movie for three thoughts: (1) "OMG. We are all just PEOPLE, in different-looking bodies!! We're all just PEOPLE!! Hey, everybody! We're ALL PEOPLE WE ALL FEEL BASICALLY THE SAME ON THE INSIDE!!" and (2) "So THIS is how friendships work! You don't have to BE a certain WAY, you can just BE how you ARE!" and (3) "Whooo. Peter Dinklage is...ATTRACTIVE."

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Becoming Chaz (Netflix link). This is the story of how Chastity Bono became Chaz Bono, and it was a great and cathartic-cry peek into what someone else's life is like. I ended up feeling split between "OH GOD WHY DOES LIFE HAVE TO BE SO HARD???" and "Isn't it great that people ARE the way they ARE, and aren't they WONDERFUL?" (see also: The Station Agent). There's medical stuff you might have been curious about, and there's emotional/relationshipal things you might have been curious about; the whole thing ends up feeling the normal way things feel when they happen to you instead of to strangers. The portrayal of Chaz's girlfriend is masterful, I thought: they show her dingbat side, AND they make you love and respect her and see why someone would really treasure her. Also, you get to hear Oprah deciding that SHE is going to call documentaries "real life stories," and imply that she invented the concept.


Clarabella said...

I have seen the latter two of these three and enjoyed them both. I am working on my PhD in literature, and gender theory is my "slant," so anything about sexuality or gender transformation or reassignment grabs my attention. That said, because I work with gender theory so closely, I approach everything that way. This is all a long way to say that I was very moved by Chaz Bono's story, and pretty much wept with overwhelmed emotion at the world the entire time. Phew.

Diary of Why said...

I looooove the Station Agent. It's a fave. I also recently watched and enjoyed City Island, and I think that was on your recommendation? In any case, keep 'em coming, you have great taste in movies.

twisterfish said...

Ohhh... I will have to add these to my "must see" list.

Maureen said...

Oh, Peter Dinklage-I love him so. He is the absolute best thing in Game of Thrones!

Joanne said...

I think Peter Dinklage is attractive too, I really liked him when he was on 30 Rock. He's hilarious on the Director's Cut DVD of The Station Agent. I love that movie, it was filmed in and around my beautiful hometown.

cakeburnette said...

I love the word "relationshipal." That is all. :)

shin ae said...

I really enjoy your reviews. The line at the end about Oprah is hilarious.

Sometimes I think Netflix is completely nuts when it recommends certain things to me, but maybe I should be more open-minded.