March 28, 2013

Fertility Vent

[It turns out that if you're taking a blog from Blogger to Wordpress using the Wordpress import thing, all your drafts get published. So I'm going through 250 drafts to see if anything is worth saving before I delete. Short answer: no.

But I kind of liked this one that I wrote after a former male classmate on Facebook made me angry with some comments I didn't feel like I should respond to, right after a former female classmate activated my empathy center. At the time, I decided not to publish it because it makes such sweeping generalizations: clearly not all guys are casual about it, and clearly not all girls are being sensible about it: it was just these two individuals I was thinking of. But I feel pissy about it anyway.]


I am feeling a bit pissy this evening about how my former MALE classmates are in no danger of running out of chances for little heirs, while my FEMALE classmates are counting years and panicking.

It is making me feel further pissy that some of the males in question seem to have a "I stuck a piece of myself into someone and look what accidentally happened!" attitude about the whole thing, whereas the females are taking folic acid just in case and carefully looking for a quality, intelligent person of good genes and good character who will be a good co-parent and good co-provider. A crappy lack-o'-plan appears to be succeeding, genetically speaking, while a good and sensible plan seems to be tanking.

WHERE FAIRNESS HERE? It is an extremely pissy situation.


Jessica said...

Oh noooo, all of your drafts publish? Well that stinks. (I'm moving, too.)

Gigi said...

And that is one of the reasons I'm scared to move.

Becky said...

Have you seen the movie Idiocracy? What you are describing reminds me of that. It's alternately hilarious and depressing because it does seem that is the way society is headed. Not suitable for kids, in my opinion, but funny.

Crafty Beth said...

Ditto Becky--this made me think of Idiocracy, which is one of those movies which is not very good, and yet aspects of it stick with you in a too-close-to-reality kind of way.