August 8, 2012


Today I continue to feel like complaining. On my list today:

1. I understand that it is preferable, even LIFE-OR-DEATH preferable, to do hot-weather landscaping work early in the day. And it's true that I am already awake, and so can't claim to have been awakened. But 6:50 a.m. is too early to mow in a residential area, Landscaping Company, and I believe you are even more aware of that than I am.

2. I take 50 points off the speaker's IQ whenever I see/hear a strident statement against something NO ONE WOULD EVER SUPPORT ANYWAY, EVER. For example, does ANYONE think that people who are barely scraping by with their honest, family-supporting labor, should have to deprive their small children of food in order to give drug/tattoo money to people who deliberately choose not to work even though they're perfectly capable of it? No. NO ONE thinks that. NOT ONE PERSON IN THE WORLD. (No, do not tell me you know someone who does, because THEY DO NOT, even if they say they do.) (NO, trust me, I can READ MINDS.) But goodness, I certainly see a lot of people speaking out strongly against it! Good thing they're ON PATROL against...whatever issue they think this is evidence against! Nothing like making a statement NO ONE COULD DISAGREE WITH to force others to appear to agree with AN UNRELATED ISSUE!

3. You would think, you would THINK, that I would stop clicking on online sale links. You would THINK. But I am still SO INCREDULOUS that online companies I know and trust would send me a "40% off clearance!!" email---and then I would go to their site and find that the prices have been increased first, so that the "sale" makes things the same price everything was last week without the sale. You would THINK that I would stop being so incredulous, considering it happens EVERY TIME. You would think that I would take a deep breath and realize there are other, better things to be outraged about. But you would be WRONG. I WILL NEVER STOP BEING ANNOYED AT THIS. NEVARRRRRRRR!!!


d e v a n said...

I will never stop being annoyed at that last one either!

Cayt said...

My current big complaint is landlords who don't tell you that they're sending people round to view your house and then deny all knowledge when you phone and say 'you sent these people to view the house' and then claim that the reason those people are even there is that they didn't answer their phones when the landlord phoned to tell them not to come and the landlord says that the reason they didn't answer their phones is because they're chinese. So racist incompetent landlords, they're heading my complaint list just now.

Anonymous said...

Yes on number 2. Also I think I have to quit tv, because my complaint is political ads generally. I don't care what they are saying, I don't want to hear anything, from either side, ever. Lindsay

andreaunplugged said...

Really, it was your NEVARRRRRR!!! that resonated with me this morning.

Maggie said...

If this is where we can complain today, I'm thrilled because my complaint is jackasses who set off really loud, illegal fireworks at 11:00 p.m. on August 7. What the hell?? July 4th is OVER, has been for weeks. Just stop it! Some people actually have to get up and go to work on Wednesday mornings. ARGH.

Sorry, complaint over.

ComfyMom~Stacey said...

that last one drives me nuts! I recently bought some pants at Kohl's for $19 and earned Kohl's cash for them as well. I liked them so much I decided to get another pair in a different color, but waited a week until I could use the Kohl's cash towards them. The pants had been marked up to $27 for the Kohl's cash period. AAARRGGHHHH!!

Miz S said...

Regarding #2: Well said, Swistle. Well said.

shin ae said...

I love your complaints.

I second the quitting of the TV (like the above commenter), as well as much of the Internet. I am blocking more people than ever on Facebook right now.

I don't know if #3 is about Kohl's (and no, I don't expect you to say), but it sounds just like them. They are so shady it actually makes me nervous to shop there.

Beylit said...

All three of those annoy me badly. Though I add to number one the maintenance crew of the golf course our house backs up to cutting down trees at 6am. Chainsaws, practically in my backyard, at 6am. NO!

And if we are complaining, can I just say I will never be alright with people leaving their personal cell phones ringtones on while in the office. Especially at full volume. Especially when no one in the office even has audible ringers on their office phones. Vibrate is good enough for the rest of us, what makes you so damn special!?

Anonymous said...

Swistle, sometimes I wish I hadn't had a baby so young. I have my whole life to have babies!
But my husband was so excited to be a father. I'm just so tired. I hope it gets better. I'm very disappointed in my stupid, young self.

Reading this makes me think I had better get my meds upped.

Jess said...

To expand on #1, how about the jerk neighbor that mows the lawn at 9:30 AT NIGHT!? My 18 month old goes to bed at 8pm and I cringe in terror every time he fires up the mower. If you have to use the headlight of a tractor to mow, it is TOO LATE!!!!

He also does what Maggie mentioned...let's fireworks off (they're all legal here) at ungodly hours weeks before and weeks after the 4th. Argh! Again, the toddler is NOT a fan!

stephanie said...

Dear Swistle,

I love you.

That is all for now.

Slim said...

I need two giant foam fingers to indicate that you are number 1 because you say things like number 2.

One - two! One - two!
If you're knocking down straw men
I say eff you!

Gigi said...

So this is where the complaint box is? Good. I want to complain about my husband. No, nothing in particular - he just annoys me in general right now. That is all.

Oh! And one more thing. Idiot drivers. I'm SO over them. And seriously? Just HOW hard is it to use turn signals?

Nellyru said...

It took me a long time to read past #1...I had to get over being that furious at JUST THE THOUGHT OF THAT. Yes, I believe it would be life or death, as in, you would risk your LIFE firing up your mower near my house at that hour. Jackass.

Also, Gigi: HAHAHAHAHA! Me also, on both counts!

Life of a Doctor's Wife said...

I would like to complain about the beauty supply store where I have shopped twice. Time the First, I found that the store carried my expensive salon shampoo/conditioner in GIANT sizes. And as luck would have it! they were deeply discounted - like, by half. DEEPLY. The discount was indicated by a big orange tag on the label. So I grabbed them both and went to check out. They rang up at full price. I told the checker about the discount. She made me walk with her back to the aisle and point out the sale. She said, "Oh, that's not supposed to be there" and ripped the orange sale tag off. She gave me the sale price anyway.

I returned several months later. Once again, there was a sale! This time, it was buy one, get one. I carefully inspected the tags. No dates on them. They were for the products I was getting. So I grabbed some and went to check out. You guessed it: "that's not supposed to be there." So I left them on the counter. Sigh.

Kira said...

My favorite: "NO, trust me, I can READ MINDS." Love.
And #3 is infuriating, not because of the lack of price benefit, but because they're implying that we, the clickers, are JUST THAT STUPID. So annoying.

Christina said...

#2 irritates me- especially if it's in bumper sticker form. I see stuff like "I love my dog!" and I verbally say OUT LOUD "um.. who doesn't?"

#3 AGREED. One company that emails me is THE worst with this. The prices are different, it's a different section than their email, it requires a minimum purchase, OR like 99% of the sale stuff is SOLD OUT, so really they just want you to go to the NON clearance section, b/c that's fully stocked.