July 10, 2012

Close Call Haiku

Water cup at lips
Just in time, movement noticed
Ant and me, both saved.


StephLove said...

My sister and I are sitting at opposite sides of a table, on our laptops. I read this to her and she laughed.

Laura said...

Poor soaked ant now free
Escaped from danger, then cries:
"Where is my brother???"

;) -Laura

Lauren said...

Ingesting insects
is gross and nightmare-making.
So glad you are safe.

Ashley said...

Pretty brillant!

Life of a Doctor's Wife said...

How do they manage
to infiltrate our water?
I would have thrown up!

(You are amazing, Swistle. I love this.)

Surely said...

Just when we think we can't love you more: Ant Haiku.


Saly said...

I give you mad props
for keeping the ant alive.
I'd have thrown the glass.

velocibadgergirl said...

I have kept this marked as unread in my feed reader because it is making me laugh every time I see it.