May 12, 2012

OH, nothing

(Oh pardon. But if you want to enter a contest to win a $25 Amazon gift card, there's only one more day. Not even a full day. And I know I get very irritated to get a ton of "Just one more day!" and "HOURS LEFT!!" emails from a company, but this is not a company, this is Swistle, and I get no benefit from you entering except that it makes me feel happy when someone I KNOW wins a contest. And my boss hasn't even so much as suggested that I tell you about it, let alone required me to tell you about it, which makes me feel more like telling you about it. And so I'm telling you here, in case you don't read Milk and Cookies. Anyway here's the contest. You just leave a comment, any comment. And then maybe you get to spend the evening of Mother's Day choosing three paperbacks for yourself, or a hardcover and some MP3s, or some glow sticks or flax seed meal, I don't know what you like.)

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