February 9, 2011

Fish Update II

Okay! Based on your comments earlier today and also internet search results which let me access the thoughts and opinions of many, many, many people who don't know what they're talking about or how to express it in writing, I have made some Fish Tank Revisions.

1. I released the pregnant-or-maybe-just-plus-sized platy from the fish nursery, and removed the fish nursery from the tank.

2. I added three more fake plants: two of the regular sorts of plants, plus one roughly 5x5-inch square of low dense foliage I thought would be good for babies to hide in.

Here's the new-look tank:

The dense baby-hiding foliage is front left. The two regular sorts of plants blend in, but one is reddish-brown and the other is green and lacy.

To the best of my internet-search-acquired knowledge, two of the four female platys are pregnant, and in fact are to the "can see the babies' eyeballs through their mother's skin" (oh, GROSS, but you DID ask) stage of pregnancy. But between them they ought to have more than enough babies to satisfy Darwin, now that I have all the new fake plants for hiding.


If you enjoy discussing the at-home mom / working mom Balance thing so many of us struggle with, but without all the petty sniping and bitching and "anecdotes designed to make everyone attack one side or the other as if they were piranhas with a steak," we're having a good talk about it over at Milk and Cookies, and I hope you'll join us unless you're one of those people who tries to make other people feel bad about their choices / life circumstances, in which case we decline the pleasure of your company but thanks anyway.


lifeofadoctorswife said...

The renovated fish tank looks lovely. If I were a fish, I would be delighted.

Also - you can see EYES through the fish bellies? EW. But also interesting.

d e v a n said...

Wow. Eyeballs through their bellies. Glad humans don't have to go through THAT little bit of loveliness.

Kelsey said...

Let's all be thankful that you can't see human baby eyeballs through our bellies!

D and C said...

Hey Swistle,

I was researching if my fish was preggers and came across your blog...So, now that it is mid-March how many baby fish do you have now?

Swistle said...

D&C- This is from last year, but for awhile we had a TON of baby fish. Probably over a dozen. A couple got eaten, but most made it to adulthood.