December 4, 2010

Vacation! and Links

This is skimpy because I am on a 24-hour vacation WITHOUT ANY CHILDREN! More on this when I get back!


I got an assignment to spend $25 at HomeGoods on a gift for someone, and I decided to spend it on one of you: you can enter my fancy pink salt giveaway through December 6th, which is the day after tomorrow so hurry up. I can mail it to you, or if you want me to send it directly to another U.S./Canadian address I can do that too. I'll even wrap it and put a gift tag on it (from YOU, of course!).

New gift ideas post at Milk and Cookies: Gift ideas for people you don't like.


Review blog stuff:

Smarty Ants and Phonics Reading Pup, through December 17th. The giveaway is for your own Phonics Reading Pup ($30) plus a year's subscription to the Smarty Pants reading game ($50) plus a Visa gift card ($100), and the entry comment is an easy one: saying which of the two Pups you like better.

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-R- said...

I only have one child, but I am still jealous of your mini-vacation!