December 29, 2010

Two Links to Elsewhere

OMG CALENDAR-CHOOSING TIME!! at Milk and Cookies. I love love love choosing a calendar. I have tons of good options but am so reluctant to SETTLE on one---but also getting panicky as they start selling out. [Edit: I made myself CHOOSE ONE ALREADY. I got Sibley birds, a dark horse candidate.] What are you getting this year?

Review blog stuff: review of MasterCard MarketPlace, with a $100 gift card giveaway. That would help with a little holiday debt right there. Just a couple more days left for that one.


Tess said...

I went with the Scenic Alaska calendar, hoping to carry over good feelings from our recent trip.

Tosc chose a(nother) fire truck calendar for the kitchen. SNORE! We had that LAST YEAR! There should be a POLICY against that!

Anyway, as I was browsing, I WONDERED if there would be a M&C post! Yay!

lifeofadoctorswife said...

I am terrible with calendars. As in, I always forget they exist and they remain on January for the entire year. (I seriously have a word-a-day calendar by my bed that is stuck on January 29. Sigh.)

But my husband LOVES choosing calendars. He went with Klimt or Poland this year, I can't remember. I understand that it's a big commitment. You want to love it all year long! said...

I always get a desk calendar from Etsy. Each year I just do a general search on etsy and start browsing through the selections. Apparently my taste is very narrow though as I've ended up with the same artist's calendar three years in a row now! I go for the digitally scenic shots - This year's winner was by annacote: somewhere

GratefulTwinMom said...

I almost always get one with Australian Shepherds on it. LOVE those Aussies. This year, our friend made one with his photographs of Colorado. It's beautiful and special. Think I'll use that one in the house, and the Aussies in my office. You picked some great ones on Milk and Cookies, Swistle.

Nicole said...

My mom gave me one with Labradoodle puppies! Puppies! Just like my doggy (who's a good doggy, you are, yes you are, you're a good doggy).

Wow. That was a little much on the crazy, no? But OMG so cute.

elckd said...

When we get our Christmas cards made we also make one up with pictures of all the kids on my husbands' side. We have all his siblings submit theirs and use ones we take on trips together etc. My son loves finding his picture every new month, and it's an easy gift for his folks.