December 22, 2010


Normally I try to make my review-contract-required posts a little more interesting so it's not JUST a link to my review blog, but this one is all rush-rush so there isn't time: Review of MasterCard Marketplace, with a $100 gift card giveaway.

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Farrell said...

Off topic and a little late given that christmas is 3 days away but I am just about ready to return all the santa gifts I bought for sophie. Not because she is being bad; quite the contrary--but because she does not play with any of her current toys; she only does pretend play. Sure, she pulls some things out for "props" but it's mostly us playing "sisters" or "teacher" or "college" with whatever is lying around the house. don't get me wrong - it's wonderful but what can "Santa" give, other than dress up stuff, to facilitate such activities?