December 13, 2010


Every year in December, Pseudostoops picks a week, chooses one local awesome charity for each day of that week, and donates $20 to each charity, plus an additional 50 cents for each comment she receives on that charity's post. I'm not sure I'm explaining this well, but the upshot is that if you comment on that day's post, the charity featured in that post gets 50 more cents.

Plus, one of your commenting options (you can even just say "comment" or "hi") is to mention one of your own favorite charities. At the end of the week, Pseudostoops takes five of THOSE charities, puts them in a poll, and gives $50 to the one that gets the most votes. If you love a local charity, this is a great way to get them some attention. (It doesn't HAVE to be local, though.)

I've found it surprisingly interesting to read about the different kinds of work being done by the different charities. I also enjoy picturing an unexpectedly large number of Swistle readers descending on Pseudostoops's posts, until Pseudostoops begs for mercy. Heh.

Today's charity is The Greater Chicago Food Depository: go comment on the post and then feel pleased about your charitable work.


pseudostoops said...

Ah, dear Swistle, your readers have not broken me yet! (There's still time.)

Thanks as always for the support!

Sharri said...

My friends started a charity called Donna's Good Things after their young daughter died of cancer last year. Its purpose is to promote doing "good things" - and the charity also raises money to help children do things they've always wanted to - like take the dance classes they can't afford. They have a Facebook page as well as a website.

This is a good enough reason to delurk and say I've been reading for a while now.