December 8, 2010


Oh hi! Is there a Kathy who reads here, who entered the holiday cookie giveaway at Hello Fancy Pants? Because you won! And you need to email Anne because she is MAILING OUT THE COOKIES TO THE WINNERS RIGHT NOW!! (She is sending me a box, too, and NO, I am NOT sitting with my back against the mailbox post, texting on my phone while I wait.)


Kathy said...

Yes, it's ME, it's ME!! I'm so excited! Thanks so much for posting about her contest!

Swistle said...

Kathy- YAY! I'm getting cookies too and I'm so excited! I might not be sitting at my mailbox---but on the other hand I MIGHT BE!

Anne said...

Oh now I have anxiety...what if the cookies do not live up to expectations? But also I think- free cookies taste good because free cookies are FREE. :)
Swistle yours should arrive Thurs? Or Fri? Latest Saturday. Dearest Kathy you are on Round 2 of cookie sending out so you get the next batch.

The only thing more fun than getting cookies in the mail is sending them. It truly did make me really happy.

Swistle said...

Also, the cookies will be SURPRISING: varieties I've never tried! arriving in the mail! It's so fun to think of them winging their way across the country!