November 15, 2010

Merry Promotional and Happy Commission!

Yesterday I was all bleh and muh and "How come there's never anything GOOD to do?" and so I went and made a Swistle Holiday Card featuring the Holiday Card Scoring System. It looks like this:

(as you can see from the watermark, this screenshot is from
(the watermark is not on the card itself)
(click to biggify)
(it might still not be biggified enough to read)

On the inside it says:

(and again, as you can see from the watermark, this screenshot is from
(and again, the giant Z watermark is not on the card itself)

I consulted with my buddy The Gori Wife to find out how to say the Muslim holiday, too (and in fact, how to say "the Muslim holiday," because I wasn't sure if that was right or if it should be "the Islamic holiday," and I can't believe I'm confessing this instead of pretending I knew the right way all along), but she reminded me that the Muslim calendar is lunar (which of course I totally knew) (no I did not) and so although I could say "Happy Eid!" if I wanted to, it would soon be weird to be saying it in winter, and in fact even this year it would be a little weird since in mid-December it would be, like, a month too late for Eid cards. So! That is the explanation for why we have Festivus but not Eid, and why does the spell-checker reject BOTH holidays? COEXIST, spell-checker.

ANYWAY, then I wanted to buy some of my cards, not only to send them but also to see how they look in person, but I thought I'd wait until there was a sale---and this morning I got an email about a today-only today-and-tomorrow-only sale. It's 50% off all cards (which means the Hey Pinehole! postcards are included so I got some of those too), plus free shipping with no minimum, and the code is ZAZZLECARD50. And I'm telling you because hey, maybe you want to pay what is still a very high per-card price to send Swistle cards. OR, more likely, maybe you want to design your OWN cards and save 50% and get free shipping (as long as you get them done by the end of today).

If you buy anything Swistley, I get a 10% commission, which they won't let me refuse: I dialed the adjustable commission percentage as low as it would go. I'm putting that money into the care package and/or "buying one of each thing I design to make sure it looks okay in person" fund.

And if you are asking, "So, was it fun to design a self-promoting holiday card and then pay too much for them?": yes. Yes, it was. So I also made some Christmas ornaments, though I have not yet ordered any because they're not on sale. (FUN.) (TRY IT.) (And if you do, link from the comments section so I can go see what you made!)


d e v a n said...

Love the cards!I already bought my holiday cards, but I'm going to try the ornaments. Looks fun!

Christy said...

If you made the Holiday Card Scoring System into a small poster, and that poster was less than $15, I would SO buy one so I could hang it on the wall next to where I hang all my holiday cards. Just sayin'.

Lynnette said...

Hahahaha - "COEXIST, spell-checker." I second the poster idea. I am never together enough to send cards.

Elsha said...

I love the Card Scoring! I went through to see how my cards would score-- you know, if everyone used this system. (Which they should.)

Bronwyn said...

I shorten it all to say Happy Chrismahanukwanziwalieid.

Covers all the bases, you see.

lifeofadoctorswife said...

I didn't know you(r blog) last year (which makes me SAD), so this is the first I've read your Holiday Card Rating. Which I LOVE.

Hilarious and apt. Especially the part about extra arrogance becoming funny, particularly if read in a condescending voice.