October 9, 2010

Links and Etc.


Two posts I liked this week:

Indigo Girl's post on embryo donation---I'd heard of the issue, but hadn't ever known anyone who personally had to make a decision about it.

Problem Girl's post on the name Stian (pronounced "stain"), with the extremely funny edits.


Baby name blog stuff:

I was surprised there weren't more people who'd had a dream about naming a baby.


Review blog stuff:

Similasan, through November 18, about soothing and cheering sick children. Giveaway: $100 Visa gift card.

Ragu, through October 31, in which the Thistles taste-test two versions of pasta sauce. Giveaway: $100 Visa gift card, plus a link to another sweepstakes where you can win a huge cooking gift basket.

Kellogg's, week 9 of 12, through October 11th, about tips for making the morning routine go more smoothly. Giveaway: $100 Visa gift card.


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