September 4, 2010

Weekend Links

I saw on Want Not that St. Jude's is having a clearance sale. And I love clearance sales, and St. Jude's is my favorite charity, so you BET I went over there. I bought a bee costume for Henry for $5, and a t-shirt for myself for $10, and several t-shirts for the kids for $3.99 each. I was worried the shipping would be killer but it was $7.50 which isn't too bad.


I can't explain why we like this video so much, but we just do (totally safe for kids):

A bee! A bee a bee a bee!


Review blog reminders:

1. Kellogg's Week Four, $100 gift card prize, leave comment about what you eat for breakfast when you're in a hurry.

2. Juicy Juice, $100 gift card plus juice basket prize, leave comment about favorite kind of juice.


Our little grey fish died. I was sadder than I would have expected, considering we'd had him/her less than a week and he/she was, you know, a goldfish. He/she was so frisky and perky! And at first we didn't realize he/she was dead, because of the currents caused by the filter, and coming to a gradual realization was additionally sad. This weekend we'll take a sample of water to the pet store for analysis and see what they say about it. My guess is that they'll say, "Here, have another 13-cent fish."


A recent favorite post: Someone Who Reads This by Princess Nebraska.


Kitten picture:

We may have named her Chicken Feather (Mrs.), but we still call her The Kitten so maybe C.F. isn't her name.


Randonn said...

My mom has two cats whom we still refer to as "The Kittens" even though they are, like, 5 and have their own pretty great names. I think it's because they're so much smaller than her other two, burly, tom cats.

GratefulTwinMom said...

That's so sad about your fish. Your tweets on it were so funny, and echoed the sentiments I have about goldfish (you know, the water to fish ratio). I hope your pet store can help you figure it out. "The Kitten" sure is cute!

Katie said...

We just got a Betta fish. I told Becca straight up THAT FISH WILL DIE. And then we will flush it and then we will buy another. If you can't handle that, we aren't getting a fish. HA! EVIL. But I couldn't stand the thought of tears over a fish! It is just a matter of time. Every morning I say "Is the fish still alive?" So far it has lived for a couple weeks. But I think it may be turning a bit white....hmmmm.

Life of a Doctor's Wife said...

She looks so much like a feather though - that tail! I think the name suits her. And everyone needs a nickname.

So sorry to hear about the grey fish. It's always hard to see a living thing that's died, even if you didn't know it well in life.

Donna said...

I have no children. Why on earth would I want to watch the Bee video? And yet, I did. And now I have an earworm if the first order. Darn you, Swistle!

A bee! A bee! A bee! A bee!

Becki D said...

How in the world did you find that random video, is what I'd like to know!

Lauren completely loved it, though. Which was cute, until the "bee! bee? Bee!" whining for me to re-play it.

Happy laBor day!

Swistle said...

Becki D- Henry found it! He likes to "work on his computer" while I'm working on mine, and he keeps clicking the "related videos" until he either finds awesome stuff or until I say, "Uhhhhhh....No, that's not for children."

Amber said...

I have two cats, The Inspector and Penny. The Inspector is 7 and will only aswer to "Booger", and Penny is 6 and to this day only answers to "Baby Kitty". So all of my clever creativeness went out the window to be replaced with nicknames - oddly, the nicknames fit the cats' personalities better than their actual names, so go figure!

HHRose said...

Regarding "Someone Who Reads This." Like minds, I suppose:

Swistle said...

HHRose- Yes, I think most of us feel that way from time to time---or at least, it's a common blogging topic. I felt like the WAY she wrote about it really captured that upsetting/confused feeling.