September 11, 2010

Review Blog Business

As I've mentioned before and will mention again, part of my deal with my review-blogging deal is that I need to mention those review posts on this blog. And normally I try to get this over with quickly for the benefit of those of you who would really rather NOT have review-blog reminders and who are in fact thinking, "You know, if I wanted to read your review blog I WOULD ALREADY BE READING IT," but I do have one post I would want to bring your attention to anyway, even if I didn't have to. It's a post I've been composing in my head for months or possibly years now, about how one of my pet peeves is when women call themselves "bad moms" for small, unintentional mistakes. But it doesn't really go over well around here when I talk about my pet peeves, I find, so I kept not writing and posting it---because another of my pet peeves is getting scolded by a commenter for not being exactly how they imagined me.

But then I got a review assignment for a post about how even good moms make mistakes, and after Paul fell asleep I got up and finally wrote the post I'd wanted to write. So here it is, my pet peeve post, and if you tend to get all prickly when I talk about things that bug me, you don't have to follow the link at all! Everyone wins.

Also there's the fifth of twelve Kellogg's posts, through September 13th, this time about favorite things you did this summer. And if those things involve breakfast, then Kellogg's should have hired you instead of me.

Juicy Juice sweepstakes is also on through September 30th.


Maria said...

That post is why we love you! Don't hold back because of a couple meanies.

Sam said...

I hate it when people I love and admire (you!) don't post because of the dickheads! on the innernets.

Kacy said...

Nice teaser style.

Nicole said...

That made me laugh - your pet peeve about commenters scolding you