September 18, 2010

Links and Etc.

You know what you can do, if your printer is out of paper but you don't feel like putting in more right now because you'd have to move a bunch of stuff out of the way of the paper drawer first, but the "paper" light keeps BLINKING and BLINKING? Hit the "job cancel" button right near that blinking light. Possibly this will work for you, too, and ideally it will not be the case that someone else in your family got halfway through a print job and didn't notice and you just canceled it for them. Because ANOTHER thing you could have done would have been to put a sheet of paper in the manual feed, just to get it over with and also not lose the print job, and someone might point this out to you in an irritable tone of voice.


I empathize SO HARD with Marie Green's post State of the State, about what it feels like to have a difference of opinion with a spouse about a desperately-wanted baby.


Happy cat news: the vet said that the most we should hope for at Benchley's follow-up appointment today was that his eye was not getting WORSE---but as it turns out, it's even looking BETTER. He's lucky to be a young and healthy cat, but also he's just plain lucky his body happens to be working for him on this. I won't detail some of the gross things the vet said could happen with eye injuries, but suffice it to say I came away from that discussion feeling like bodies were fragile and random places where the body's own immune system could end up being a bigger problem than the original problem. Benchley goes back again in a week, but the vet said she feels very encouraged we'll see good results and won't have to call in The Cat Ophthalmologist. Did you know there were ophthalmologists for cats? You do now.


I got a coffee at Dunkin' Donuts this morning, and every time I get coffee at a restaurant I realize how weak I make my coffee at home. Because WOOOOOOOOO.


Review blog business:

ABC "No Ordinary Family" through September 28---leave comment saying what superpowers you'd hand out to the members of your family. (I wanted to be a polyglot.)

8th Continent Soy Milk through September 30 for $100 Visa gift card and free soy milk, among other little tokens such as a complete adventure package; leave comment about one of your "FEEL like a bad parent (but not ACTUALLY a bad parent)" moments. Or if you haven't had any slip-ups (YET), say which video is your favorite: the one where a child repeatedly says "d*ckhead" or the one where a child gets knocked unconscious with a pi├▒ata bat.

Also there's the sixth of twelve Kellogg's posts, through September 20th, still for a $100 Visa gift card, this time a comment about school-day breakfasts or about transitioning from summer schedule to school-year schedule.

And the Juicy Juice sweepstakes is still on through September 30th---$100 Visa gift card and a juice prize pack; leave a comment about your favorite juice.


Shelly Overlook said...

Can you imagine how much the Cat Ophthalmologist must cost?

Jen said...

I do know about the cat opthalmologist--our cat had a corneal hernia. It was GROSS!! His didn't clear up as fast as the vet had wanted and sent us to the specialist. I too was like are you kidding me, they have animal eye specialists?? This will cost a pretty penny. However it was not bad--he cost less than my regular vet did. Cat's eye is clear and we haven't had a problem since-knock on wood--it has been 4 years. The one thing he did tell me was that once a cat does have something like this it can come back.

Jen said...

PS I'm glad that Benchley is getting better!! Having a sick kitty is no fun.....

Marie Green said...

Thanks for the link, friend. You know? I've been giving David the silent treatment for over a week- in order to control the one thing in this situation that I CAN control, which is access to ME- but I don't think he's noticed. How effective is the silent treatment if the recipient doesn't notice? NOT EFFECTIVE AT ALL. Eff.

Also, I brew my coffee weak too. And I WANT to brew it stronger, but somehow I just NEVER DO. Weird.

Also-also, I think Benchley is a badass enough name to be a one-eyed cat. However, I'm glad it looks like it's not coming to that!

d e v a n said...

As soon as I heard the words "cat ophthalmologist" all I could think was $$$$$!