August 18, 2010

Current Giveaways on the Review Blog

I have THREE reviews with giveaways running right now, and as I mentioned before it's part of my review agreement to link to them here, so here's what there is:

1. The Just My Size clothing review, in which I photograph myself in the fitting room in spite of a scolding from a store manager. This one has a $500 giveaway, and you leave a comment telling me how cute I am (or how cute the clothes are, whatevs). What's weird is that when I did a review with a $200 giveaway there were 617 entries---but on the $500 giveaway, it's at 373. My guess is Review Fatigue.

2. The second of twelve Kellogg's posts, with a $100 prize. This week you leave a comment about summer fun.

3. Today's new review, about Juicy Juice---which, as it turns out, is in fact made of JUICE. (I'd thought the name "Juicy Juice" made it sound suspiciously like it WASN'T really juice.) This one has a giveaway of $100 plus a juice prize basket, and you leave a comment about your favorite kind of juice.


DCMomma said...

My kids and I love juicy juice apple juice and will pick it out at the store. My son can read now, so has to point out the name every time!

Jess said...

Let it be review fatigue! Keep all the others away! Must increase own personal odds of winning!

janet said...

And I already won one of them....squeee! :)

Mama Bub said...

Such a giver. Done, done and DONE.