May 21, 2010

Swistle's Airplane Travel List

Do you like lists? OH ME TOO! I have a Travel List that I print out before every trip, and it makes me feel like I won't lose my mind with pre-travel fretting. If you are bored by lists, you can duck out now: that's all the post is. This is what fits in one carry-on-sized suitcase and one carry-on bag:

Swistle's Airplane Travel List

3-ounce bottles in quart-size ziploc: deodorant, shampoo, conditioner, hair gel, body wash, body lotion, face lotion, lip balm, toothpaste, hand sanitizer, Febreze

make-up: undereye concealer, powder, blush, eyebrow brush, eyeliner, lipstick, lip balm

snacks: pecans, almonds, apples, chocolate-covered cherries, pretzels, Dove almond squares

EMPTY water bottle
NO Swiss Army knife
all food wrapped

light jacket and flannel shirt
camera and spare batteries and small battery charger
travel alarm clock
cell phone and charger
Sudoku calendar and pen
wallet: license, credit card, heath insurance card, cash, change
books and magazines
earrings and rings
toothbrush and floss
ponytail holders and claw clip
medications including Dramamine, tylenol, allergy, eye drops
vitamins including vitamin C, zinc
prescriptions including dailies, sleep, anxiety
laundry bag
socks and wool socks
sandals and shoes
jeans and shorts
skirt, dressy tee, stockings, dressy black sandals, sparkly earrings
itinerary and boarding pass

Take off shoes
Take off coat
Take out bag of liquids
Take out bag of medications
Take out bag of electronics

Fill water bottle
Take Dramamine


Various notes on the list (because the only thing that can improve on a list is a list ABOUT the list):

The "take off/out" list is so I don't panic in the security check. They don't require you to take out electronic stuff (chargers, phone, camera, clock), but last time they unpacked my whole suitcase to get a closer look at my travel alarm clock so it's easier to just chuck that stuff in the bin. I put them all in a gallon-sized ziploc and keep it in my carry-on until I go through, and then I pack it in my suitcase afterward.

The last two things on the list are for after security. (I remember to pee without putting it on the list.)

Sudoku calendar: When calendars were marked down to, like, a dollar, I bought a sudoku-a-day one. I take off a little chunk of pages to put in my travel bag. Nice and small, and cheap, and I can throw away each page as I finish it.

Glasses: New to this trip's list: before I bought a ton of fashion glasses I was always WEARING my only glasses. Now I have many pairs and needed to remember to bring an extra pair for decorative purposes.

Wallet: I don't like to bring a purse (it would take the place of a carry-on), so I have a wee little zippered pouch I put the essentials in.

Febreze: I found it in travel-size but in a scent I don't like, so I dumped it out and refilled it with the lavender kind. It is so nice for spritzing on clothes at night if you find you probably should have brought an additional pair of jeans.

Lip balm: Not only is it in two different baggies, I have another in my pocket and another in the carry-on's pocket. LET'S NOT RUN LOW ON LIP BALM.


Leslie said...

I use my cellphone as a travel alarm clock.....more room for lip balm!

sara said...

I feel so much better knowing that I'm not the only one with lip balm issues. I have it stashed all over my house, office, car, diaper bag. Hi, my name is Sara and I'm a lip balm-aholic.

Saly said...

Ooooh, I love making lists. It helps to keep me sane. The best part is checking things off. I make the list, and then pack and then make checkmarks as I put things in. And then when I double check, because I am OCD, I cross the item off…but not so much that I can’t read it, because I may or may not want to triple check. Aaaah, yes, lists.

Now, do you leave lists for Paul while you are away, or is he good to go on his own? When I traveled for work 3 years ago, I had to leave lists and clothes and everything you could imagine for the kiddos. I had to write out their schedule for Hub. When I go away in a few weeks though, I think it will be a lot different. We’ll see!

I hope you have a fabulous trip!! Squish that Niestle up good!

Kate said...

I don't like to carry a purse when I travel either, so I throw a small empty purse in my suitcase. It doesn't take up very much room, and then I have it if I need it!

Megan said...

Purses don't carry as a carry on!! I usually carry my purse, a computer bag and a small rolling suitcase no problem. One time they did make me put my purse in the suitcase to board which I thought was so dumb because I just pulled it right back out.

Swistle said...

Saly- I usually let him sink or swim now that most of the kids are old enough to tell him what the schedule is, though this time I left a list on the kitchen whiteboard to remind him about the cat's medicine and about teeth-brushing (the kids, not his!). And I did a whole ton of laundry so he wouldn't need to do any.

Safire said...

You do know that you are able to take a carry on bag AND one personal bag on top of that, didn't you? So you COULD take a purse if you wanted.

Swistle said...

Safire- Yeah, but I use my suitcase as my first carry-on, and a carry-on bag as a second carry-on.

Theresa said...

I so do this everytime I travel. I can't imagine how people manage to do all of that without a list. What are they like a savant or something???I HAVE to have a list of half of what I need/meant to bring gets left at home and I spend the whole trip kicking myself (mentally).

missris said...

I cannot handle being without lip balm AT ALL TIMES. I'm definitely of the "one can't have too many backups!" persuasion lest I have to lunge into an airport convenience store and buy an overpriced chapstick to get me through the flight.

JEN said...

If you get motion sick (which I do - badly), may I recommend Bonine instead of Drammamine? It makes you less drowsy and works so much better. It is sold in stores right next to the Drammamine.

Have a good trip!

SIL Anna said...

Your brother keeps at least one neat little list on his desk AT ALL TIMES. This might be a family trait.

See you soooooooooooooooooooooooooooon!

d e v a n said...

have a great trip!

Erica said...

I hope you have a wonderful time! Enjoy your travel since the Niestle will be living close soon.

Superjules said...

Yes, LIP BALM! I keep one in every purse, in my backpack, on my nightstand, and in my car. I also keep a jar with five or six of them on my kitchen counter, just in case. LET'S NOT RUN LOW ON LIP BALM.

Alice said...

oh i LOVE travel lists. even though i travel ALL THE TIME (and used to work AT AN AIRLINE!) i still make a list every time i fly. it just makes me feel so much better and more settled.

Nicole said...

I love Sudoku.

Lindsay said...

The second I realize I am without lip balm my lips immediately get ridiculously chapped, in that child like manner where it looks like you have a koolaid mustache. C'est terrible! My fav lists are a little post it I make each morning at work with the day's top three or four tasks.

Missives From Suburbia said...

Is this where I confess that I have multiple travel packing lists? Ones for beach vacations, mountain vacations, etc?

lisa said...

I keep telling myself that I need to make a list and save it on my computer to refer to. Since 'going home' involves 24hrs of flying I feel like Im flying with a drugstore in my backpack (infant tylenol, childrens tylenol, childrens motrin, dimetapp, afrin, dramamine, pepto, etc.) so, Im all for the lists, lest I find out I have forgotten something halfway across the pacific.

After flying to Hawaii two years ago and having my son come down with the stomach flu to end all stomach flus (5 days of barfing- FIVE) I have started carrying either a small travel pack (or else just pull a chunk of them out of the round canisters they come in) of Clorox wipes and before anyone! can do anything! in our row of seats, everything must be wiped down, tray tables, armrests, belt buckles, windows etc. It reduces my anxiety about how dirty everything is. Plus- every time I wipe things down the wipe is always gray so, I know its doing something. :)

Happy travels!

qwanty said...

STOP. You've got a) sandals, b) shoes, c) dressy black sandals, and d) the shoes on your feet? Re-think this, woman! Buy these:

WEAR THEM. And then use the extra space for teeny bottles of vodka!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE LISTS! I have a Travel List too! I just got back from a weekend away in which I did not use the list, figuring, it's only a weekend, it'll be fine, and LO AND BEHOLD I forgot numerous things. Behold the Power of the List! (Have a great trip!)