December 4, 2009

Stuff You Can Win

Oh hi, hi. Fine, fine, and you? The weather, I know! Crazy! ...Oh that? The ad I'm casually leaning up against, petting in a way that calls your attention to it? Pff, it's nothing. Just, you know, MY NAME IN AN AD.

(My name is indeed Kristen. TRUE STORY.)

The ad (this one isn't clickable---it's just a picture) is what they're using for the latest paid review over on the review blog. This one involved softening two pounds of butter. I am going to have to spend my pay on bigger jeans. And more butter.

This paid review, like the last one, involves a drawing for a $100 Visa gift card. If only there was something to spend such a thing on, this time of year. Well, go enter anyway.

I would also like to call your attention to an assortment of Etsy Love posts that include giveaways, in case you are short on gifts:

1. haworth handmade: choice of embroidered wood ornament or embroidered felt rock

2. Small Grapes: six fat quarters of Erin McMorris fabric

3. Relic: choice of coin bracelet or coin earrings


g~ said...

Have I ever said how much I LURVE this review site?
I do. I do.
Though I am truly envious that you *got paid* to bake stuff and taste it. OMIGAH.

Fran said...

"I am going to have to spend my pay on bigger jeans. And more butter."

LMAO!! Me too, except, I will have to spend my money, not yours of course...that would be weird!!

Nowheymama said...

Wow. You and your cookies are FAMOUS.

Andria said...

Very cool!!!

Marie Green said...

Well, bummer for me, I've already entered ALL of those contests. They are such awesome, awesome giveaways that I wish I could just win the ALL!

Also, even though I KNOW your name is Kristin, it took my brain several smoky cranks to puzzle out what that ad was saying. It would have been much less confusing to just leave the Kristin off of it! Er, well, for my pea brain that is.

BUT YOU ARE ON AN AD. Where's the line for autographs?

Kristi said...


Erin said...

Is it weird that I think of my blogger friends by their blog names? I wonder how many people think of me as Fierce Beagle. Hmm...perhaps I should have chosen, oh, Cindy Crawford as my pseudonym.