September 18, 2009

Towel Tidying Tips

I have two questions---no, three questions.

The first question is: How did I manage to buy such uncomfortable shoes?

The second question is: Seriously, did I try them on someone else's feet or what?

And the third question is for the Tidy among you. It involves towel storage.

I have some photos to accompany this question, and I feel a little nervous because I will be showing you some of My Mess. The problem is that if I label my messiness as Bad, I'm also labeling everyone messy as or messier than me as Bad. Like, you know when a size 8 friend is talking about how very fat she is? And if you're a size 14, you're thinking, "If she thinks SHE'S fat, what must she think of ME?" It's all very well to say she's talking about herself and not other people, but what she's done is drawn her line, and now you know what side of her line you stand on.

People don't always INTEND to draw a line, they may be making a self-deprecating remark to decrease judgment and alleviate self-conscious anxiety. It's just that their self-deprecating remark also deprecates a whole group of other people who fall into their category and GOSH I do think that's something to be avoided.

Where was I? Oh, yes: so this is why I'm NOT going to make any self-consciousness-alleviating remarks about the photos. Even though I am feeling self-conscious about them.

What I need advice on is a Towel System. I used to keep towels on a shelf in the bathroom closet. Which is the perfect place for towels. The problem is, it's also the perfect place for a cat to seek refuge from children. I used to have a Cat Towel that I spread out over the pile of towels for fur-deflection, but then the towel would fall off, or the cat would knock over the pile of towels, or Paul would remove the cat towel to take a towel for himself and would neglect to replace the cat towel afterward. (I'm not criticizing him AT ALL---I'm very grateful he sometimes gets his own towel just as if he were a fully grown adult!)

The other problem is that the shelf is now too small to hold all our towels (SEVEN PEOPLE).

So anyway, here's a photo of the shelf that used to have towels on it. Now it has a towel-lined box for the cat, but the cat knows what's what and never sleeps there anymore. He's waiting for us to put the REAL towels back.

And here is the temporary witness relocation location for the towels: the top shelf of one of the kids' closets. I can't quite reach, so I have to half-fling them up there. And when I take a towel down, other towels come flopping down with it. It is frustrating, but at least the cat can't get up there.

And I don't even KNOW what to do with washcloths and handtowels. Even when I have a good place to keep towels, it frustrates me that washcloths/handtowels don't fold into shapes that fit neatly with folded bathtowels. Flinging them up on the shelf didn't work AT ALL, so now I keep them, um, on top of our bedroom bureau.

So, what to do with the towels? I've tried NOTHIN' and I'm all outta ideas.

The available locations are:
  • The shelf in the bathroom closet where they used to live, but with some sort of cat deflection system. Also, that shelf doesn't have room for all our towels (SEVEN PEOPLE), but maybe I could free a second shelf? ( <---totally impossible, please do not listen to rantings of lunatic). Well, soon we'll be able to move some of the towel population down to the second bathroom.

  • In the bathroom vanity. This might keep the cat away (though he can pick doors open if he finds out the towels are in there), and also I could put the vanity stuff on the former towel shelf. But how to fold the towels? And I don't think they'd all fit. But again, second bathroom soon.
  • On a lower shelf of the kids' closet, with other kid-closet stuff moved to the less-accessible shelf. Then we wouldn't be able to get a fresh towel if the kids were asleep, but that's a relatively minor issue.

  • Some other location.

Halp. Tell me how to tidy the towels, and where to do the tidying.


Anonymous said...

If you rolled the towels up into little towel tubes, they would probably fit in the bathroom vanity, and then you could put the stuff in the vanity next to the unused cat bed :) and maybe roll the handtowels/washclothes on top of the bath towels? but then they might all fall down. but i do know that rolling towels is a total spacesaver....

MeganZ said...

Mine are all in a big basket that used to be a toybox, rolled tightly into little tubes. Towels, hand towels, washcloths, everything. And the good part is, you can leave it out! Mine's under my pedestal sink.

Jenni said...

I am Not Tidy so any advice I gave would probably just make matter worse.

Anyways, am commenting about the shoe issue becaues ME TOO! I bought said shoes because they were cute and soooo comfortable and now they are like an entire size too small. HOW DID THAT HAPPEN? I don't know if it makes me feel better or worse that it also happened to you.

Southern jezeBelle said...

a few thoughts:
-can you close the closet door from the cat?
-can you put a basket of towels in the bath floor (cat issue?)
-how about towels in basket on top shelf and you can pull whole basket of TIDY towels down to put away or get a towel. even a smaller basket for smaller towels?
-stuff from vanity can go on bottom shelf since cat doesn't use it anyway and towels can go under there.
-I fold mine lengthwise in thirds. then in half, and half again. This way when you take one out it's ready to go over towel bar nice and tidy and two can fit on towel bar.
-hand towels are thirds lengthwise and half once. wash clothes are just in half.
-could you put a little shelf on the wall that would hold more towels? so kids towels can be in vanity and a higher shelf perhaps over toilet can hold towels for adults?
-im such an organizing tidy geek. i need a life! :)

Marie Green said...

Martha Stewart told me (via my mother, since I don't watch Martha) that is a TRUE FACT, as in PROVEN, that rolled towels take up less room that folded. I've tried it myself and it's really true! So, we roll ours, and cram as many as possible into our limited space.

donna said...

Yep, i was going to suggest rolled. You can get a basket for them, and even put them in the closet with the cat towel on top of it. Or under the vanity. Or in a closet.

Joanne said...

Everyone in my house (5) has one towel and I wash them weekly. The washcloths are in the shower or tub that the person uses. I hang the towels on a hook on our bathroom door and the door of my kids' room. All the other towels, I keep in a hamper in the basement. I don't have a cat, but I don't have a linen closet either!

moojoose said...

Also suggesting you roll them. It looks fancy (all the little circles facing out) and you can fit so much more. I actually keep my rolled towels on display on a shelf.

Nowheymama said... you fold them in half and roll them? How does that work? asks the person with a teeny tiny bathroom linen closet.

LoriD said...

You could get a little more space from the existing closet by extending the shelves to the length of the rails the shelves sit upon (put a piece of wood at the back of the shelf and you won't need to worry about staining the new piece). Put all the stuff dangerous to children on the top shelf, the towels (rolled) on the second shelf and the other stuff on the bottom shelf. If the cat can jump that high, just put a sheet of tinfoil over the towels to scare him when he makes his first jump. For all of your washcloths, throw them in a basket and you can put them anywhere, even their current location.

Paula said...

I don't know how many towels you have because SEVEN PEOPLE times x days equals A LOT of towels, but yes, roll them AND you can put them in a wine bottle rack thing! Either one on the vanity or one on the floor by the tub/shower. I forget where I saw that idea but I liked it!

Lauren said...

Do you have some wall space? I did this at our school, but it might work for rolled towels, too.

jen said...

buy a pretty basket, roll them up and stuff them in there. Reduce your total amt so it's manageable with whatever storage solution you pick. As for washcloths you could put them in a smaller basket just folded in half, stacked in the basket, on the vanity or something if you have room.

My master has no linen closet or any place to put shelves but is also huge. We bought one of those hallway storage benches with the 3 square baskets under it. It's nice to sit on while getting dressed. 1 basket is towels, 1 basket is hand towels and 1 basket is washcloths. The overflow towels get crammed in a closet, but I rarely use them.

You could get 7 towel hooks and hang them along a wall. There are pretty ones at Target. Esp if the kids will be using the downstairs bath to shower. Then you just wash towels one day and put them all up.

Or you could make the kids store their towels on a hook behind their bedroom doors, and take in/out of the bathroom as needed, and just get a nice basket for the hand towels/washcloths.

OR you could just toss them all and install a giant mutant sized hand dryer in there.

Hallie said...

Get a basket or bigger tupperware container to fit on the shelf. Get one with a lid or one that is tall enough that the cat can't get into (not enough room between the top of container and the next shelf). The kids can pull out the container a little to get a towel out.

Dr. Maureen said...

First of all, WHY does Blogger INSIST on letting me start typing my comment, and then blinking back up to the top of the comments and making me click "Jump to comment form" again where the six or so words I had typed are now GONE and I have to START OVER. It happens to me on all the Blogger blogs and it is DRIVING ME CRAZY. Blogger, you are annoying.

Second of all, I was all, "OMG! I can totally help with this problem! I KNOW WHAT TO DO!" and then I read all the comments and everyone has STOLEN MY SUGGESTIONS. Harumph. But yes, roll them. Roll the towels and they take less space and are way less annoying to stack because they stay in place instead of sliding all over each other. You'll probably have better luck tossing them up to the top shelf, even, but I was also going to suggest switching up those two shelves in the picture because the shelf below the towels has the appearance of a shelf containing less-used stuff.

As for washcloths, we have a basket for our baby washcloths which I just stuff in there all willy-nilly without folding them. I wish we also had a basket for the adult-sized washcloths which I pile up "folded" on the shelf in "neat stacks," but you can imagine what happens with those. Actually, I do this with the hand towels also, and why am I not rolling them? I should start rolling them.

Lastly, someone asked how to roll them, and I am going to leave that on a second comment because I bet no one has read this ridiculously long one.

Dr. Maureen said...


Someone asked, so I'm leaving this as its own comment since no one wants to read the novel I wrote in my first comment.

1. Fold the towel in half lengthwise, by which I mean make an almost-square, not a long skinny rectangle.

2. Fold in half lengthwise again.

3. Roll.

If you take your time, you can make really tight rolls that are tidy and look cute. Personally, I rush it, because none of my towels match anyway.

kleslie said...

I live in a one-bedroom house with no linen-closet, no coat-closet, and 1 closet in the bedroom (which is entirely full of my clothes). So, I bought an under the bed storage thing... I hated it. I didn't like having to pull it out all the time... lazy? Kind of... but it bugged me. So I bought one of those faux-leather trunks at Target (I'm sure you know what I'm talking about) and put it at the end of my bed. It now stores all of my kitchen and bath towels and I love it! No shelves needed!

d e v a n said...

Rolling the towels would help with the space issue but probably not the cat issue. Personally, I'd put plastic bags on top of the towel because our cat hated plastic bags and wouldn't dare lay on them. Then the towels could go back on their regular shelf. OR I'd get a nice big tupperware type storage box with A LID and put the towels in there.
And I'd make it a big one because I know I'd never keep up with rolling towels.

Sarah said...

I'm all with rolling them, a la Apartment Therapy.

You could keep them rolled on end, in a basket, or on their sides (like logs) in a basket. You could even put them under the vanity OR in the closet, as long as you were careful to get a container that fits that space. You may need to keep fewer towels to make the space work, but, HEY! Less laundry!

This technique could be described as a titch 'futsy', but once you were used to the new method, I doubt it would cause more aggravation than your current system. Photograph the results for us because I'd love to see what you come up with.

rccalyn said...

I don't have an answer to your "location" question, but I do have a solution that works for my towels. I fold in half length-wise and roll them up. They line up nicely, and stack nicely, and I just love it! I used to fold them in thirds, then thirds again, but that was just annoying, and I realized I only did it because that's how my mom used to do it. And she only did it because that's the only way they would fit in her linen closet in the house she used to live in. Lol. So...try rolling your towels! Actually, maybe then they'd all fit on your "cat" shelf, but they'd be tall enough to deflect the cat?

rccalyn said...

Ha, and now that I read all the comments, I realize I didn't *invent* rolling the towels. I still think it's a good idea :-)

Heather @critter chronicles said...

At the risk of sounding extremely repetitive (and not having read all the comments), I'm echoing the few I saw that said roll them. When we lived in Germany we had NO closets. Not. A. Single. One. in the ENTIRE house. It was frustrating. What I did instead was get a basket and rolled up the towels into tubes, and placed them in there. We grabbed a new one when needed, and that helped.

I've also seen hanging racks for walls where you can put rolled towels (like in fancier hotels) that will serve as decoration as well as function.

I keep all our washcloths folded in squares in a small basket under our sink here. That helps keep them contained and somewhat organized. Maybe something like that might help? Good luck!

Karen said...

You have 7 people. Install some more storage shelves! above the toilet, maybe? Lauren's example is cute and eliminates the need for book ends. I'd widen it though so that it holds more.

Maybe install some more towel racks. above the existing racks for taller people? on the back of the bathroom door or other closet doors? on the side of the vanity?
My aunt even has a towel rack at the back of the tub!

@Dr. Maureen. I have the same problem (annoying) and I've found a work-around. Type your name before the kapcha or choose a different identity and then your own again before typing the kapcha.

Stacie said...

I have given up and decided that a little cat hair on a towel is a good thing and purchased large bins that I place on the floor of the closet for towels.

Christina said...

I hear you on this one! Ours used to take up a drawer in our bedroom, then were crammed in the bedroom closet, but I finally found a space for them in the bathroom closet. Phew!

Ok two suggestions for you. First would be the closet where they used to be. I can't see below the shelf you pictured, but if that's the bottom shelf, POSSIBLY remove that shelf and then you would have a tall area to put a small dresser or even those Rubbermaid plastic drawer things. Then you could put the towels folded in there, possibly even giving the washclothes and smaller towels their own drawer. The cat wouldn't be able to get in. Second option would be under the bathroom sink. A way we used to fold towels when I worked in housekeeping so it wouldn't leave creases in storage, but it's also space-frienly is to fold the towel in half or thirds and then just roll them up. Then you can stack them kind of pyramid shape under the sink and ea. person can grab a little towel cylinder from the front, not disrupting the pile like grabbing a folded towel might do. Also, this would be in a rolled, round, pyramid shape so even if the cat can open the cabinet door he prob wouldn't find it comfortable since it's not flat and gushy.

Good luck! :)

Jodi said...

I roll my towels up (fold in half and then roll)and stack them on the shelves. I do this with the hand towels too. Wash clothes I just stick in a small empty space on the shelf above.

We have 5 cats so I totally understand the need to keep the cats off the towels. If I fill the shelf with rolled towels the cat finds somewhere else to hide. I hardly ever find a cat in the towels now.

Kylene said...

So many good ideas here already!

I'm sorry, I have too many ideas! This is going to be a long comment!

My first thing for you to consider is this: Why aren't you using the full length of your shelves? The rail under the shelf extends further than the actual shelf you've got sitting on it. You're losing a good 2 inches at least for each shelf!

Also, vertical space is such an underused resource. On that shelf that you've got in the closet, you could use those great clear shoe boxes and stack them up and use so much more of that space and have it so much more organized. I print out labels on clear address labels and I can know what's in the box without even having to open it, especially because I can see right into the box.

And while I'm thinking of it and looking at the picture, if you're worried about not being able to get to your first-aid stuff quickly, put it into a lunch box. It'll stand out, you can get so many different cute options, and it's got a handle on it for easy access. Kids know how to find it fast, too.

I love the rolling the towels idea and the boxes ideas. I'm a huge fan of boxes! :) Cute ones for out where they're seen and functional ones for in hidden spaces. We haven't got a closet for our towels either, so we hang a few extras on the back of the door, we have a shelf with baskets on it for wash clothes and hand towels, and the extras get stored under the bed. But it's just the 2 of us, so we don't need to get the extras hardly ever.

I'd recommend a few things. Look at the vertical space in your bathroom. When I was living in another house, we hung a produce basket from the ceiling and put the towels and everything into that. You might have wall space or hanging space that you could use for storage.

If you and your husband use a different bathroom from the kids, I'd recommend keeping your towels and all in your bathroom and the kids stuff in their bathroom. That way, they can get what they need, when they need it, and you don't have to deal with a massive pile of towels. Empower those children! Let them get their own towels! ;)

And then the cat possibly becomes an issue again, but if you put the towels in a box, then he can't sit on them.

Oy! I've written too much! But you get me all excited thinking about this stuff. You have no idea how much fun I would have helping you with this project! I love it!

Do post pictures once you get it worked out so we can see what you decided.


Mama Bub said...

All my hand towels and washclothes are in a basket, I don't even bother folding them, I just toss them in. Now, if need particular colors at a particular time this isn't very helpful, because you would have to dig, but it would help keep them contained in your two current locations. This would work equally well for the towels, too.

Oh, and my word verification is cative, which I'm imagining, for our purposes here, to be a hybrid of cat and captive.

cat said...

Can't tell from the size of the closet but could you remove the bottom shelf and buy one of those little roll carts. The plastic ones with drawers (you can get them from Target). Roll the towels up and put them in the drawer and maybe even have a drawer for handtowels and wash cloths. Not sure if this is appropriate space wise but would keep the cat off the towels and keep them at a height even the kids could reach.

HHRose said...

Hey! Why don't you roll them! Totally kidding.

My preferred method (though we are only three, not seven): Everyone has a hook for their towel (bath or bedroom) that they use for a week, unless pooped or peed on. On Towel Washing Day I gather them all (my husband requires a bath sheet, a washcloth and TWO hand towels at all times--yes, he just might be a woman) and make sure the Towel Load (for you it would prob be two loads) is done by the end of the day. Crazy, I know

WV: "Amiadman." One who attempts to get an entire load of laundry washed and dried in a single 24 hour period. Mad.

Kelly said...

yep, I roll mine also and they are stacked on a shelf in my bathroom. I like the roll them and put them in a basket idea too. rolling is my favorite towel thing. I have tried to live up to my mothers expectations for towel folding but stacking folded towels just doesn't seem to work for me.

I have a towel problem right now too...I have too many. way too many!!! bought new ones and havne't gotten rid of the old ones yet. I'm such a lame-oid!

Stacey said...

This may not work until your kids are a little older, but what if everyone had their own towel allocation and towels were stored in their rooms? It would be easier to find space for a few towels here and there rather than all together in one spot. Plus it frees up bathroom and closet space for other things! Bonus!

Jewels said...

And here I thought I was so clever with my basket of rolled up towels on the bathroom floor....

Stacia said...

I also like the ideas others had about getting a trunk or something and putting it at the foot of the bed. I kept the family cedar chests for just that purpose, then my husband informed me (in slightly sniffy indignation) that he did not approve of the sent of cedar. But I do still think the basic premise is a good idea. Your shelves may also fit some of those narrowish long plastic containers, which could be stuffed with towels and then stacked on top of each other if necessary.

Sarah said...

OOOOh! I love all these tidying posts, because it's inspiring me to do some tidying of my own.

Onto the towels...I would definitely roll them. Stack the largest towels on the bottom and the washclothes, etc. on the top so it looks kind of like a pyramid.

I think if you roll them, they'll be able to fit in smaller spaces and maybe you'll want to put them in more than one closet. Say, one for guests, one for the kids, and one for you/Paul.

Minze said...

Hm, ideas...

You could buy two or three boxes, bung the bathroom-closet-thingies in there, staple a cushion to the top and cover THAT with a towel for your cat.

That would free one shelf for your towels. You could store them in another box.

Mary said...

I would start with sending Paul to the bathroom closet with a measuring tape, measure the length of the shelf holders. Then, send him to Home Depot and have him get wood cut into those measurements. They will cut it for you if you're nice. You're cheating yourself out of half that closet space with the tiny shelves!
I've tried the rolling towels thing and leaving it out and it's fun and cute for a couple of weeks but, and I think we may have this in common, it is no longer fun after a couple of times and then you just shove them in place, making them extra fluffy for the cat.
Also we have 4 kids, soon to be 5, and hanging towel space is at a premium. I went to Home goods and bought an over the door towel hook thing that was really cute. That's where we hang the younger ones towels. You could just put clean towels on that instead of folding them up.

Karen said...

Upon reading all these comments, I gotta go with Mary.

Let the tidy people roll and stack towels. Let us tidy-challenged folk hang towels. Except maybe the surplus/guest towel.

And stuff face cloths/baby cloths - literally. I hung some $5 wire shower caddies from Ikea next to the bathroom counter on mirror hangers from the hardware store. No folding little cloths for me. The mirror hangers might be overkill but I *know* that some kid is going to pull and tug a picture hook out of the drywall.

marybt said...

I can't believe you gave up an entire shelf for the cat! I hope he appreciates you!

I fold my towels into thirds. Thusly: fold in half width-wise, fold in half again, then fold in thirds. Stack them all facing the same direction.

When I had an apartment with a larger bathroom and no closet, I rolled them up and put them in a pretty wicker laundry basket.

I would also suggest purging your towels. I realized I had 40 million hand towels and we just don't use handtowels that often. I got rid of about half of them and turned one into a spa robe for my kid. I did the same with the wash cloths.

Does that help any?

PS I think you are very brave for posting pictures of your messes on your blog.

heather said...

I like the rolling idea, but let me tell you what I do to keep the cat off...I use those big plastic bags that comforters come in and put them in there. The smaller ones that sheets come in are good for wash cloths. The cat doesn't like them and with the towels I don't use much I actually zip them up so they stay clean. I leave open the bags that hold the everyday towels.

Celeste said...

I suggest an over-toilet cupboard in each bathroom with washcloth storage in there. These take up too much real estate on the big shelves and when folded just get knocked over.

I also suggest changing out the linen closet shelving to use the wire racks. You could have larger surfaces than you currently have in this closet, and they are inhospitable to cats for climbing and laying down. If your shelves are full of rolled or folded towels, the cat won't be able to get on top of the heap for a nap, either. I also think it would help if you had no cat nap box in there and instead used the bottom shelf to store extra toilet paper or infrequently used items you may be storing in your bathroom now. I understand that with small children you would not want bottled items on this shelf and with the cat you would not want blankets.

I wish I could just come over and dig into this with you. I want you to know that even though I am a Tidy I've stood in solidarity with you this week in the pre-Christmas toy purge. Last weekend I did basement toys AND donated them this week, today I emptied and rearranged my daughter's room, and tomorrow I'll purge the bedroom toys. I think CandyLand's gonna bite it, woohoo!!!

Laura said...

Have you considered new shelves for the closet? It looks like you could get another three inches or so of depth on each shelf. Get a tape measure and measure from the front of the shelf cleat to the back, and how wide the shelves are. Heck, take one with you! :) If you go to Home Depot or Lowe's, they'll even cut them to size, and then all you need do it drop them in.

That'd give you more space. And get a hook and eye to keep kitty out of the closet. Easy to unlatch for humans, hard for kitty.

Kylie said...

OK, so it seems that stacking is out and rolling is in. I am going to give it a try, as I have just lost a shelf in my laundry - my Mam and I took to it with a hammer and knocked it off the wall) to gain space for a new dryer that can't be wall mounted. I understand the need for storage as I have 4 kids and one hubby.

The first step HAAS to be going through the towel and getting rid of any that don't make the grade any more. Absolutely must happen. I'm going to practice what I'm preaching and do exactly that as my task this afternoon.

Good luck!

nicole said...

My husband added some shelves to our laundry room and that is where we keep towels. Both of our bathrooms have minimal storage, and I did not want to keep towels in the cabinets under the sinks for some reason. Rolling towels does sometimes make it easier to store them.

gretchen said...

You could always do what my mother-in-law does. Use only tiny towels that when folded fit on the shelf properly, but unfortunately aren't large enough to wrap around, let alone dry any normal adult human being. Thus forcing everyone to use two or maybe even three towels (one for head) every time they shower. Thus creating huge laundry nightmare. Does this make sense? No. But that's my mother-in-law for you.

Sam said...

What about a child lock on a cabinet to keep the cat out?

1hottiredmama said...

OK -- I only read half of the comments, but this is my suggestion. We use one of those hanging shelf thingies that go in a closet -- like for sweaters. Do you know what I mean? (you might have to rearrange to make room in someone's closet). Anyway, I put the towels on several of the shelves, hand towels on one shelf, and wash cloths on one shelf. You can get one that comes with the plastic cover that zips up. Voila - limited cat access.

Also, I had a friend who put her shoes in the vanity and then put her towels in a shoe cubby on the floor of her closet. Definitely encouragement to think outside the box (or cabinet).

Anonymous said...

I think someone else already mentioned it but rolling the towels up works really well (also fairly cat proof). We are only 2 people but we have *a lot* of towels - bath sheets, actually - and very limited storage space. I used to have them folded and stacked, but the only storage space for them is a tiny corner at the top of a cupboard so pulling out any towel other than the very top ones would routinely cause an avalanche. I started rolling them for storage now and a) I actually have more space now, b) I can pull a towel out from anywhere without an avalanche (the towel above just drops into the place of the one removed) and c) it is much easier to chuck a rolled up towel into a cupboard than a flat folded one. The smaller hand towels etc are also rolled but stacked next to the bigger ones. Working much, much better. Definitely recommend giving it a try.

As for the dishcloths, I try and keep 1 drawer in the kitchen aside for them. I fold the neatly and store them there so that they are readily accessible if needed and that way they don't take up too much space.

Anonymous said...

I love organizing and I will come over and help you. Oh but you probably live far away. Also I use one of those hanging bad things that you keep in the closet for sweaters. No one wears sweaters much anymore and so it works perfect for towels. Plus you can have separate areas for big towels and little towels and wash cloths. Oh and no room for a cat.

Erin said...

I haven't read any of the other comments, so these suggestions might be a bit of a repeat.

1) try folding the towels differently. I do mine in thirds, which makes them narrower. More towels fit in the same place.

2) could one of the drawers in the vanity be repurposed for the washcloth storage?

3) until the other bathroom opens up, move the blankets that are on the shelf with the towels elsewere. that should free up valuable towel storage space.

4) aluminum foil is supposed to deter kitties from places you don't want them to be. I've not tried it, being married to a Cat Hater, but in theory, some foil in the path to the towel storage area might work.

Amanda said...

I'm enjoying reading all of these comments for HELP because our house is such a tiny little shoebox that we don't even have a bathroom closet or a linen closet!!

Karen L said...

I don't know why, but I suddenly on how you organised your towels.

Swistle said...

Karen L-- I've been rolling them and putting them on the shelf in the linen closet, and I like this system in some ways and dislike it in others. Good: the towels no longer fall all over the place. Bad: I have mismatched towels, so some of them are small short rolls and others are long fat rolls and etc., and this frets me and also means the pile doesn't look very pretty.

One thing that really helped was realizing that just because I need 5 extra towels for swimming season doesn't mean I need to store those extras with the regular towels. I moved 5 towels to the kids' closet.