May 19, 2009

Giveaway Thataway

Oh Em Gee, you guys are SO LUCKY, because this is one of those times when my exuberance overcomes my common sense and I tell you about a contest I am myself entering, thus dramatically decreasing my own chances of winning. And I don't know if you know this, but I can't accept either payment or gifties for saying nice things (it's the rules with that BlogHer ad over to the right), so you can be sure my motives are pure, if a little dim.

Our own Bird has a contest up for her shop Redbean Dream, and ska-WEE it is cute stuff. (All these photos are hers; I asked permission before I yoinked them, because I am SO POLITE and also because I am so in awe of artistic talent.)

One prize she's giving away is your choice of an illustrated letter. This is "F is for fleur de lis," but you can choose your own letter, your own color, and your own picture. Doesn't that kind of thing get your mind clicking? I'm all, "S is for Swistle"! I could get the S is for Swistle done on a Swistle-colored background! With, like, a picture of that little skirt ("S is for skirt"!) that's my avatar for no good reason except that I liked the skirt and couldn't find it in Elizabeth's size and so got a little obsessed with it.

She's ALSO giving a second prize, your choice of a fine art print. Don't let me influence you, but Fleur de Pea in pink (it also comes in blue or yellow) is my definite favorite.

And then she's going to pick a THIRD winner to get a SURPRISE prize. Which, OMG fun.

You only have until Friday to enter, so GO GO GO. And if you win, I will try to be genuinely happy for you.


Erin said...

Yay Bird! LOVE that girl.

Kim said...

That stuff is awesome. I don't think I'll enter just because I think you should win. Hey, you're the one who's so generous all the dang time.

Shelly said...


Can't believe the anonymous comment above me.

beyond said...

thanks for introducing me to bird. lovely stuff.