February 9, 2009

Winner of the Rachael Rossman Giveaway!

Oh hai! Remember the one last giveaway, for the Rachael Rossman painting? Me, too, suddenly! The winner is Erin of Mama Said No!. Yay, Erin! I'll email this evening to put you in touch with Rachael!

A few people emailed me to find out how much the name paintings cost if you DON'T win a contest, and I emailed Rachael and she says they're $5.00 per letter. You can email her at RachaelRossman at earthlink dot net for more info or to arrange an order.

1 comment:

Mommy Brain said...

Only $5 a letter?!?! I looked at those paintings and assumed I'd never be able to afford them. That's fantastic!