February 28, 2009

Cloth Napkins

Last night we had a DATE, a cloth napkin date, and I totally stood you up. I hope you didn't cancel other plans and sit at home waiting. My plan was to play on the Wii for a little while and then choose the winners, but then after I played the Wii I started messing around on Facebook, and before I knew it I'd sent, like, 18 flowers to Stacie and it was time for bed.

I went to Target again yesterday and I scored MORE cloth napkins, so I'm going to have TWO cloth napkin buddies. The first name the random number thing chose was Sarah of No Whey, Mama, so she'll get the napkin heap shown in the post. Then the second person is Kim of Laments and Observations, and she'll get the napkins I found at Target yesterday.

Okay, now I have to go finish my post about Mr. Pickles's second trip to Target.


Nowheymama said...

WHEE! Thank you so much!

Kim said...

The Follistim shot knocked me out for fourteen hours and I missed the fact I won a Swistle contest!!!!
I'm so aflutter, I don't know what to say! Except I guess I should say Thank you, so THANK YOU!
I'm emailing you my address now. Weeeeee!

Stacie said...

And thank you for the flowers! You are a saintly enabler for giving me something mindless to do while I sit and wait for the "SIT WITH ME" child to actually, you know, go to sleep.

Michelle said...

*sigh* I went to Target today. All the clearance things were gone. Except for a TOOOOOON of girl's winter hats with the Littlest Pet Shop pony on it. For $1.78. Since we're on our 9,532,436th hat of the season, I did buy a couple. I need to get my act together more quickly next year.

Misty said...

Sara! You won! Yay!