January 15, 2009

Hair Dye; Cute Shoes; Giveaway Winner

Today was an eventful day. I debuted my new hair color, which I would like to show to you but I can't figure out how to get my new camera hooked up to my computer. I mean, I CAN figure out how to hook it up, and I HAVE hooked it up, but my new camera and my computer do not seem to be hitting it off, and no actual hooking up is occurring.

So I have a camera CHOCK FULL of photos where I'm tilting my head in various ways trying to find the angle that will make my jawline appear Sharp and Tight rather than Plump and Pillowy, but I can't show any of them to you yet. You will just have to take my word for it that Medium Ash Brown was a significantly better choice for my complexion than Tempted Peach. Medium Ash Brown more closely resembles my natural No Particular Color (my mother calls it Wheat; my mother-in-law calls it Dishwater), while being a significant enough change that it was fun and interesting---thus satisfying the intended wallowing goal (specifically, wallowing goal 2A).

Furthermore, the darker shade has increased Morose Appearance by, say, 50%. It is much easier to look pale and sad with darker hair. Even Paul noticed: tonight we were both working in the kitchen, and I reached a waiting point in the cooking process and sat down on a stepstool for a moment to contemplate the weight of woe, and he said, "Could you sit morosely over here instead? I need to use the counter."

I also went to Target in search of Parker's shoes for Elizabeth, and TOTALLY SCORED, finding about ten pairs of shoes (assorted styles/sizes, including two pairs of The Parker) at 75% off.

AND I chose a winner for the Daily Grommet giveaway. The amusing thing is that the random number generator first chose SarahO, whose comment was: "Okay, I'm not actually entering the contest. But, I just wanted to to say that I bought the CARES travel harness when my daughter was 2. Can I just say that it is the BEST thing ever?? I love it!" So...I made it choose again, and it chose Nikki Page, which was an excellent choice because Nikki's comment started with: "Okay, I really could use the CARES Airline seat for an upcoming trip so I'll jump." Email me, Nikki, and I'll connect you to the goods!

AND I started a tally of frame votes, and we'll have to wait and see if I finish that tally or if I just make up numbers to support the frame choices I like best. Also, isn't it weird to have the site a different color? It's been the same shade of blue since the very first entry, and now suddenly it's....cream? What the hay? Or is it "What the hey?" You know, I've never written that out before.


Miss Grace said...

My hair is naturally what I think is probably very similar to your own wheat/dishwater. I dye it reddish darker.

Erica said...

I also scored in the children's shoe dept at Target yesterday. However, upon returning home with my CHEAP and CUTE purchase, I found that my daughter hated them and refused to wear them. I kept saying, "But Maddie! They were only $3.78!" Having no concept of money, and thus no concept of $3.78 cute shoes, she was unmoved.

may said...

Hi Swistle! Can't wait to see the hair! And the great jawline! : )
Totally weirded out by the site color change, by the way - I thought my computer was dying. And I, too, have wondered if it's "hay" or "hey." I think it's "hay," but a friend thinks otherwise, so there you have it. I'm not invested enough to try and google it, either.
Annnnnd, I'll write soon for real.

Steph the WonderWorrier said...

I miss Swistle Blue. But then I popped over to the Baby Name site, and got my fix. lol.

This cream is a lovely colour for walls though. Good choice. My mom loves neutrals too, so our house is cream on most walls.

Alice said...

ok, i *did* just google what the hey vs. what the hay and am disappointed that there is not an entire grammar post somewhere dedicated to the correct usage, BUT spelled the "hey" way comes up with more page hits. so. uh. very scientific, i is.

SarahO said...

O.M.G!! I never win anything! And the moment I do, I actually don't...because I didn't REALLY enter.

*sigh* But seriously, I already have the CARES restraint and totally love it. It would have been unfair to enter. I think Nikki will LOVE it. (Be prepared for people to ask you about it on your trip! People were amazed how well it worked.)

Maybe I can just make an acceptance speech about what an honor it is to win...or be nominated...or something.

Kim said...

It is a little weird without Swistle blue - it always reminded me of Tiffany boxes and those are very happy things, not that I've ever received any Tiffany jewelry. My NY cousin though once gave me a fake Tag watch he bought for me off of the streets in NYC and I think I was more excited about the box. I still have that, while the watch is long broken.
Wow, ramble much?
I'm looking forward to seeing your goth/emo/forlorn hair. I bet it looks good on you. Anyone who can pull off peach has a lot going for them in the skin tone department.

Mairzy said...

1. Paul's comment made me laugh.

2. I've never been brave enough to color my hair. Look forward to seeing yours.

3. Your mom definitely has a better knack for hair description. Who the heck wants "dishwater" hair?

4. The cream reminds me of real buttercream frosting, which is a pleasant association. :)

Kristine said...

Sometimes my computer and camera are giving each other the silent treatment and I think that it's broken or something, and then I realize, I have to not only connect the cable but turn the camera on. So many steps!

Can't wait to see the pics.

My word verification is "hearing" It's the first time I've seen a real word in that thing. Monkeys and typewriters, right?

Shelly Overlook said...

If there are ever officially shoes called The Parker, I will be a very proud Momma indeed.

So glad you found them. You won't be sorry.

d e v a n said...

Can't wait to see the hair color! Have you finished all of your wallowing list or is it more of a repeat as necessary kind of list? Paul's comment made me laugh. lol

RachelAnn said...

I'm always in favor of dark hair. It's more dramatic. I have naturally dark hair anyways but I always add dark red to it to give it an adge. I feel more sassy as a red head ; ) Can't wait to see your pics!

katethegr8 said...

I also have the "lovely" dishwater blonde hair color...I also die my hair to pump up the color...I think its time for me to change my color again :)

Misty said...

Completely understand the jawline issues. Mine is quite plump and pillowy and I never really succeed in making it look tight and straight. That is why, in my picture, I have a hand hiding it. See? Brilliant.

Cherish said...

hehe my mom says my hair is like wheat too! But um, dishwater?

I miss the swistle-colored page...kids weird with it being all creamy.

Oh, and I think its 'hey.' If you think about what you are actually saying, the word 'hay' doesnt really have any relevance. Just my two cents.

Cant wait for pictures!!

Julie said...

I miss the swistle-blue and am anxious to see your new hair! :)

Kristi said...

My mother in law calls my daughter's hair dishwater. WHY did someone start that horrible description for something atop your head?!

Michelle said...

I think you just described the difference between mothers and mothers-in-law better than anyone else could.

And apparently I need to go check out my local Target!

Erin said...

Ooo! I've been reading along in my google reader, and only now clicked over to see the new interior decorating that you did. Purdy!

I'm late, but I like that last frame, Q, in your list. It's the oldest-fashioned looking one, I think.

Swati said...

Wow, great shoe find! Good for Elizabeth!