December 18, 2008

Winner of the Gift Card; Donating Without Donating

The winner of the T. J. Maxx or Marshalls gift card contest is Anna of the 9:30 p.m. comment! Congrats, Anna! Email me your address (swistle at gmail dot com) and I'll get the card on its way!


I've hesitated for three days to link to this, because I'm afraid/hopeful that you guys are the type of niceys who would be happy to click through for a good cause, and poor Pseudostoops will end up broke and sorry she ever chose to do what I think is a great idea: giving 50 cents to charity for every comment she gets. She's doing a series of posts, one for each of five charities, and I commented each of the first three days so I've cost her a cool dollar-fifty.

Today is Day Four, and she's had another donor offer to match donations if she gets to over $50 (which would be 50 comments, since she starts at a $25 guaranteed donation), and so I'm going to take her at her word that she WANTS people to empty her pockets. So if you'd like to, click through and leave a comment, and you'll donate 50 cents to charity without having to actually give up 50 cents---and if she gets over 50 comments, you'll be donating a dollar without having to actually give up a dollar. Awesome.


Angella said...

Awesome, INDEED.

Jess said...

Dear Swistle, you are awesome. I was going to write a post like this but I see that you've taken care of it.

Sara said...

Swistle -
You've written so much about holiday gift buying - what the heck do you buy for your husband?
My husband and I share small gifts in our stockings every year, and though I'm getting him some of his usual favorites (wine, chocolate, tea...) I'm at a loss for some other ideas. HELP!