December 13, 2008

More Gift Ideas: On Swistle's Wish List

These are things I want. So clearly EVERYONE would want them.

Outliers, the new Malcolm Gladwell book. I loved Blink and The Tipping Point, both of which are good gift ideas except that they got a lot of publicity so most people who would be interested in them have already read them.

The Blue Cotton Gown: A Midwife's Memoir, by Patricia Harman. Some midwife memoirs are excellent and make me want to investigate midwife schools (I LOVED Delivery: A Nurse-Midwife's Story, by Jennifer Crichton); others are disappointing. I can't resist trying all of them.

Sleeveface. Photographs of people posing with album covers. It's hard to explain why I want it. I just do.

Normal Rockwell postcard book. To feed my Postcrossing obsession.

Valentine postcards card book. Also for Postcrossing problem.

Perfumes: The Guide. Recommended to me by Bring A. Torch AND Jonniker, so I have high hopes.

Chocolate-covered DRIED cherries. Like Raisinets, but cherries instead of raisins. These have to come back in stock or I will die.

The Oxford Project. OMG this looks so awesome. Peter Feldstein took a photo portrait of almost everyone in the town of Oxford---and then he went back 20 years later and did it again, and he brought a writer (Stephen G. Bloom) with him to get the stories down.

Canon Powershot digital camera. My Kodak EasyShare Z700 is giving out after almost three years of hard use, and I need another reasonably-priced basic digital camera to replace it.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Workbook for Dummies, by Rhena Branch. I've heard a lot about CBT, and am interested---but not interested enough to actually SEE A THERAPIST.

L'Artisan Fou d'Absinthe. OMG so expensive. OMG so French and nice.

See's Candies custom mix. I like about 50% Butterscotch Squares and then an assortment of ones I know I like (Dark Buttercream, Milk Buttercream, Maple Walnut, Orange Cream, Vanilla Nut Cream, Chelsea, Raspberry Cream) and new ones I want to try (Mayfair).

Mrs. Meyer's lemon verbena stuff. The Mrs. Meyer's products are STRONGLY-SCENTED (you can still smell them a day or two after you use them), but I love strongly-scented stuff. My favorite right now is lemon verbena, but I also like lavender.


Angella said...

I concur on the Canon. I have the 40D, but I keep the Powershot in my purse. Heaven forbid I miss a SINGLE MOMENT.

Marie Green said...

Me too, I'll take one of each, please and thank you.

I just heard of that midwife's book the other day, and then here you are suggesting it too! Have you read "Babycatcher"? I really liked that one.

Natalie said...

The Canon will not let you down. I have the A630(?) I believe and for a point and shoot it is pretty fabulous.

Have you had Harry and David's chocolate covered cherries?

I am NOT a cherry and chocolate kind of gal, but these are just about my favorite candy. They also use dried cherries. DIVINE.

Tessa said...

I saw a hilarious book of postcards while browsing at Borders last month. It was Breaking Bad News with Baby Animals, or something of the like. Pictures of kittens with the caption "It's Chlamydia", or bunnies with "You're Adopted!".

I have nobody that would be even remotely appropriate for, but it cracked me up enough to chase my husband down so he could see it, too.

Inside the Philosophy Factory said...

You're asking for cleaning products -- can they be good enough to get instead of chocolate or a good book?

Staci said...

It is so great that you love See's Orange Cream chocolates! I do too... and every single other person I know or have ever met in my entire life despises them.

Oh well, more for us!

Leeann said...

Several things:

1) Your list rocks. I have requested The Oxford Project and the Blue Cotton Gown from the library and put Outliers on my request later list.

2) Did you catch that episode of Freebirthing that was on either TLC or DHC? Very interesting.

3) Sees Candy: Have you tried Apricot Delights? I get them once a year and YUM.

Thanks for sharing your list. We are astoundingly alike!

Emily said...

I also love midwife memoirs--what are your favorites? I've read "Babycatcher" and "A Midwife's Story", but those are pretty much the only ones I'm aware of (except that now I'm on Amazon finding tons more!)

pseudostoops said...

OMG butterscotch squares. Now that I am thinking about butterscotch squares, none of the millions of cookies in my house will do. Must have butterscotch squares.

Bethtastic said...

We should get a box of See's chocolates, and then get together. Sounds like you love all the ones I don't...which means...I get the caramels and coconuts? :)

heather said...

I loved Tipping Point, more than Freakonomics...and I'm ridiculously excited that he has another book out. Good list!

Alice said...

OOOOH i didn't know malcolm gladwell had a new book out! want want want want!!

i also adore cleaning products that keep smelling clean and citrusy after the fact. i may suggest these 2 items for my sister, who wants ideas for me. this made it easy!

Michelle said...

Go check out Chukkar Cherries. They have what you're talking about (and will ship them to you cheap). And they also have dried blueberries... covered in chocolate (white I think but still...). Totally worth a gander.

The rest of the list looks quite impressive. I may have to borrow a few of those. Especially the lemon verbana one. I could use some lemon verbana scent in my house right about now!

Mmmm See's. Now I have a taste for that, too. Drat!

dhs said...

Sounds like you should check out the book "Emperor of Scent" by Chandler Burr. It is about Luca Turin, who wrote the perfume book you want, and I think it might be a book your husband may like as well.