November 11, 2008

List of Happy

Kara's gratitude blogging has been rubbing off on me: reading her list every day gets me in the habit of thinking what things I'd put on my own lists, if I were making daily lists. I will make just ONE little list:

1. a child who went back to sleep in his crib after falling asleep in the car

2. clouds that look like things

3. postage stamp choices

4. pregnant friends

5. newborn-sized clothes, in pink/purple/butterflies/flowers

6. graham crackers and goldfish crackers

7. clean towels that don't have any lingering mildew smell

8. Lindt chocolate on clearance

9. finding a new source for postcards

10. still being friends even when we disagree---mwah!

Do you want to play, too? Add to the list in the comment section!


Jenn said...

I have been thinking for a while that I need to write down what I am grateful for because otherwise I tend to focus on the other stuff...

1. That I had the courage to make the first move in repairing a friendship;

2. my almost-two-year-old niece who said "Hi" along with my name on the phone the other night for the first time;

3. amazing fall colors;

4. dog kisses;

5. a renewed sense of hope for the world;

6. early morning silence/purring cat.

Nowheymama said...

pumpkin baked goods

cuddly toddlers first thing in the morning

blogger friends

Gwendolyn said...

Right this moment? I am most thankful that my husband is not having to work dangling off of a twenty-six story building this week. So far, anyway. :o/

And also for socks. Because my feet are freezing. LOL

Psuedokim said...

Doing these every so often is so good for perspective.

1. Yes, the fall foliage. My neighborhood looks amazing right now.

2. My husband and dog. They are my favorite.

3. That I have a good job. It sucks getting up early and in the cold, but so many people don't have work right now.

4. My family. I just got to spend a few days with them and even though we don't see each other nearly often enough, it's always amazing when we do.

5. Friends, both online and in real life. Life would not be nearly as good without them.

Anna said...

1. A job.

2. Opportunity to influence children's lives on a daily basis: my own, and my students at school.

3. Dancing.

4. A great smelling fabric softner sheet that makes my clothes smell fantastic.

Not Your Aunt Bea said...

1. Seeing the girls starting to play together.
2. My daughter yelling "I love you, Mommay!" then running naked out the bathroom door.
3. The kerrumphs from the dog when he isn't being fed fast enough.
4. Bacon.

Swistle said...

Anna- Which fabric softener? I LOVE nice laundry scents!

Erin said...

This is awesome. I love reading Kara's too.

1. I had a very good teacher in my chainsaw safety class at work. He DRILLED into my head to always click the chain lock on immediately after cutting. I was in the woods doing chainsaw work on Friday, tripped over an old piece of wire fencing, and did a FACE PLANT with a RUNNING CHAINSAW. Luckily, I had locked the chain and all was fine. I AM GRATEFUL.

2. This morning on a run, someone had posted a big sign on a pedestrian bridge over the interstate that read, "I love u, Karin Sue." Hee!

Tonie said...

I love her lists too!!

here's mine:

1) all the kids
2) the thing that happens maybe once a year where the kids have to go to school on a work holiday, that is happening TODAY!
3) a husband of extreme fabulosity who does not begrudge me this day
4) the holiday season - decorating! baking! shopping!
5) your recipes
6) YOU!

Bethtastic said...

Kids who sleep late.

A best friend across the street, whose kids are my kids best friends.

A washer and dryer that work.

A mortgage we can afford.

Parents who retired to our town to be close to us and our kids.

A very part-time job that lets me be home with my kids, and still do something to keep me current in my field.

Caramels. Kraft Caramels.


A garage, so I don't have to scrape the windows of the car.

(Thanks, Swistle. I needed that.)

Dawna Drake said...

-Trying a new recipe and it turns out fabulously
-cozy pajamas and fresh baked goods when it's cold
-lazy mornings where I don't have to rush anywhere
-that baby stage where squealing is talking and jumping is awesome
-Christmas decorations

t2ed said...

- Puppies who sleep through the night
- Marked down bestsellers
- fresh bread

Alice said...

-a pretty secure job
-hilariously annoying cats
-thanksgiving on the horizon (YUMMMM)

d e v a n said...

1 - pediatricians who will see you on a Sunday.
2 - 3 lovely sons
3 - 3 darling, girly, nieces
4 - Feeling better
5 - hot tea on a cold morning

Barb @ getupandplay said...

-Lovely blogs to read and bloggers to know.

-Feeling this little boy tumble around in my belly.

-Being able to stay in touch with my family despite the continents and oceans that separate us.

-Today, veterans, and the sacrifices they make to preserve freedom around the world

Kate @ Life As I Live It said...

Hot coffee on a cold morning.

My healthy children.

A new home on the horizon.

Fabulous friends.

Peanut butter toast.

Jen said...

1. Fall.

2. That we are half-way through my husband's business trip and he will be home soon.

3. Having a fun book to read (currently Eclipse, Twilight Series).

4. The prospect of having a new baby, sooner every week.

5. Sugar cookies.

6. Clean laundry, especially after it is put away!

7. The Christmas season.

el-e-e said...

Ooh, you have to eat crow! You told me (us?) once that gratitude lists were corny! Hahaha.

1. Swistle's grateful list.

2. Warm coffee, even if it is NOT from S'bucks.

3. Happy phone calls between me and husband (gag! Sorry!).

4. Beautiful fall color.

5. Charity stuff like shoe-box Christmas giving, November food drives.

Hillary said...

the luckiness of my life -- family, husband, kiddo, job, health, home

the big smile The Boy gets when I pick him up from daycare

eating a home-cooked meal at my desk everyday for lunch while perusing gossip sites

making lists for the holidays -- cards to send, gifts to buy, cookies to buy, etc -- and then crossing all those things off the list

Swistle said...

El-e-e- Ha ha! They ARE! So I'll have a side of corn with my crow!

Tracy said...

1. Winter scented candles from Bath and Body works
2. toddlers in footie pajamas
3. pumpkin flavored anything
4. Starbucks
5. blog comments (not fishing here)
6. new pens
7. crunchy leaves
oh man I could keep going, but I'll stop there. Thanks, that was fun.

Lippy said...

Oh, this sounds fun

1. My kids seeing who could bring me the most flowers from the back yard.

2. A warm fuzzy cat sleeping on the bed, but over in the corner, not the middle.

3. My husband who always knows just what I need, AND actually does it.

4. Warm fuzzy kids in footie jammies fresh out of the tub. Mmmmm they smell so good.

Vicky said...

1. bloggy friends
2. toddlers who play without fighting for a whole playgroup
3. toddler eating her whole lunch
4. naps
5. sunny days

gingermaxim said...

1. Reeses peanut butter cups.

2. cold medication working

3. my new comforter and sheet set.

Bug-N-Bee said...

1. my dog
2. the fact that my daughter shouldn't need to be tested for lead poisoning again...ever!
3. having two healthy kids
4. having a nice home to live in
5. having a good man in my life
6. slowly getting the garage cleaned out!

Eleanor Q. said...

1. Falling asleep next to a loving spouse while listening to the rain outside.

2. Fussbot's excited leg kicks when I pick him up in the morning.

3. Tasty, creamy coffee.

4. A good heater.

5. Leftovers that make a good dinner the second time around.

Melissa said...

- finding notes or money in jacket pockets while i unpack my winter stuff
- when my dogs cuddles with me in bed
- when my hubby surprises me with a very well planned date (not too often, i guess that's why i like it so much!)
- reading blogs and then say 'yes! me too!!'

NES said...

1. When both girls sleep through the night - on the same night.
2. Things that are labeled even though it's very obvious what there for, e.g. I have a vase that says "Flowers" on it in big yellow letters, a pitcher with a picture of an orange tree on it and the word "juice," a glass-embossed salt shaker that says "SALT."
3. Pear flavored Jelly Belly jelly beans.
4. Rare days like today: we both had the day off for Veteran's day, and the girls' daycare was closed, so the four of us have spent the entire day together. We took a long walk in Rock Creek Park with the double stroller and cameras, and now both girls are STILL napping at 4:30pm!!

wberkebile said...

1. The positive pregnancy test.
2. My husband and son.
3. Clean sheets.
4. The smell of cookies baking in the oven.
5. Watching my little one fall fast asleep after reading some books together.
6. Sunny, crisp fall days.
7. A steaming, hot cup of coffee.

Wow, that almost made me cry...It must be that time of the month.

Thanks, Swistle!

Sam said...

Using vinegar in the wash = never having to smell funky towels again.

HollyLynne said...

1) comfort foods that involve cheese
2) a book so good that I'll get into bed early, just to have extra reading time
3) buying expensive, gratuitous coffees while on vacation
4) Going to Disneyland with my fiance, just the two of us, since I know soon enough we'll have kids and we'll have to ride Small World on an endless loop for, like, 7 years
5) New soaps

Kelsey said...

I do a gratitude list whenever I write in my journal. . . I try to write five things for each day. Even on "bad days" I can always come up with five things.

1. YC's baby powder scented candle.

2. Text messages from far away friends.

3. Another field trip for Harper that passed without incident.

4. Matt being home to help/play all day.

5. Michael being big enough to switch from the expensive formula.

Michelle said...

1) College football

2) A challenging job that allows me to work from home and part time.

3) A really great school system that will do anything for my kids

4) Comfort

5) The courage to run

6) My parents.

Steph the WonderWorrier said...

Love this.

- Finally being in teacher's college; and being a great success in it too!

- Making a difference in the life of a child (in my teaching experiences, and in my time with the foster child I cared for).

- Reading an entire novel in nearly one sitting (latest awesome reading adventure: re-reading Twilight, the entire series just in time for the movie to come out on Nov.21!).

- Getting excited over new movies, and watching all of the Behind-The-Scenes and Interview footage you can find on YouTube. (Again, I've been doing this for Twilight... I really hope its a good movie!)

- Delicious food on my table every night; living with grandma's everywhere I go means yummy meals!

- Knowing I've been very spoiled in my lifetime, but also being grateful and apperciative of all I've been blessed with.

- Being in a loving, committed relationship -- we just had our four year dating anniversary!

- Fabulous blogs to read and friends to meet all around the world!

Kristin.... said...

Friends new and old
Hot coffee
Snuggling children
Hugs from my husband
My new kitties
My old cat

Minnesota Matron said...

Spilling Clarence by Anne Ursu and being smack in the middle so there's more to come!

Turning on one more person to that lost treasure, Thorpe, by Mary Dutton.

When my then 11 year old son's bedtime reading was the business section of the New York Times.

Snuggling with my five year old, when he lets me.

Seeing my daughter sing and dance onstage (again and again and again - it never stops losing the punch).

Kissing the snout of one dear 16 year old deaf and blind dog.

Not stepping in pee puddle in the kitchen. Same dog.

RachelAnn said...

Tis the season....
I am so thankful for:
1. my amazing family
2. my sister, Semi-Desperate Housewife,whom I live vicariously through when I wish I was married with kids
3. my niece and nephew for making me realize I want to be a mommy someday
4. sunshine
5. forgiveness
6. love

Stacy said...

I'm almost a week late, but here is mine:

1. A child who has finally adjusted to the time change and is not waking up at 6:30am.

2. Friends with new babies and babies on the way.

3. Sweaters

4. Surprising finds at the Dollar Store

5. Yellow leaves on the ground

6. Finding old friends on Facebook and see how great they are doing

7. Oatmeal Granola Bars

8. "And to Think That I Saw it On Mulberry Street"