November 28, 2008

Black Friday Book Deals

Okay, so I am a little behind, and Black Friday is almost over. [Edit: I'm clicking through on Saturday and still finding the deals active.] But geez! I'd think TWO adults with five children would be easier than ONE adult with five children, but actually it is not turning out to be. We did get the tree up, though, and decorated (with children's help, so it was an Excedrin Afternoon), and I put lights on a tree outside, and also I ate a lot of leftover pumpkin cheesecake, so I guess it was a productive day after all.

I like to give books as gifts for many reasons. Actually, I'm not going to waste time talking about those reasons, I'm just going to list some of the books that look like good gifts from the sale. Get $25 or more of them and the shipping is free.

Castle, $8 down from $20. We have this ourselves, and I also have one on the gift shelf for the next birthday party one of the kids gets invited to. It's an AMAZING pop-up book: I'm not even interested in knights and castles but I've looked through it several times.

The Mitford Bedside Companion, $11 down from $27. My mom says she finds the Mitford books very soothing---good, happy, mild reading. I might get this for my mother-in-law, since she likes that kind of book.

America at Home, $16 down from $40. Photography books make great gifts, and they're fun to pass around during awkward family gatherings. Keeps the conversation going. This one looks like the heart-warming kind you could give to ANYONE.

New York Vertigo, $16 down from $40, an EDGIER coffee table book than America at Home. Apparently this one will make you dizzy: the description says the photographer "scaled walls and scoured rooftops"---or something like that, I've lost the page and don't feel like double-checking.

Return to Fairyopolis, $8 down from $20. Ooooooooooooo, I want this myself. (If the child you're buying it for hasn't read Fairyopolis, you can get it for $13.50, so that's both books for close to $20.)

The Annotated Secret Garden, $14 down from $35. This would be great for anyone who loved The Secret Garden as a child. Paul has The Annotated Alice (same idea, but for Alice in Wonderland) and it's a beautiful gift-book-looking book.

Pirateology: Guidebook and Model Set, $7 down from $18. I wish my kids would get into these "ology" books, because they really appeal to me.

These deals are just for today, it looks like, so if you miss them---well, that's what you get for spending QUALITY TIME with your FAMILY. [Edit: The deals are still working today, Saturday, in the morning.]


Karly said...

We have that castle pop up book too and LOVE it! It really is a neat pop up book!

Rick Smolan said...


I'm the author of "AMERICA AT HOME" along with my wife and we were thrilled to have our book featured on your blog. You might let your readers know that in addition to fascinating photos, and great essays by author Amy Tan and Simpson's creator Matt Groening and others, the coolest thing about "AMERICA AT HOME" is that you can upload your own photo to our website and receive the book with your family or pets or home on the cover. The url to do this is:

and we are offering $10 off the book by using the code Hoiday08

Thanks Swistle



Erin said...

WOW! The AUTHOR commented!

I'm way behind here on commenting, but we're spending less this year than in the past. About $70 total on the boys, and I'm spending $100 on my husband. My husband doesn't give gifts (which should be the topic of a WHOLE MONTH OF POSTS) so that's $0 for me. For family, we're spending about $30 each per parent. I'm making gifts for my nephews.

Swistle said...

Erin- "Doesn't give gifts"? Definitely, this is post material! Also: I think you should buy yourself $100 of gifts, then.

Psuedokim said...

I just died when I saw the author's comment. Seriously died. If that ever happened on my blog, I would kill myself because nothing else in life would be able to top that. Not that I'm suggesting it, I'm just very excited right now. That alone will make me go straight from here to the site to order this book.
And I've said it before and will say it again - Swistle introduced me to Lynda Barry and Suzanne Finnaomre; you'd do well to pay attention to her book recommendations.

samantha jo campen said...

The author the author! OMG yer FAMOUS! He should give you a book to give away. . .(hint hint hint).

Love the deals--thanks for being our scout!

Kelsey said...

I'm really interested in that annotated Secret Garden - I remember when I first read that book and how much I loved it. I think I must have checked it out of my grade school library at least 2 dozen times. Sigh. Very cool suggestions.

My kids are at the age where I pretty actively avoid pop-up books because I am a scrooge and get too irritated when they get ruined. I practically have to take anxiety meds to let them play with lift the flap books - hmmm. . . maybe I shouldn't be making that comment publicly.

Carol Barton said...

I'm the author of "The Pocket Paper Engineer" workbooks on how to make pop-up books and cards. These books make great gifts for kids (and adults) who love to play with paper. Even better, we're running a special on Volume 1, Volume 2, and an extra card set, normally $63 plus shipping, all for $48 including shipping. AND the special runs through December 30th. You can order through our web site,

wheelmaker said...

yay, The Secret Garden! Love that book. I'm not the author. :)

Jen said...

the castle book is at Five Below along with a bunch of other great books.