September 21, 2008

To Jess and Torsten

This toast is part of Jess's Surprise Bloggy Bridal Shower. Jess and her fiancé Torsten went to a surprise in-person shower today, and the plan is for them to come home and find many blog posts wishing them well in their upcoming marriage. I recommend getting a glass of something delicious and taking a sip after reading each one. Toasts are being posted throughout the evening, and so this list will continue to be updated.

(If you've done a toast, remember to email me the URL after it's posted so I can add you to the list: swistle at gmail dot com.)


To Jess and Torsten, a toast!

May you be happy! May you agree on paint colors! May you agree how much time to spend watching television! May you agree how much snacking and desserting is appropriate! May you agree how much time you want to spend at the hotel and how much time you want to spend actively seeing the sights and how much time you want to spend in a cafe and how much time you want to spend shopping for souvenirs!

May you agree what is the right amount to spend for cable and what is ridiculous. May you agree how many pets to have, and of what species, and what is a good kind of name for a pet and what's silly. May you agree on the order in which DVDs should be sorted, and at what point the household has too many DVDs and should thin them out a little. May you agree on how many pairs of shoes a person can reasonably have without being considered to have "a problem."

May you agree on which of your parents' traits are annoying. May you agree on the splitting of holidays between the families. May you agree what time of day Christmas should be celebrated, and what foods should be eaten, and in what manner the presents should be opened. May you agree how much is the right amount to spend on presents, and whether the mail carrier should get one.

May you find a good "couple friend," where both of you like both other people without being attracted to either of them. May you find a car you both find comfortable and easy to drive. May you agree on which movie to watch at the theater. May you agree on the spelling of the word theater/theatre. May you agree whose turn it is to refill the ice cube tray.

May you have many beautiful babies. May you toast them on their wedding days. May your children have many beautiful babies, and may you toast them on their wedding days too.

To Jess and Torsten!

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Jess said...

This post is so sweet, and this whole bridal shower thing is so overwhelmingly nice, and I can't believe you did all this for me. Thank you SO MUCH.

Alice said...

aw, swistle! what a beautiful toast!! i put up some pictures in a post here, and the rest (shockingly few! what was i thinking!!) are here from the Live And In Person shower :-)

Princess Pointful said...

A little late, but there's one on my end...

Emblita said...

I am a great big dork! I finally just posted my toast.

Erin said...

This is so sweet and funny. I really love it. I wish I had a real-life wedding toast coming up, so that I could steal it and read it out loud.

Julie said...

I like your toast the best! Thanks for organizing was FUN! :)