August 30, 2008

Weekend Pay-it-Forward Update; Also, Recipe Request

I happen to know a lot of you are a fast draw with a recipe, and our Michelle is collecting them for a special project. You know those fundraising cookbooks that always have the best recipes? Well, or the fundraising cookbook in my cupboard does: it's done by the residents of a nursing home, and all the recipes have butter and/or marshmallows in them.

Anyway, Michelle's son's special-needs preschool is doing a fundraising cookbook, and they need recipes: they have about 100, and they need about 700. You can read her post here, and you can email her at ahnya at excite dot com.

Pay-it-forward updates:

A Girl and Her Blog is showing the giftie she got, and starting a new contest. This one has a different spin on the PIF contest.

Secret Mom Thoughts is showing the giftie she got, and starting a new contest.


JackeeG4glamorous said...

Aren't you the informative one! Cool - there's many coming to Michelle's rescue because of this post. I'm nominating you for a Nobel Peace Prize. (gift in the mail)

edbteach said...

Thanks for continuing to post PIF updates!

Everyone should visit Michelle's site and donate a recipie. She's raising money for a GREAT cause!!