May 1, 2008

Prize Update the Second!

Darling girl Courtney has donated another prize for the contest: your choice of one of the individually-sold handmade cards on her Etsy shop A is for Beautiful (that is such a cool name).

I am of course drawn immediately to the baby cards. This one is my favorite:

She also has cards for weddings, birthdays, holidays, encouragement, thank-yous, the whole works! Made by hand but less expensive than Hallmark! (Raise your prices a little, Courtney!)

Thank you, Courtney! MWAH!


Steph the WonderWorrier said...

Oooh, so pretty!

Cool prizes!

Misty said...

Prizes are fun. This is fun :)

el-e-e said...


Courtney said...

Thanks, Swistle! I like that one a lot too.

Prizes are always fun no matter what they are. :)

andrea said...

Courtney, your cards are DEFINITELY worth more than $2! I second Swistle. Raise the prices a little. All the prizes are gorgeous.

I got all excited when I saw three Swistle posts (!!!) in Google Reader because I thought the results had been announced earlier. Friday morning in North America is Friday overnight here, so instead I'll have to wait till Sat a.m. to find out. Boo, hiss.