May 1, 2008

Prize Update the Fourth!

There is now ANOTHER prize! Dearest Elizabeth is donating an elephant onesie (that's decorated with an elephant, not made for an elephant) from her Etsy shop Elephant Ears---and if you want something from that shop, you better get it before I do, because I'm mulling over a few things right now. Maybe one of those jingling fabric toys (I like the one in pink/yellow/green). Maybe a vintage-style baby bib (my favorite is the Alexander Henry Kleo). Oooo, or wouldn't a coordinating fabric toy and bib make a great baby gift? I'd get it in "Michael Miller Disco Dots," which reminds me of my boyfriend Target. I'm also kind of hankering after (or is it "hankering for"?) (or is it "have a hankering after/for"?) (or is it "not using words unless you know how to use them in a sentence"?) the vintage items like the floral juice bottle.

Oh, were we talking about something for YOU? Here's a picture of the elephant onesie you might win:

This is the girlish one, but you could also choose a boyish or neutral one. Elizabeth has sizes from 0-3 months up to 9-12 months.

Is this some of the most fun I have ever had in my entire life? (Answer: YES.)


Saly said...

I'm having fun too! You are keeping me so entertained! I love that Onesie!! I love to exclaim!!!!

"Constance-1-M" said...


Although, I gave my answers under my "home" blog & not my apartment blog ~ but I won't vote with both because that would be cheating ....


I want that elephant dang it.

BRash said...

I want this cute onesie so badly that I can't decide which I should do first:

1. scour the archives looking for clues to your name.
2. convince my 18 month old to shrink.

desperate housewife said...

Oh My Gosh! I so want to win now! I mean, I cared before and all, but that BAG! The widdle ONESIE! Gah!
Also, how pathetic is it that I have been sulking all day because I realized that you're unlikely to post the poll results Friday MORNING, and I wil be out of town all Friday afternoon/evening and therefore will have to wait to find out until very late at night or early Saturday morning?

Swistle said...

DH- The answer (name, photo) will be up Friday afternoon---and my guess, looking at my rows and columns of spreadsheet data, is that the contest winners will be announced in December of 2012.

the new girl said...


All of it is SO. IMPRESSIVE.

Lucy said...

Oh I really hope I win!!

sarcy said...

"Is this some of the most fun I have ever had in my entire life? (Answer: YES.)"

You are too cute!

I have been reading you for over a year but am just now coming out of the comments closet because of your contests. :)

Betty M said...

Oh you have to stop post linkings to these wonderful things - us non US readers are soooo jealous of you guys being able to get hold of them.