May 4, 2008

Photo Contest Winner!

Do you know, you could do NO WRONG with your guesses on the Photo Contest.

If you guessed me, I was astounded by your near-psychic abilities. If you guessed someone else, I thought, "Well, how could anyone know? It's a shot in the dark!" If you were uncertain and you waffled a little, I felt a warm kinship with you: I always want a back-up guess, too, or at least I want to make it clear I KNEW I didn't know for sure. If you were confident, I admired your confidence---even if you were WRONG.

I do wonder now if A and I (I mean, the A photo and I-the-Swistle, not I-the-photo-designation) are related somehow. Several of you thought I should inquire if she were in fact the true genetic mother of my children, and I'll get right on that after I finish with the contest stuff. Also, I'm going to ask her about her glasses, because I notice everyone's glasses were cooler than mine.

Okay! The winners! There were 208 entries total:

A: 54 votes, roughly 26%
B: 0 votes
C: 12 votes, roughly 6%
D: 5 votes, roughly 2%
E: 8 votes, roughly 4%
F: 6 votes, roughly 3%
G: 11 votes, roughly 5%
H: 61 votes, roughly 29%
I: 2 votes, roughly 1%
J: 40 votes, roughly 19%
K: 5 votes, roughly 2%
L: 3 votes, roughly 1%
M: 1 vote, roughly 0%

Fun fact: B, who got FEWER VOTES THAN DREW BARRYMORE, is the only person in the line-up who's a blood relative of mine!

I lined up those 61 correct H guesses and used a random number generator to select the winner. The random number generator chose Banana. Yay, Banana! You win a Swistle Package containing a treat of your choice (fudge is probably most durable in the mail, but I can also do brownies or cookies), plus your choice of a book: either a baby names book or a gruesome/mommish mystery book, and perhaps some assorted junk I find around the house other thing. Email me at swistle at gmail dot com with mailing info and choices.

Honorable mention:

BRash, who made the big photo clump that was such a huge improvement over the lonnnnnnng column of photos I did. Thanks, Bethany---it was WAY better that way.

Marilyn C. Cole, who called my skin "luminous." (I love you, Marilyn.)

Susan, who was so certain of her (correct) guess, she had to come back and do a second comment to tell me how sure she was. Good call on the lipstick, Susan!

Jonniker who KNEW IT IN HER VERY SOUL (and was right!).

Emblita, who cleverly noticed that several of the others looked "corporate." Well-spotted, Emblita! Several of the others WERE IN FACT corporate!

Linda who said I "seriously look 16 years old." Why, thank you, Linda! I believe it might be my LUMINOUS SKIN.

Drowning in Laundry who remembered I had a double cowlick (!) and saw it in the photo (!!) and told me to go eat some brownies (OKAY!!!). It took me SO LONG to get a picture that made it look like I should go eat some brownies. Artful posing. Many, many self-portraits, experimenting with which angles made me look cuter and which ones highlighted my lowlights.

Banana, who also noticed the double cowlick. Seriously, you people are SO OBSERVANT.

Cari, who said it was "the porcelain skin of a goddess" that gave me away. Keep talking, Cari!

Fine for Now, who did THIS:
OMG, this is so hard! Okay, based on the pictures of your children I think that you could be (in no particular order) A, C, E, F, H, J & K.

Same chin as kids: A, C, E, F, H
Same eye shape as kids: A, C, E, F, J, K
Same coloring as kids: E, F, H, K
Similar teeth as kids: A, E, K
Similar nose as kids: A, C, E, F, H

Based on this, similarities appear in picture:

A = 4x's
C = 3x's
E = 5x's
F = 4x's
H = 3x's
J = 1x
K = 4x's

Through gut feeling alone I think you are probably E, H, or K and based on your descriptions alone I would go with C, H, or J.

Most people are voting for A, and H, with J the third most.

I am going to go with E, because of the skin color, chin, nose, eyes and teeth.


Can you believe the EXHAUSTIVE RESEARCH? I really WANTED you to be right, Fine for Now! I even wondered briefly if you WERE right: you had proved it so scientifically, perhaps I was E!

...Huh. It looks like mostly I gave honorable mentions for kissing up. This is only going to encourage you to kiss up the next time we have a contest. OH WHAT A PITY.


rockingthesuburbs said...

Sweet Mary this makes me dizzy! The amount of work you did for this is amazing. It is fun to know who you are now.

confiance said...

So, do we get to find out whose pictures you used? Other than a blood relative and Drew Barrymore, that is.

Swistle said...

RockingtheS- Indeed, it was a busy week! But so fun!

Confiance- Some of them were other bloggers who donated photos. Some of them were co-workers of a relative.

annenahm said...

You are totally cute! Also, my children have double cowlicks (that swirl into each other - ugh!) How do you make your hair so cute with the double C?

Swistle said...

Annenahm- Luckily ("luckily") mine are both right at my front hairline. So unless I want bangs (in which case I need gel and blowdrying and a hot iron and hairspray and they STILL spring up), they just kind of push my hair back. I part my hair right between the cowlicks so it looks deliberate. I have another cowlick at the back of my head that makes styling tricky but doesn't show up in face photos.

Dr. Maureen said...

I have to say, I *wanted* to pick H because H just looked like you for some reason (maybe because it is you), but I chose A instead because H looked way too young to have 5 kids. WAY TOO YOUNG. Seriously, that's why I didn't pick H.

Maybe you're not 15, but did you start HAVING your kids at 15?

Woman with a Hatchet said...

What? No mention of my scientific deductive process? Phooey! And I was hoping for brownies, too.


Mommy Daisy said...

Wow, you really DID enjoy this! I would too. It was pretty fun! Now what can you do to top this?

el-e-e said...

Well, you're beautiful, "H"! This was fun, and it's super-fun to put a real face to you now!

Emblita said...

Thanks for the shout-out :) But damn, I was really hoping for some mailed Swistle goodies (just face it, it will take ages for me to get used to you being Kristen) :( Oh well, maybe next time.

Fine For Now said...

Thanks for the honorable mention! I have HOURS of nothing-ness to do at work and the contests were just SO fun!

PS. I really did think H was you, but went with E anyways, thinking sometimes the majority isn't right. Also, I knew you weren't A because she is your friend on Facebook, but I didn't want to give that away before the contest was over!

Linda said...

I will confess that I immediately thought B was you because that's the face I would make if I were doing a photo contest on my blog. BUT then I got all intimidated and unsure because no one else thought B and was suddenly in junior high and didn't want to be different.