May 3, 2008

Name Contest Winners!

Well! Time for Name Contest results! (Has everyone figured out that the words "Contests over!" in this post are a LINK that leads to the answers? Good!)

You should see my SPREADSHEET. One hundred and eight-six rows! EIGHT columns: commenter, date/time of comment (so I could easily find each one later), five columns for guesses, and a column for notes I wanted to make to myself. This would be awesome if I knew what to do with a spreadsheet other than entering the data into it. I tried to make some sort of chart that would show the clumping of name guesses, but it kept telling me I didn't have enough data, and I kept saying, "I have NINE HUNDRED AND THIRTY names! How much data do you NEED?"

Anyway. Of all those 186 sets of guesses, only ONE PERSON guessed (1) my name (2) in its correct spelling (3) in the first-guess position. El-e-e, my girl, GOOD GUESS! El-e-e wins the grand prize, which is this bag by Amy Quarry, whose gallery and online shop make grown women weep and wish to move to Canada.

This bag is not available in Amy's online shop. If it had been, I would have gotten there first and bought it right out from under you before you even knew it existed. Now I have to make a new plan, involving befriending El-e-e and then stealing her purse. Congratulations, El-e-e, and thank you again, Amy, for that super prize.

There was one person who guessed the correct spelling in the second-choice slot, and there were two people who guessed the close-but-not-quite spelling "Kristin" in the first-choice slot. Those three people tie for first prize; yay, Kelsey, Barb, and Semi-Desperate Housewife!

Because Kelsey also had my middle name (Nicole) among her guesses, she wins the personalized name doily donated by ktjrdn from her Etsy shop Crocheted by Katie. Here's a sample so you can drool, but Kelsey will get to choose what name she wants:

Thank you, Katie! What a great prize!

Barb wins win a Swistle Package of a treat of your choice (fudge is probably most durable in the mail, but I can also do brownies or cookies), plus your choice of a baby names book or a gruesome/mommish mystery book, and perhaps some assorted junk I find around the house other thing.

Semi-Desperate Housewife wins a teensy Swistle Care Package (treat or book) and the elephant onesie Elizabeth donated from her Etsy shop Elephant Ears. Oh it is so cute! Take a peek:

Thank you, Elizabeth! It's darling!

There were 14 people who guessed either "Kristen" or "Kristin" in the third-, fourth-, or fifth-guess positions:
  1. Andrea
  2. Melissa
  3. ElizasMom
  4. -R-
  5. Five Froggies
  6. Erin of the April 29th, 12:35 p.m. comment
  7. Linda
  8. Betty M
  9. Pseudostoops
  10. Jeff
  11. Emily of the April 30th, 2:04 p.m. comment
  12. Maggie
  13. Shoeaddict
  14. Lettie

Fourteen! Linda and Emily also guessed my middle name, so they win the two remaining prizes. I wrote names/prizes on scraps of paper and paired them randomly.

Emily wins a single card of her choice from Courtney's Etsy shop A is for Beautiful. Oooo, I like this one:

Thank you again, Courtney!

Linda wins the hair button from Mrs. M's Etsy shop La La Lollipop. This is the pink gingham fabric Mrs. M used for Elizabeth's:

Thanks, Mrs. M!

All winners, will you please email me at swistle at gmail dot com, and I'll get you connected with the awesome people who donated prizes. Thank you so much, Katie and Courtney and Amy and Elizabeth and Mrs. M!

Coming soon: photo contest winners!


Beth Fish said...

You want I should make you a pivot table? Because my mad pivot table skillz are going sadly to waste at this SAHM gig.

Betty M said...

I can't believe I even got close!!

Alice said...

woohoo! prizes galore! congrats, all you smart winners! :-)

-R- said...

It is a little sad how proud I am for guessing the right name.

Congrats to all the prize winners!

annenahm said...

Wow! I feel like I know that much more cool stuff about you! Yay!

desperate housewife said...

I am so FREAKING FREAKING excited! We are watching SNL right now, and Jim had fallen asleep on the couch when I VIOLENTLY SHOOK HIM AWAKE, like a kid on Christmas morning, to tell him "I WON I WON OMG I WON!" Poor man. He probably briefly thought I won the lottery or something and that all our dreams had come true.

Shoeaddict said...

I'm still in shock that your name is Kristen. That is my name! Well, I guess, our name...

It's very cool to see your picture and find out your name.

Swistle said...

Shoeaddict- OH I KNOW! I was dying to tell you before, especially because we even have the same spelling!

Emily said...

WAIT! I think that's me, Emily of the 2:04pm guess! Is there a way to verify?


Emily said...

Oooh! I went back and checked and it IS ME! I won! I never win anything! Awesome! Thanks,, Kristen. :)


Swistle said...

Yay, Emily! Email me your mailing info (I'm at swistle at gmail dot com) and I'll connect you with Courtney.

Jess said...

Weren't you going to give partial credit for picking names that you thought suited you? Even if you don't bother to figure out who guessed what, given how many guesses there were and what a pain that would be, I would still very much like to know what names would have received partial credit in that category.

Swistle said...

Jess Loolu- OH YES. I forgot about that! I mean, I forgot to WRITE about that. I used it a little in the scoring (by giving entries that used my middle name an edge over entries that didn't), but other names didn't come into it, as it turned out. I would have given an edge to Theresa/Teresa, Tracy, and Diane, since my parents also considered the name Theresa Diane (but with the intention of calling me Tracy).

"Names that would also suit me" turned out to be useless, because I feel like I'm either a Kristen or a Swistle but nothing else! There were a few that would have tipped the balance if needed---but they tended to be Names I Like, rather than Names That Click Into Place. Examples: Emily, Suzanne, Bridget, Lesley, Lindsey, Holly, Julia, Elizabeth, Laura, Angela, Jill.

Kristin H said...

Oooh, I never in a million years would have guessed you have the same name as me. I have always liked my name too! What fun contents!

el-e-e said...

Oh my goodness!! I can't believe my little old guess won! I read the photo winners post first, Google Reader, y'know! Never expected to win!! Kristen, my new best friend, you will have to PRY that gorgeous bag out of my cold, dead hands. You have no idea how much I love purses and bags.

I'm hyperventilating a little bit, here. :) Such fun!

erin said...

I'm Erin (#6 on the list)! Even though I didn't win a prize, I'm so excited that your name was one of my guesses. I was attempting to pick names that sounded most like Swistle, and Kristen was a last minute addition. I also had Tracy on my short list, which is weird since that was almost your nickname! :)

Shoeaddict said...

How very weird. My dad wanted to name me Dian(a)!