April 9, 2008

Good Baby Stuff: Recommend It!

Monique sent me an email I thought we'd all want to pitch in on.
I'm 43 years old and just found out that I'm pregnant with our third child!!! Our youngest will be 10 by the time this one is born (I'm due at Thanksgiving) and our oldest will turn 15 in January.

My question is, where or what are the best resources right now? It's been so long since I've been pregnant that I don't know where to look. I greatly enjoyed "What to Expect When You're Expecting" the first time around. How is that for now? Anything better?

What should I be eating? or not eating? what about diet soda? I drink a lot of water when I'm pregnant, and I gave up diet soda for the last two, but I'm having a much harder time staying away this time around.

I haven't been to my doctor yet and probably won't until later in April -- He's hard to get an appointment with at first, but then it's easy.

We got rid of all the baby stuff when we moved 5 years ago, so we're going to need everything. Any recommendations? Keeping in mind we're on a pretty tight budget so many things will be second hand. Besides car seats, what should never be second hand? We will be having a large baby shower, but who knows what that will bring?

So, help! If you'd like.

Spill it, everyone! Powers of the Internet---ACTIVATE!


Omaha Mama said...

Oh boy. Best wishes to Monique! I've got nothing. It's only been two years and I feel so out of it. Though if she's looking for a fun read, Girlfriends Guide is great. Made me laugh.

Also, the weekly babycenter.com newsletters are good. I enjoyed those through both pregnancies.

Jess said...

I wouldn't get a crib secondhand either. You can get a nice one at Babies R Us (Jenny crib i think) for one hundred dollars. They also have REALLY cheap cribsets at overstock.com. We got a nice cheap set of drawers at Value City furniture and we also found some great stuff on craigslist.com. I would buy a nice pump. It's TOTALLY worth it. Every. Single. Penny. Also since it's sping I'd go for the yardsales. There are always treaures to be found for $5. Good luck and congratulations!!

Kristin.... said...

I agree; no older cribs (but one a couple years old is ok; I am using two of those for the twins because I couldn't afford two new cribs) and no car seats. And BEG, BORROW, STEAL clothes from anyone you can. Hand me downs are a huge savings. I read What to Expect (I think there is a newer edition now) and also read Your Pregnancy Week by Week. Of course I had a different book with the twins.
If you sign up for Babycenter.com, you can get weekly pregnancy emails. But if you have Time Warner for your email, you're out of luck because my weekly emails stopped coming. Anyway, those have great suggestions, helpful hints, etc.
Good luck!

Vicky said...

The Fisher Price jungle swing has a plug in feature which will save a ton of batteries. Both my kids slept in it for the first couple of months. It was well worth the money. Yard sales can be a great source. I know we are going to have one soon. Also check consignment shops.

AndreAnna said...

Congrats! First, I agree with the other moms. Some things that should never be second hand: cribs and car seats. A lot of times when you tell people you are pregnant after such a long hiatus, you may get another baby shower. Or you may be given TONS of stuff by people who are done with having their own kids.

Craigslist has a baby/kids section FULL of stuff. And spring is coming, so garage sales will be in full effect soon.

For clothes, go the Swistle (and me) way - and buy the next season's clothes in a size up when they are on clearance. I am due in July with my second and think I have this kid outfitted for a year or so already! If people ask what you need, don't be afraid to tell them - onesies, diapers, pajamas! That's all they live in anyway.

As for diet and such, I am much more laid back the second time around. I love my diet soda, though avoided it in the first trimester. I still eat sushi and deli meat.

A lot of those pregnancy books are scary and after the first baby, I stopped reading them. But if you want recommendations for AFTER the baby, I swore by The Happiest Baby on the Block by Harvey Karp.

Congrats again!

Michele said...

Congratulations Monique! You give me hope, because I am 40 and I want another baby.

I was an (ahem) older mom when I got pregnant with my twins at 37. So not so long ago. A big thing now is to take Omega 3 supplements in addition to your prenatals for brain development. BTW, my favorite prenatal is called "Prenatal One" and it made by Rainbow Light and available at Whole Foods. I come from a long line of morning sickness, and I atrribute these vitamins to my completely barf and nausea free pregnancy.

Regarding the diet sodas. I am not a fan, but my sister, mother of four gorgeous healty children, is. She cut down to 1 or 2 a day when she was pregnant, and had healthy, happy babies. I thought I wouldnt be able to give up my 4-5 cup a day coffee habit but I found I just lost the taste for it so it was a non-issue.

I second the craiglist recommendations, as well as yard sales. Had I known how much wonderful, good as new baby stuff there was out there to be had second hand, I would have only registered for car seats when I had the twins.

Jill said...

Can I ask a question about cribs? I don't have kids, but my cousin has a baby who will be 11 months when they stay at my mom's for a week this summer. My mom borrowed a crib from our family friend (who is 45?). The crib was used for her and her sisters, then her kids and her nieces, and now is living unused in her basement. My mom is planning to get a new mattress and bumper pads for it for my cousin to use (and, unsaid but implied, my future kids). I made a comment to her about whether or not the crib is safe/fits today's standards and my mom sort of laughed and was like "all of the babies that have used it have survived just fine," and frankly I think she has a point. So really, what is the deal with the crib safety measures (other than the obvious lead paint issue)? I'm also assuming it's fine for a one-year old, but maybe iffy for a newborn. Can someone explain?

Tessie said...

Oh, CONGRATULATIONS! How fun to have this bonus baby!

My baby is not even TWO and it's amazing how much new stuff is out there ALREADY since we registered.

Of all the (relatively) new-fangled thingees that have come out, the most awesome in my opinion are:

1)Cradle swings
2)Video monitors

Good luck to you! Yay!

momma said...

ohhh my, sounds like me (starting over) my kids are 17, 14, and 2.5...we hardly had to buy anything. I think everyone felt sorry for us and started handing stuff over LOL!
Congrats and good luck :)

jennifer said...

Congrats! I really liked The Girlfriend's Guide to Baby Gear - helped separate all the Must Haves from the Only Think You Must Haves! I think actual gear (swings, swaddles, slings...) are all dependent upon the baby and their desires so I cannot really recommend one unless you want to take my kid ;) But for the expecting Mama, I can totally, whole-heartedly recommend the Cuddle Pillow by Boppy!

Ellen said...

I drank Diet Coke while pregnant, just did not guzzle, and I have a beautiful, healthy baby. I'd say don't exceed one every couple days or so and you won't feel any guilt, even. :-)

For books, I enjoyed and found helpful The Thinking Woman's Guide to a Better Birth (Henci Goer). Helps to think through the birthing process and what choices you want to make for it to be best for you.

Post baby, the swings now are terrific and easy to find barely used and cheap. I did and am loving it!

MzEll said...

Yay for baby! A few things that I've used twice now:

Arm's reach mini-cosleeper (babybungalow.com)

Boppy Pillow


Pouch Sling (or a sling of any kind)

Boucy seat/baby papasan

As for books, I liked Dr. Sears Baby Book, the Girlfirend's Guide's are fun. And From Conception to Birth is a really gorgeous, informative book to have.

That's all I can think of right now that I used all the time. Good Luck!

Joanne said...


I would totally buy everything at garage sales and through craigslist or ebay. I am using cloth diapers with my second that I bought gently used from someone online and it's been just great. I'm using Fuzzi Bunz covers with hemp and terri inserts.

I am using a borrowed car seat with my second. The pumpkin seat that I used with my son is expired but if a car seat isn't expired and you know the person selling it to you, I say go for it. Then I would buy a Britax Marathon for the second car seat - it's good til 60 pounds and it's so, so great. You can find them on sale online with free shipping. It doesn't make them cheap but it makes them cheaper. I love my Britax car seat and I really miss it now that I am using a Graco pumpkin seat. I also wouldn't mind a used crib - I mean, they hardly get used, the crib part. I would just maybe get a new mattress.

I eschewed caffeine when I was pregnant the first time, but the second time I asked my doctor how much I could have because I was so tired. She said I could have one cup a day and I did, most days. Then I read an article about how in the first trimester caffeine can be really dangerous so I quit altogether. It's probably bunk, but for me (and me only) I always figure why mess with it? I am "elderly" according to my OB/GYN, so I was always trying to be better than good.

I wish I had waited to try things with each baby - for example, my son loved and needed the swing but my daughter doesn't love it. I wish I never got a bassinet, I just sold mine on Craig's List. If I had to do it over again right now I'd just sit in the chair for the first six weeks or so and then put the baby in the crib.

Again, congratulations. I am 40 and just had my second. The other night I dreamed that my mom (who is 67) was pregnant and I was too. It freaked me out!

SP said...

Congratulations to Monique!!

My youngest is 10 so I'm not very helpful. I do highly recommend The Girlfriend's Guide to Pregnancy. Sometimes pregnancy can be so serious. This will be your laughter outlet.

Mimi said...

I agree to wait on purchasing a swing. A lot of babies do like them, but if you have a fussy/restless baby they can be a life saver.
Musts on my list are:
-bouncy seat
-boppy pillow
-baby bathtub with hammock in the middle like this one:


-higher quality baby monitors or even video monitor.
-pack-n-play portable crib

Saly said...

WOW! Congratulations!

I really enjoyed “The Girlfriend’s Guide to Pregnancy Journal” which had a page for me to write down how I was feeling or general notes every day and had some hilarious anecdotes. Both of my kids lived in the Fisher Price Laugh and Learn Bounce Chair for their 1st few months of life. They don’t make that one anymore, but you can get all different kinds reasonably priced at Target. I found it convenient to port the baby in to the bathroom or in the basement for laundry duty with that around. This was probably the most helpful baby item we had.

I am also considering the jungle swing for my baby due this August; we got rid of ours last summer.

I’m no help when it comes to the pregnancy diet advice. Outside of the 1st trimester, I drink my coffee (just not the usual gallon a day), eat lunchmeat and tuna fish, and probably way too much junk.

Good luck!

Saly said...

Oh and also the Fisher Price Aquarium that attaches to the crib....my two-year-old still uses it to help her fall asleep at night.

Farrell said...

Congrats Monique!
I agree on waiting on the swing - see if you can borrow someone's or go over to someone's house that has one, to see if the baby likes it or not. Some babies live in them, and others can't stand them.
My doc told me I was allowed to have 2 caffinated drinks a day - so I had one cup of coffee in the morning and one Diet coke around 3pm to get me over that afternoon hump. I would also drink decaf coffee and tell myself it was caffinated.
consignment shops are great; the one near me is "once upon a child," but I'm sure they have something similar wherever you are.
You DO need a bouncy and an exersaucer - those will save your life.
As for bedding, I would honestly just buy a few fitted sheets - you have to take the bumpers off when the baby begins to roll over, and they aren't allowed to have blankets, so all the other stuff that comes in the newborn baby bedding pack is pretty useless.
Another fav. is fisher price aquarium - plays music, etc. and you can attach to crib - my daughter couldn't live without it.
Hope this helps!

Anonymous said...

Regarding the diet soda - when I was pregnant (up until a few months ago) I had a diet soda every day. I just made sure that I pretty much stuck to Hansen's natural beverages, which use Splenda instead of aspartame. Yum, they are so good! Everything I read said that Splenda was safe. I love the root beer and the black cherry.

Clarabella said...

I don't think there's anything wrong with a used crib, as long as it meets regulations. I would say the same about a car seat. The makes and models do change quickly, but as long as they still meet safety regulations, I don't see why you can't use your better judgment to decide on "lightly" used equipment.

Per Jill: besides the lead paint issue you acknowledged, I think the only thing to worry about with an older crib like that is the distance between the bars. I know that some older cribs have bigger spaces and little babies' parts (heads, legs, torsos) can get stuck between them. Also, I would make sure that there was no mold or rot due to dampness in storage or something like that. Barring there being too much space between the slats of the crib, I don't see why an older crib in good condition can't work for an almost-toddler for a short visit.

Jen in MI said...

Yes, yes! The Fisher Price aquarium! We wore our first one out with our first child and my 2 year old son still likes his on to go to sleep!

Liz :) said...

Congratulations Monique. Well I would recommend Babycenter.com for info as well as ivillage.com or now a days you can google just about everything and get 100 sites related to it. A funny book I read was "Belly Laughs" by Jenny McCarthy, even if you don't like her it was a good/funny book, tells all the truths with a story behind it.
Some good bargains I find are through your local craigslist.com, there are tons of people that give stuff away, show local garage sales and sell baby items for cheap, some of them are new and some are used but its well worth a try. I still like Walmart for some good Baby buys and just check online, many times they offer online discounts only or offer print coupons that are worth it for sure.

Tracy said...

Baby Bargins book. It gives you a rating for each brand (A,B,C) very helpful.

Anonymous said...

Hi - I'm delurking to say that I loved "The Complete Book of Pregnancy and Childbirth" by Sheila Kitzinger. She does a great job of giving just enough detail to be interesting, but not enough to be overwhelming. She also is not condescending to the new mom, which I noticed in several pregnancy books. It's available from Amazon for about $14. Also, I second/third/etc. all the comments about second-hand clothes. They've been a lifesaver!
Good luck, Monique!

Chris said...

I will second the Baby Bargains book! Really does a good job sorting out what you need and what to get for the most bang for your buck.


desperate housewife said...

I'm going to second the recommendation of Sheila Kitzinger's book- I thought it was wonderful. She doesn't use scare tactics, and presents all your options frankly and thoroughly, without talking down to you.
I would also totally recommend purchasing an exersaucer of some kind- both of my babies have LOVED it, and it gets lots more use than the swing or bouncy seat, which (I found) are nice options but are quickly outgrown. The exersaucer I started using around four months with both, and Addy used it until she was about a year, I think. Another nice option for the four months and up range is the Fisher Price Take Along Hop and Pop. It folds up so you can take it with you to relatives' houses and such, and it has a lot of the same features as an exersaucer.

Steph the WonderWorrier said...

Just want to send my congrats to Monique!

My mom had my youngest brother when she was 38 - I was 13 at the time, and my middle brother was 10. Scott has been absolutely the BIGGEST blessing on our family, even though at first we were all a little unsure how to react.

I love him dearly and deeply, and he's such a smart kid since he's pretty much grown up around adults only (we also live with my grandmother, and grandfather up until he passed away three years ago).

I don't have any children of my own, but as an oldest child in a family situation similar to what is happening with yours right now, I just wanted to say "good luck! congrats! and you're a lucky ducky!". :-D

SieraKiera said...

To Jill and her question regarding the used crib: I wouldn't use anything manufactured prior to 1986 as the safety regulations have changed. If you can fit a can of pop through the slats then the crib isn't safe and the baby's head could potentially get caught in the bars. And bumper pads aren't good once the baby can sit up or push up himself as the can get tangled in them and the ties. By 11 months old most babies are doing all that. Hope that helps.

the new girl said...

My advice is to put only bigger stuff on the registry. (No clothes or anything like that.) People can go in together to buy you a vibrating bouncy seat (wonderful) and then you can get lots of consignment store clothes, etc. I love consignment shops for toys, clothes and stuff like that.

Good luck! How exciting.

Natalie said...

Gently used items are the best!

I second the Arm's Reach Co-Sleeper if you want your baby in your room next to you, but not in your bed. It attaches to the bed with the arm down. LOVE IT. No getting out of bed. Used happily on two babies so far. It should consign well when you're finished if you can't find it used (we have the co-sleeper mini).

I also love Once Upon a Child for gently used clothes and baby items.

Many of my friends and I LOVE Ergo Baby Carrier. www.ergobabycarrier.com, Peppermint.com or attachedtobaby.com for more info/ideas on baby wearing.

There's a current fear about bottles and sippy cups leaching a chemical called Bisphenol-a. Some advise staying away from certain bottles (i.e. polycarbonate) and sippy cups. http://thesoftlanding.com/shop.html appears to be a good site with info and products-if you are concerned about this.

If you plan on breastfeeding or want to try it for the first time, I recommend The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding, The Ultimate Breastfeeding Book of Answers,or The Nursing Mother's Companion. If you've never breastfed and are interested in the lastest research and/or want advice and help, I suggest reading one of these books and scheduling an appointment with a certified lactation consultant or educator before baby is born and keep number handy for right after birth and early weeks.


Swing (we have the jungle swing). I like the recommendation to borrow.

Bebe ou lait nursing cover up or hooter hider (same thing, different name).

I love www.mom4life.com (Heather is wonderful and has free shipping and frequent discounts) on all things baby, toddler, and mommy.

Bravado Designs nursing bras, panties and tanks.

If you're intersted in cloth diapering, I recommend www.greenmountaindiapers.com. Call her or email for help. She's great.

Girlfriend's Guide is really funny.

I also loved Happiest Baby on the Block and Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child. Recommend reading during last trimester.

drowninginlaundry said...

I loved the bouncy chair for my son, he would spend hours a day in it. I bought a cheap 20$ one at Toys R Us and it did perfectly fine.

I splurged on this pillow (because I found the boppy pillow annoying with the wrap around shape) and used it at the end of my pregnancy for sleeping right to now (my son is almost 2), we use it for cuddling on at night:

I also have got more then my moneys worth out of our playpen. My son slept in the bassinet during the day, I used the changing table option on the main floor of the house and now it is a portable "crib" for staying at Grannys house.

Slice of Paradise said...


Beg, steal or ... just beg for the new Diaper Geni. It is incredable & WORKS! In 18 months I have yet to smell nasty diapers in my daughter's room.

I highly second the "Jungle" themed swing ~ the money you will save in batteries is well worth the cost of the swing (and you can always sell it later).

Used cribs are ok if you are ABSOLUTELY sure of their source. Nothing over 5 years old or used by more than 3 children (by APA standards) The wood can be dry rotted inside & you will never see it until the crib breaks, the slats need to be too close to pass a coke can through, & make sure that all the screws & bolts are as tight as possible.

"Back to sleep"(that may have changed in 10 years :) LOL )

I was told not to eat more than 24 ounces of fish a week & no diet drinks, limit caffiene to one cup a day, no deli meats, & no soft cheeses ~ but I was recurrent miscarriage & higher risk, so your dr may have different opinions.


Buckeye Mommy said...

I also recommend the Baby Bargains book. The reviews were very useful for me when picking out items for our son and even if you plan to buy things used, it can give you ideas of what's good, what's not, etc. Best of luck, Monique!

Laura said...

I know this has been said, but I found Baby Bargains extremely helpful when registering and buying baby items. They give hints on how to save money in all kinds of ways, and the suggested websites are informative too.

Mommy 2 Hope said...

During my pregnancy (baby is 5 months now), I still drank Coke/tea except for the first trimester. The first trimester was horrible anyway because of all the nausea.

I read the What to Expect books, but they really just freaked me out. I liked to read the BabyCenter.com newsletters.

Consignment and yard sales all the way - - we bought 3 big garbage bags full of clothes from newborn to 18 months while I was pregnant for $100 at a yard sale. These are the clothes she wears most days and I bought a few new outfits for going to town. I started buying ahead for her, but she grows so fast, I’m never sure what season we’ll be in for each size. She’s 5 months old and wearing size 12 month. Since we live in Florida I know that I can always buy short-sleeved shirts and put a jacket on her for the winter and shorts for the summer. Otherwise, I have a hard time getting really good deals on seasonal clothes.

We originally bought a used baby bed and used mattress. Unless the crib was recalled or somehow obviously defective, I don’t see any reason why used beds aren’t a good idea. We were actually given a new, fancy crib at my baby shower that we are using now, but I am still using the used mattress.

We really love the Graco brand travel system (around $200). It comes with the carrier/car seat/stroller all matching and so efficient.

While I was pregnant, we started buying one pack of diapers and one pack of wipes a week and then we were also given some during our shower. I didn’t buy any newborn size, because that’s the most popular size given by most people and they’ll give you a pack at the hospital. I’ve always liked the diapers to fit comfortably and so I often move Hope up to the next size as soon as she hits the minimum weight. Plus I like to put the next size up on her for nighttime since it might be a few hours between changings. By the time Baby arrives, you’ll have around 40 packs of diapers assorted sizes and enough wipes for months. If you find that Baby outgrows a size before you are able to use all of the diapers, simply return the unopened packages and buy another size. Places like Wal-Mart will usually let you return most items without a receipt, no questions asked. I tell you, we have a huge equity of diapers and wipes and it has been wonderful not to have to worry about running out or buying diapers all the time. Now I only buy diapers when they’re on sale or I get a coupon from Huggies.

Ooooh, coupons! Sign up for all the baby programs around. Publix has a baby club and you can register within the store. Huggies has a club as well as most of the formula brands and other major baby product brands. They’ll send you coupons and free samples usually until Baby is 2 years old.

Also, I would pick up a couple packs of cloth diapers even if you plan to use disposables. They double as wonderful, thick burp cloths.

We have a diaper pail and it is so useless. I would rather use a bathroom size trash can. The pail doesn't hold many diapers and it gets stuck if you put wipes in there. That was probably my biggest waste as a baby product.

We didn’t buy a changing table, because I didn’t want another piece of useless furniture after she is potty-trained. We have a changing pad on a dresser that we use and it’s really convenient with the drawers underneath.

I love the little travel changing pads from Target. They hold a diaper and a small pack of wipes and provide a sanitary, convenient way to change baby on-the-go. Plus it folds up to about the size of a large wallet.

Tummy Time mats are the best.
The 3-in-1 infant seat/swing/rockers are great for all stages.

brenna said...

I wanted to add another feature of used cribs you want to avoid: any kind of decorative knob or corner post. Basically, any protrusion (including decorative carvings) that the baby could get hung up on.

Bird said...

Ok. I'm going to go ahead and say what everyone else said, which is no used cribs. I know of an infant that died in a crib that had been used by the whole family. If it's up to regulations than that's one thing, but a lot of older cribs aren't. I'm sorry to be a freak-out queen, but that story scared the hell out of me.

I'm all about my boppy and I'm not sure life would go on around here if we didn't have a vibrating chair. My personal recommendation would be to get the one Fisher Price makes that the child can use until they're four--that way you get more use out of it.

Mine never liked the swing.

Joanne said...

I forgot to say, and I didn't see anyone else mention My Brest Friend, the lamely named pillow. I really preferred it over the Boppy this time for breast feeding. I was having some major chafing and pain and it helped me to have the baby up a little higher to nurse. Also, it clips on so I felt better about us sleeping in the chair together in those first few weeks.

Anonymous said...

Congrats! I did a TON of research about every item for my registry last year, and I agree Baby Bargains was a fabulous resource.

One tip - I am always surprised to see Moms buying Breast Pumps as they are FREE with a prescription from most Health plans - I LOVED my Medela Pump-In-Style, but I wouldn't have loved it 1/2 as much if I shelled out $300 for it!

MMH said...

Congratulations, Monique!
The best purchases I made for my son, who is almost three:

Britax Marathon Car seat (he started in this and will be in it until 65 lbs) We didn't even use the carrier kind.

Zooper Swing stroller: the back reclines for use with a little infant, plus it includes the cozy toes for cold weather, rain guard and sun guard (which we use a lot)We are still using it every day.

nicole said...

Our portable swing has been a lifesaver. New stuff comes out so often, but a lot of it is just the same thing with a small change.

Take offers for meals from whoever makes them! Having food brought was such a big help this time around. If no offers are forthcoming, consider making meals a meal preparation place like Dream Dinners for your freezer. Kind of pricey, but so worth it when everyone is starving and baby is crying.

RainyPM said...

The 2 things that helped the most when we brought our new baby home in January and that I still continue to use almost daily 3 months later are the Miracle Blanket (miracleblanket.com) which is a blanket that wraps the baby up in a swaddle and helps keep him asleep longer, and my manual breastpump (Medela Harmony, but I'm sure any would do the trick).

Monique said...

Thank you everyone!! There are some great ideas in here and I'm writing everything down to check into. I have my first appointment with my doctor next Tuesday, so I'll know more on the due date and such. Keep those ideas coming!

Mandy said...

From my partners for care binder that my doctors office gives us - if you don't exceeed 200 mg of caffiene (which is like 4 sodas) that's fine.

Car seats aren't suppose to be more than 6 years old when you use them. If you do plan to use a second hand one, craigs list or the newspaper would be good places to watch. Once upon a child does get brand new car seats (in odd patterns.) Also I went to big lots with my first child and got an eddie baur travel system (stroller, infant carset and base) for $98, it was a super find!

As far as the Crib... The slats are suppose to be no more than 2 inches apart (I think). You aren't suppose to be able to stick your hand in between the bars and the mattress either. And they actually don't recommend the use of bumpers anymore (sad because they're SOOO adorable!) I found our crib at one of my moms friends garage sales a 4-1 $400 crib for $50 than bought the mattress for $50.

Sorry for the novel, but I'm sure your friends and family are going to help you out a ton with all of this stuff! Watch the bargain box of your paper too!

Gillian said...
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Gillian said...

- Anything by the Sears family (go attachment parenting!).
- Boppy pillow
- Ring sling
- Happiest Baby on the Block book (or DVD) changed my life

- Caffiene during pregnancy has been linked to miscarriage.
- Beware your fish intake because of rising mercury levels (can cause mental retardation)
- No unpasturized cheese
- No raw fish
- No peanuts (while nursing as well)
- BPA-free plastic!!! Stick to wooden and cloth toys and glass bottles if you don't intend on nursing
- "Pocket" cloth diapers like Fuzzi Bunz or Bum Genius (I love BG the most)
- Skip the crib and have baby sleep with you!