January 28, 2008

Diet: The First Day

So. Here we are. Dieting.


Well. It has not been bad so far. *checks watch* And look! It's already been FOURTEEN HOURS!

The first day went pretty well. No slips, and not too much wallowing in self-pity. I kept reminding myself that this was my OWN decision to do this. I also instructed myself to stop thinking about food so much.

It makes me a little nervous, in fact, that the day went so well. See? There is no pleasing me.

Nor is there any pleasing THE MIGHTY TIGER!

He is not CRYING, he is ROARING.


Shelly Overlook said...

Ferocious beast!!!

Go, Swistle, Go into Day #2!!!

Jess said...

Yay for a good start! I think reminding yourself that this is YOUR choice is exactly the right way to think about it. Way to take ownership!

Also, I've always wanted a tiger, and that photo just cements the longing.

Alice said...

i made up a cheer for you. ready?

who can diet easily?

you have to say the "w" really fast for it to sort of work. i never said it was good. or, uh, long.

Swistle said...

Jess- Oh, yes, I've been very happy with my tiger. He is not NEARLY as sharp or ferocious as I'd been led to believe.

Alice- AWESOME. I'll say the W the way Elizabeth does ("dub")--that makes it blend better, though it loses some of its endearing dorkiness that way.

Maggie said...


And, by the way, that is a mighty ferocious roar!

Omaha Mama said...

Don't you just love that tiger? My little guy was that very same tiger. So cute! I'm mean...ferocious!

Dieting. Meh.

Erica said...

Dear Swistle,

May I please have Henry? Pretty please?


Black Sheeped said...

That was an AWESOME photo. The rage! The pure rage!

Also, I'm sending you be strong vibes, or non-cake-craving vibes, or maybe they are the same.

desperate housewife said...

Good for you! Stay strong, you have the power of the internets behind you!
Addy had a tiger costume for her first Halloween; that picture brought back such memories! Ahh, I sound like an old woman, but I'll say it anyway: I had no idea HOW FAST they grow up and grow out of things- clothes, baby talk, cute phases. TIME FLIES, etc.
(i think henry looks a little cuter than she did though. shhhh.)

Mairzy said...

Swistle, you bad mother, PICK THAT TIGER UP! And kiss him because he's so cute.

I don't suppose you'd count it as an actual chocolate fix to eat a chocolate graham cracker and milk? It's my salvation.

annenahm said...

He is so much cute!

Anonymous said...

Remember nothing tastes better than pulling on your skinny jeans!


Penny said...

are you sure that roar does not signify your tummy rumbling?

Congrats on diet, day 1. You are already doing better than I (Pirate Booty swooped in to mess with me yesterday).

Pickles & Dimes said...

Aw, Henry! So cute!

It took a little bit, but I've finally reached that point in my "diet" where I no longer feel like I'm being punished.

In fact, I now take pride in turning down foods (and that makes "cheating" taste so much better).

Good job on Day 1!

amber said...

I would say what an adorable, harmless looking little tiger cub, but...maybe not? (cub? are tiger babies cubs?)

AND, good work on the diet. I think the first couple of days always suck the worst.

Jessa said...

What a ferocious little tiger!

Good luck with your diet! You can do it!

Chelle said...

We should start a diet support club. You can give me a virtual kick in the pants when I reach for the chocolate and I can cheer your willpower. Hey, maybe some of your willpower will rub off on me! Please, oh please?

Bunny said...

Swistle, I started yesterday with you and it also went well. Today I woke up nauseas and resisted the urge for a cookie out of the freezer since that what I usually turn to to make myself feel better. We'll see how today goes... Good luck to you!

Mommy Daisy said...

Maybe that little (adorably cute) tiger will whip you back into shape. ;)

Katie said...

I meant to comment back when you said the "lifestyle change" WAS dieting (or something along those lines). That was so hilarious.

Good for you. I always think of Oprah as inspirational in this front. She has been so dedicated, and yet we know that she struggles with it and that she wishes she could just eat whatever she wants (unlike those annoying Hollywood bitches who like to say that they eat EVERYTHING and are just naturally skinny. Yea right.)
Ahem. Anyway....you GO, Swistle! You rock!

Kristin H said...

I was thinking about a trick I use that might help. When I feel like eating but I'm not really hungry, if I brush my teeth, it pretty much ends the urge to eat. Something about that clean mouth feeling sends a signal to my brain that it's not time to eat. Hope this helps!

Banana said...

That photo is the best. He looks so crabby at you for taking his picture!

Swistle said...

Dear Erica,

No, he is mine. Nyah.

Love, Swistle

Swistle said...

Mairzy- Oh, yes, I am VERY KEEN on chocolate graham crackers, especially dipped in cool whip. The problem is that I don't seem to have an Off Switch, so I eat through a packet in NO TIME FLAT.

Saly said...

Ok, I totally thought Henry was standing up in this photo and was so confused for about 5 minutes.....

Also, i love Alice's cheer. My daughter says "gubble-you"