September 26, 2007

Miscellaneous Updates: Ear Suits, Avon, Holiday Tips Blog, Zoloft. Also: Target Baby Clothes Clearance

If you missed yesterday's baby ear suits, you might still be able to get one: they're back in some colors and sizes (and they go in and out, so maybe keep checking if you don't see what you want) at L.L. Bean, and you can still use that free shipping code (7420440). They're $12.95 now instead of $9.00, but it's better than bitter, bitter disappointment.

The Virtual Avon Party went great! LeAnna's so grateful and excited. And so am I--you guys were awesome to do that for her. I think the specials/promotions change every two weeks, so I'm going to keep checking (notice they've added the A to her name finally, if you've bookmarked the one without the A), and of course I hope you'll keep checking it, too, but probably I will not mention it real often because geez, how many times can I mention Avon before you get bored and wander off? But I might not be able to resist telling you if I bought some neat stuff, because it is fun to talk about shopping, and also because it was SO ENORMOUSLY FUN to have you emailing me saying, "I bought this! I bought that! I bought a bunch more things too!"

Kara's holiday tip sharing blog has an address! It's at It's still in pre-content/testing stage, but you can go look at it and say, "Oooooooh! Ahhhhhhhh!" at the design, and you can bookmark it or at it to your RSS thing. Also, remember to email Kara (k a r a m a r i e @ g m a i l dot c o m) with holiday tips, especially Halloween tips: easy/cheap costume ideas? fun Halloween party games? good school party treats? recipe for candy corn rice crispy treats? EMAIL HER.

I'm feeling better than I did earlier, though things still seem stressy and grim. I did six loads of laundry, and that helped. But I'm eying the expired Zoloft I've been hoarding for some reason since 2004, and I'm considering taking it. There's enough to last me at a low dose until after my mother-in-law leaves. I know from my pharmacy job that the "expiration date" on the bottle is a maximum of one year after the prescription is filled--but that the date on the bottle used to dispense the medication was likely much later.

One thing that worries me is that I rely on my stressy panic to power me through big tasks. If I'm not static with anxiety, maybe I won't do the kind of cleaning binge that's required here.

I'm also nervous because I'm breastfeeding. As Marie so perfectly put it, I'm worried I'm messing up Henry's brain chemistry FOREVER!!

But I'm also worried that I'm going to crumble and fall before this visit takes place, or perhaps during it. And I'm not opposed to a little pharmaceutical relief during stressful times. I do wish I were only medicating MYSELF, though.

Let's change the subject, because I'm feeling stressed again. Oh, I know! I went to Target a couple of days ago (I went in the evening, all by myself, and even the SMELL of Target calms me right down), and they had a ton of baby/toddler summer clothes on 75% off. I bought shirts! shorts! dresses! We've talked before about how it's tough to buy ahead for little kids, but at 75% off I'm more willing to gamble. Elizabeth is in 3T shirts and 18/24m shorts this summer, so I bought 4T tops and 3T shorts. If the 3T shorts are too big, she'll probably wear them the summer after next.

I also bought a few things for right now: there were some shirts that were too cute (and too cheap) to resist, even though they were only in Edward and Elizabeth's current size:

I think they were $1.24 (Elizabeth's) and $1.74 (Edward's). Plus, Edward is wearing some coordinated dark green-brown shorts that were something like $1.94, and Elizabeth is wearing jeans that were $2.44. NOT BAD.

Here is what to remember from this post:
  • You might still get an L. L. Bean ear suit, if you want it.
  • You might get 75% off Target summer clothes, if you want them for next year.
  • Don't forget about Avon! Because I probably won't remind very often.
  • You need to email Kara with Halloween ideas.


Lauren said...

What be-YEW-tiful babies!!!

They make the clothes look like a million bucks! (lucky for you they were actually MUCH cheaper :))

Banana said...

I love that picture of the twins!. Elizabeth looks like "Fine, I will pause for a moment from my snack eating to let you take this stupid picture mom. Gaw-awd!" Too cute!

gabby said...

Seriously. Is that a snack from your "crunch mix" or whatever you called it? Love it.

Shannon said...

I appreciate the bullet points at the end. I'm frazzled today, too.

I also reply on the stress right before an event to get everything done. Like doing all of our christms shopping on christmas eve.

Tina said...

Gosh, Swistle, I could send you some of my just filled Rx for Zoloft that I won't take because I'm just too freaked out about it, nursing kid either, just me.

ttsc said...

Hi Swistle. How can I get invited to the holiday tip blog? It's only open to invited readers. Thanks for the tip on the LLBean coat, I bought one for a friend.

Kathi said...

Ohmygosh!! I've always thought Target had a specific (calming) smell but people tell me I'm crazy to think that.

the new girl said...

You make cute babays.

I hope you feel less stressed soon.


Black Sheeped said...

Man. Yesterday we went to all these stores so I could find Dressy Work Clothes, and I got super pissy because I couldn't find ANYTHING, and then we went to Target and everything became okay. Because they had magical clearance racks, and I like Target clothes. I even scored once again in the little girls' shoe section (I have freakishly small feet).

I understand how the smell of Target can make everything better.

Alice said...

i love eliz's baleful look in that picture. :-) also i am now craving a target run soooo badly, darn you swistle and your power over my shopping habits...

Jess said...

Your kids are so cute and I'm with Alice, I actually briefly considered reserving a Zipcar and driving out to Target right now. Luckily I convinced myself that they would be closed before I got there, so I've avoided the temptation for now.

Also, I love how you summarized the end of your post. It reminds me of the end of a meeting at work, where we outline Next Steps on bulleted lists.

jen said...

ooh I love Target, I wish it was down the street. Walmart will just have to do. *sigh*

Swistle said...

Banana- That is exactly how she was. Notice she has her arm partly around Edward. She was Posing.

Gabby- YES! It's from the Crunchies Bin.

Shannon- The thought of Christmas shopping on Christmas Eve is making my hand reeeeeeeeeach for the psychiatric medication.

Tina- Ha ha! I've taken it before, and I was very nervous at first--like I was changing my TRUE SELF. But it was okay. If anything, it changed my true self insufficiently for me to want to stay on it.

TTSC- AAAAAGH! I forgot about that! Hang on, I'll email Black Sheeped.

Kathi- YES!! In fact, today I hadn't yet laundered the new stuff from Target, and I actually picked some of it up and INHALED DEEPLY. It's like the scent of my second home: familiar and comforting.

tulipmom said...

I so understand your questioning whether to take the Zoloft. I AGONIZED over it before trying to conceive and finally decided it would be healthier for mommy (and subsequently baby) to stay on it and just reduce the dose.

Your twins are too cute!

Erica said...

Those kids are adorable! I love Elizabeth's attitude : )

Ah, sweet, sweet Target. How I love you so.

Black Sheeped said...

Aargh! Okay, it should be public now. I got wrapped up in Blogger eating my Black Sheeped template, and got distracted. We should be good to go!

Swistle said...

TTSC- Okay, try it now!

jonniker said...

The look on Elizabeth's face is pretty freakin' priceless. Love it.

Mommy Daisy said...

I love the photo of the twins. They suddenly look so grown up. The clothes are awesomely cute too! I scored big time today at The Children's Place. Did you know that they're running a 50% off all sale prices in the store? It was awesome! I got several $15ish shirts for around $5. They were on sale, plus an extra 50% off. Happy dancing going on here!

Jenny H. said...

Poor Swistle.

How come no brownies? Or Andes Mints? I'm eating mints mahself. Bet you can guess my day was icky too.

The mints are helping a lot.

LOVE the picture!

Misguided Mommy said...


Jess in Nebraska said...

Thanks Swistle for the update about the LLBean earsuits, I went back and bought a couple for gifts! Can't pass up that free shipping!