August 8, 2007

Beth, Semi-Desperate Housewife, Harry Potter (No Spoilers), and Pi

Beth is pregnant! So exciting. I like to know a lot of pregnant people so I can daydream about their pregnancies, waiting excitedly for the baby to be born and thinking about what I would name it if it were up to me. (Any takers for Millicent? Paul won't let us use it.)

Speaking of pregnancy and babies, I heard from Semi-Desperate Housewife's mother. I've been a little worried about SDHW and hoping her baby boy stays put a little longer. (And also: waiting excitedly for the baby to be born and thinking about what I would name him if it were up to me.) Here's what her mom says:
I happened to click on your names from my daughter SDHW's post and saw that I could email you. There were only a couple of you who I could find the emails for. Just wanted to update you on her situation. She woke up Sunday morning so incredibly dizzy that she couldn't move without vomiting. She ended up in the hospital on IV fluids by Sunday afternoon. They did a CAT scan Monday morning because she wasn't getting better, but that turned out all clear. Baby is just fine, too. The diagnosis is that she has some weird viral inner ear infection that is affecting her equilibrium. Basically, she can't move without vomiting and hasn't been able to keep hardly any food down since Saturday. She came home Monday evening, but is totally confined to bed and is so dizzy that she just can't move and needs a lot of help walking to the bathroom, etc. We even have to keep Addy away from her because the jostling about of a toddler makes her so sick. This is apparently viral and will run its course in anywhere from days to weeks. PLEASE pray that it is only for a couple more days and that baby boy stays put until she is feeling more normal. Labor at this point would be torture!!! I know you check her post frequently, so thought I'd give you an update.

UG! And YIKES. Like it's not hard enough to be late-third-trimester pregnant, without also barfing from the smallest movement and worrying about pre-term labor. SDHW's husband is going to be posting an update soon, too, on SDHW's blog.

I keep waiting for it to be okay to write about Harry Potter without worrying about spoilers, but it occurs to me that day will never come. I'm thinking of how I'm only watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel NOW, so I'm STILL not happy if I stumble upon spoilers (though I can hardly blame people at THIS late date).

So how about this, instead. If you would like me to tell you which HP7 death I don't accept, you can email me and I'll tell you. There is one I in fact DENY. It DID NOT happen, that is my feeling about it.

This is the big hotness at our house right now:

Yeah. We know how to rock it.


MrsGrumpy said...

My daughter is refusing to accept one death too... and moped for days, literally. I will email you and see if you match up. In fact she seriously contemplating boycotting the last movie because she can not bear the thought or watching this person die.

Omaha Mama said...

I want to talk to you about HP. Whose death did you not accept? What did you think?

Spoil away sister!

Sara said...

missing #, a 7 near the end.

This is how insomniac Sara passes the time.

Actually I'm taking a break from writing the invites to Cait's birthday party.

Man, I know nothing about HP.

anita said...

7, am i right? where do you find the answer?

Anonymous said...

Next verse!


(And then:

1.61803398874989484820458683436563811 7720309179805762862135448622705260462

Devan said...

ha! D, the rocket scientist, got a kick out of that!!
Thank you!!!! for the update on SDHW. I was very worried about her.

AndreAnna said...

Oh, c'mon, you've given people plenty of time to read it - let's DISH baby!

Keith & Sarah said...

It's missing a 7 near the end.

That video is kind of :o

Kelli in the Mirror said...

I just emailed you about the death.

I vote no on Millicent, sorry.

Haven't clicked on the video yet, but now I know the answers, based on the other comments. :)

Colleen said...

I must know which death you can't accept. Spill it. Just put a big old "WARNING: SPOILERS" at the top of your post.. or e-mail me (heehee). I think I'm going to read all 7 books again because I'm in denial. There must be more Harry Potter.

We own every season of Buffy and Angel on dvd. It was quite an obsession for us.

Mimi said...

Thanks for the update on Semi-Desperate HW. I thought for sure she must have already had her baby already. Hopefully she can kick whatever it is she has!

Pann said...

I noticed the missing 7 right away, I was trying to sing along...

Will email you concerning HP7.

Beth Fish said...

I like Millicent, or Millie at least. But then, I like names that were in high fashion 100 years ago. Don't think Chris would go for it though - he kept pulling out the crazy made-up names when we were naming Mia (Amelia) and I had to look at him quite sternly about it several times.

Tessie said...

Is it me, or is there something oddly soothing about that Pi thing?

I love Millicent. Millie is such a sweet nickname too.

el-e-e said...

I'm going to go with no on Millicent. I love "Millie," but when she got older and wanted a more grown-up sounding name, Millicent just... doesn't do it for me. Sorry. :)

Pi was missing that 7. Very easy, and loved the video!

I think I know which death you're talking about in HP. Maybe you'll follow-up post on it. Spoilers! Bah!

Mommy Daisy said...

Oh so excited for Beth. :D

I know SDHW in real life, but usually only see her at church. Lately she hasn't been able to come, so I get updates via her family members or her blog. I should start calling her, so I can let you all know what's up with her if/when something happens with the baby/her. I got the same e-mail from her mom, so that was a good way to hear how things are going.

Hey, it's your blog. I say if you want to talk Harry Potter, then go ahead. Just put something in the title that will keep people who don't want to know from reading it. Looks like plenty of people are interested in discussing. ;)

The Math teacher in me loved the Pi video. That's great.

Misty said...

a.) I am not into Millicent. It sounds too similar to the evil witch/queen on Sleeping Beauty. And the nickname Millie reminds me of saggy boobs. (Snort!)

b.)I have to know what you think about HP7, and will therefore email you IF and only IF we haven't convinced you to just write the darn post anyway.

c.)I want to have my family sing the awesomely awesome cool pi song. I want to be smart, toooooo.

Kristine said...

I read a book once...I Stay Near You (I believe it was), whose main character was a Millicent - I do like the older names. I like Georgeanne Louise (Possibly because my late grandparents are named George and Louise) but I was vetoed - not that we had a girl anyway, but if we had, I'd have fought more for it.

I have not read a single Harry Potter book and lost interest after I couldn't get through the third movie without falling asleep. I know, I'm insane, but in my defense, I also never got into The New Kids on the Block or 90210 or Dawson's Creek or Felicity or the Sopranos, so I'm not much good for the pop culture-ness anyway. Anyway, feel free to discuss HP7 if you need to.

Marie Green said...

Was wondering about SDH myself, thanks for the update! Man that would totally SUCK. I get really dizzy sick like that for at least 12 hours after surgery and I'm telling you, I would rather be in labor!

You DO know how to rock it. David is going to LOVE that video. Cause he's a rock star that way.

Marie Green said...

PS. I know a baby Millicent. They call her Millie and she is SO CUTE.

LoriD said...

I could talk all day about baby names, so don't get me started! This Millie talk reminds me of a little girl on Luke's soccer team. Her name is Daulton, but they call her Dolly. She is soooooo cute... Dolly totally suits her!

Jennifer aka Binky Bitch said...

Thanks for the SDHW update! I'm not reading any of your comments because I'm sure someone will SPOIL HP for me and then I'd have to set up a hit on them. That's a lot of work.

angie said...

Ok I'm emailing you becuase I have to know which death you don't accept!!

JMH said...

I feel so lucky that I already emailed you and know which death you are in denial of in HP 7 and I soo agree.

mrsgrumpy: AHHH! I didn't even think about having to WATCH it in the movie!!!!!

Pixie said...

It's so excitting about Beth Fish and also Sundry.
Please tell us about HP, I don't have time to read the book (or the last 3 I missed leading up to it)and I REALLY want to know who dies.
I love Millicent (Millie) very old timey but old lady but we already have a Molly. Molly and Millie I think that is just getting a little too cutsey =o\

Pixie said...

I meant, but NOT old lady sounding.

Swistle said...

Okay, I have spent all morning emailing about Harry Potter! If you said in the comments that you wanted to know, but you didn't email me, I tried to email you--but I could only find email addresses for about half, so email ME (swistle at gmail dot com) if you still want to talk! I'm not doing spoilers on the blog, even with warnings, because I know a lot of people are waiting for library copies.

I find that Pi video song so catchy. I'm hoping I start memorizing the numbers soon (I know, um, four) because it's getting annoying to go around singing "da da da da da da da da da DA DA DA DA DA..." etc.

Swistle said...

Okay, so we're split on Millicent, and not exactly 50-50 either. How about Minerva, after Professor Minerva McGonagall?

Tessie said...

Oh man, I didn't think you were going to email us each INDIVIDUALLY, I was thinking it was a group email! You are good.

I can't get on board with Minerva. It sounds vaguely...INSECT-LIKE and I have no idea why. Too much like larvae, maybe?

Alice said...

ooh ooh email me too! i'll send you one. i can't imagine which death i'm LESS ok with out of them. sniffle.

i named my kitten oliver wood after the star quidditch player, even though i have an ex named oliver too. :-)

Devan said...

No Millicent and No Minerva. Sorry. :)

Me Today said...

I can't wait to figure out who you are referring to in HP#7...although I'm scared. I know it will be hard to deal with if certain people die. I'm re-reading #6 because it's been so long. Then on to the last one.