July 13, 2007

More Questions

Blogging is light on the weekends, which makes me feel lonely and bleak. Perhaps others of you feel just as lonely and bleak, and we can use this time to solve the world's problems. Such as:

1) Do you know where I can get more chocolate-covered dried cherries? I finished TWO entire two-pound bags, and now Amazon.com isn't selling them anymore, and when I looked up the brand (Traverse Bay Fruit Co.) I found information about dried fruit but not about CHOCOLATE-COVERED dried fruit, and now that I know of its existence I don't know if I can go on without it. I've tried Dilettante chocolate-covered fruits and those are pretty good too, but what I want is pretty much exactly like Raisinettes but cherry-based instead of grape-based.

2) If I drink alcohol, my muscles start hurting about five minutes later. WTF? Does that...MEAN something?

3) Rob was looking at my US Weekly magazine. He was giving special attention to the "Bikini Special!" section. Rob is EIGHT YEARS OLD. Are we seriously THERE already? And am I supposed to....I don't know, STOP it? Like, hide my US Weekly magazines?

4) The men in your life--where do they buy their shorts? Paul has been wearing the same shorts for about ten years now, and it occurs to me that he's looking...out of date. But I'm not exactly hip to what the young people are wearing these days.

Bonus points if you can answer all four.


bubandpie said...

Visiting from Omaha Mama's place. It's so true about the loneliness of the blogging weekend. It's as if everybody but me has an amazing social life and I'm the only one desperately hitting "refresh" on Bloglines, hoping for just a few more hits, I mean posts.

Jana said...

Totally with you on the light weekend blogs....I go through withdrawl pains until Monday mornings. As for your questions, I can only help with two of them. I saw the chocolate covered cherries in the Harry & David catalog (they look oh so yummy). And my fashion-challenged husband bought some shorts at Macy's yesterday. They are linen and very nice (not too short, not gangsta style, either).

jonniker said...

I obviously want some kind of bonus points here, so I'm going to attempt to get all four right!

First, I get chocolate covered cherries at my local health food store. I don't know why, but I've found them at almost every hippie store in my area. They're expensive, but oh-so-delicious.

Second! The alcohol, I am guessing, has to do with how you metabolize it--something with sugars and muscles and gobbeldygook. I know I'm not ever ever EVER supposed to drink alcohol after lifting weights for the same reason. Mystery! (I'm losing my bonus points, I know it, and all because of this damn answer. *shakes fist*)

Thirdly! Adam asked for a picture of Christie Brinkley in a bikini on his cake when he was eight. His mother, for all of her shortcomings, complied, which is one of the only reasons I can stand her. However, yes, dude, he can totally be interested in that sort of thing at eight, but the good news is, Adam is a lovely person, so it doesn't mean the end of days.

Fourthly! Adam buys his shorts at the Gap. He always buys cargo style, which I like.

ali said...

the husband actually got some really great shorts at american eagle and hollister this season. i'm loving them!

Omaha Mama said...

I get lonesome for posts on the weekend too. Which starts me wandering...

You are super crafty in the kitchen. Have a dried fruit chocolate dipping fest. Otherwise, I just don't know.

Okay. I have a nephew. He's been "noticing" girls since age FOUR. His mom caught him on the crapper at age FOUR (fully clothed at least) looking at her Victoria Secret's catalog. Then later that year, when he was especially distracted at the dinner table, told his dad that his winky couldn't stop thinking about that girl on the TV. OMG. Really.

Shorts. Target. You're in Canada, yes? No Target in Canada? Target.com. Or Old Navy. Both would be where hubs buys shorts. Inexpensive and stylish enough.

Alcohol. Never made anything hurt until the next day - when hungover. That sucks. If you can't enjoy one pp cocktail - what's next?

Have a good Sunday. Get some rest. Breathe deeply, especially in near proximity to the 6 week old's head. Aren't baby heads the sweetest thing on Earth?

brandy said...

Maybe if your muscles hurt you are dehydrated? I have no idea, it just sounds good. As for hiding US WEEKLY- I wouldn't. It's a great teachable moment (ie. "See? This is what will happen if you don't eat. You will get too skinny and be very sad"). As for the shorts, if I knew the answer to that, I think I would be a genius.

Lizzie said...

I can answer the last two! The alcohol thing? Totally happens to me too, but only through like my back and shoulders and goes away after a couple minutes, when I start to feel the buzz. I have no idea why though, or if it's harmless or not... so maybe my answer isn't that helpful ;)

Also the shorts! This summer all the guys are either wearing khaki cargo shorts or plaid or madras print shorts. And as for athletic shorts, I'm a big fan of just the simple, knee-length mesh basketball shorts... target has some awesome shorts, I just got some plaid ones for my brother from there.

Erin said...

Light weekend blogging sucks.

1. Do you guys have Trader Joes around where you live? It can be an expensive and pretentious little place, but they carry stuff like that sometimes.

2. You're tired. Alcohol probably just makes it worse.

3. U.S. Weekly has a bikini special? Huh?

4. My husband gets shorts from Addidas and REI or Dick's Sporting Goods (North Face and Columbia brands). Both sort of expensive but they last years and years and take lots of abuse. Worth the cost if you ask me.

Devan said...

1 & 2 - sorry, I don't know.

3 - NO!! Is this my future?? I guess let it happen. Could be worse than US Weekly.

4 - D gets his shorts from target, WM, SAM's or Steve and Barry's.

gabby said...

1. Do you have a Trader Joe's nearby? Lots of chocolate covered fruit goodness...Harry & David only if you are feeling rich!

4. Old Navy. Up to date without all the "trying to look 15-ness"

Shelly said...

My husband has to get shorts from LL Bean or Lands End b/c he's a bit on the short side. With styles the way they are, if he doesn't get 6" shorts, "regular" shorts on him look a bit like culottes.

Amie said...

I hail from the land of cherries! Traverse City, where those boxes of chocolate covered cherries are stacked five feet high in every grocery store.

Amie said...

Oh, and hubby buys shorts from S*m's club.

Erin said...

Oh! US Weekly... I was thinking U.S. News & World Report, which is why I didn't get the whole "bikini section" part. Got it.

Still no useful advice though.

Mommy Daisy said...

Oh, I like reading blogs on the weekend. So, I do need some more to read. Thanks for posting today. Since I'm stuck here at home in my chair (see my Friday post about weekend plans), mostly, I need more good reading material.

1. Hmm, not sure I've seen chocolate covered cherries around here. Sounds super yummy, though. My dad gets chocolate covered blueberries like that around Christmas. Sorry I'm no help there.

2. I've never had that happen. Dehydrated when you had the drink? Possibly.

3. Uhhh, I don't want to think about that. I haven't had many dealings with boys, and I am dreading situations like this with my son. For now, I suppose, it could be worse. Might be ok to let it go.

Also a little story about boys. My friend told me about her son (about 2 at the time) would peek down the top of her shirt and then look up at her with wide eyes and a look of shock...oooohh. I told her, boy he's too young to be thinking about that isn't he. The dad said, nope, boys are never too young to think about that. OK, I guess that answers that.

4. Kohl's & Old Navy. Although my hubby also has had some for many years too.

Erica said...

1. Harry and David's & Ghiradelli. Personally, I like the Ghiradelli ones better. They sell them at Target.

2. I'm allergic to alcohol, so it does all kinds of wonky stuff to me. It's just the way your body metabolizes it.

3. I started my period at the age of 10, so 8 doesn't seem out of the "normal" range for beginning to notice the opposite sex. It may be time for a more in-depth version of "the talk." Of course, you'll be making Paul do it.

4. Wally world, of all places. Husband is a bit husky and they have bigger sizes. He wears Wrangler brand cargos. Kohl's has good choices, too. And what about Target? I mean, you'll be there for cherries and clearance items anyway, right?

I would like my bonus points sent to me in the form of pumpkin muffins, thank you very much.

Shannon said...

Ok, I will go and blog.

1. chocolate covered cherries sound GOOD! Milk chocolate or dark?
This place is AWESOME! I've been there, GREAT stuff.

2. Dehydration. Drink water after each drink.

3. Huh? I know nothing about boys. I spit girls out.

4. Old Navy. Unless you are talking about boxers. I buy those at Costco.

Shannon said...
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Shannon said...

I swear I'm not a stalker...but I'm always up for a good challenge.


Scroll to the bottom for chocolate covered dried cherries.

Sam said...

Okay, I can't help you but with the shorts - it seems that Husband gets his at Old Navy. They have lots of different kinds and actually I wish he'd buy a few new pairs. Just to get this off my chest, let me caution against their dress khakis - we've had TWO new pairs rip, and they're not even remotely tight on his very cute tush. Odd. So from now on we're going to upgrade to Dockers or the Target brand, which has some great pants for what we need.

I feel much better, after my tiny public service announcement.

Too funny about the US weekly, I remember my mom used to hide or toss the Victoria's Secret catalog pretty much as soon as it hit the house - she didn't want my brother seeing it!

Wendi said...

I can comment on #3. :-) Yes, it is possible! My son (now 17) was in 3rd grade when I got a call from the principal of his school. He had cut out the BOOBS from the models in my Victoria's Secret catalog and taken the clippings to school. I was completely and utterly mortified at the time!

We do laugh about it now -- I really hope he has a son that does that to him someday. :-D

California mom said...

visiting from Omaha Mama's place...the only one I can really help you with is about boys. My eight year old also is BIG TIME noticing girls...asking lots of questions etc...Guess it is just part of it.
p.s. I really enjoyed your blog.

MrsGrumpy said...

I am usually stuck here at home on weekends, but then so is my husband and our children and the seem to think they can make demands on my time. So, I am here and yet not. I have to squeeze my internet fun into the little spaces when my husband takes a nap. On the plus side, I just shipped my 8 year old off to spend the night at his cousins...so here I am!

1. http://www.atwaterfoods.com/catalog.asp?prodid=525187...Yummy! 24 dollars or a four pound box.

2. I get headaches when I drink wine, which is technically not an answer but more of a commiseration.

3. My 8 year old LOVES watching America's next Top Model...and it doesn't appear to be for the snarkiness.

4. I am cheap. All shorts come from Target and right now they are running an awesome clearance. Now, if I could just get my husband to wear them so he does't look like a dork up at the park with us in his jeans, chambray shirt and work boots.

Happy Weekend!

Misguided Mommy said...

k here i go
1. i get amazing chocolate covered cherries at trader joes. i dont know if they are the same brand but damn they are good.

2. i believe it is because alcohol dehydrates your muscles making them less flexible and bendy like

3. maybe you should ask him WHY he is looking at those pictures and how it makes him feel, and see how he responds to that. his response should help you figure out where to go.

4. my husband has actually been really liking old navy shorts right now. in fact i just got sent to the mall to buy some. also, he looooves american eagle shorts. both of those stores have great khaki styles in a variety of colors, right now rob has been sporting brown, blue and regular khaki colors. old navy's shorts are on sale right now. i'm not sure about american eagle, but they will probably have a much larger selection of shorts.

Kelsey said...

Sorry to be very little help here. . . but I will say that Matt gets his shorts mostly at the Gap or Kohls. Plus Kohls has lots of great sales and he'll get all excited when he can come home with a pair he got for $6. He once bought a two pairs of pants there (buy one, get one) for $12; making them each essentially $6 pants and I still hear about it (at least a year later) every single time he wears a pair. And now the Internet knows about them too.

AndreAnna said...

I agree with the Harry and David for the cheeries. Oh. So. Yummy. And while you're ordering, get some moose munch too. Well worth it.

And shorts - we get nice cheap ones at Target. My husband is tall and they have ones that are long so he doesn't look er, feminine. :)

Penny said...

Count me in on the lonely.

Cherries: is there a Harry and David outlet near you? If not, try the trusty internet. They're kind of expensive tho.

Muscles: no clue. Possibly hydration issues. The tops of my thighs sometimes get numb or tight-feeling if I drink fast after being slightly dehydrated.

Swimsuits and 8 yr olds: My bet is he is wondering about the differences between men and women, and possibly wondering what sex is (if he's gotten any off-hand hints from other kids). Time for more sex ed, yes. Time to wonder about an 8 year old's sexuality? God I hope not.

Shorts: DH says Costco's and outdoor stores (like hiking stores).

Black Sheeped said...

J. has AWESOME shorts he got at Target. Plus: it's Target! He gets cargo style ones. Love.

Also, I remember boys passing around naked lady photos in first and second grade, and in fourth grade a classmate wrote me a poem about wanting to see what was between my legs.

www.atwaterfoods.com has a four pound box of dried chocolate covered cherries for 24 dollars. In a BOX.

And I'm sure your muscles are tired, and you are tired, and alcohol probably makes your muscles hurt more because of...some scientific metabolic type reason. I've not been able to google anything especially worrisome (although I came across the unfortunate page description that said "I GET BIG ZITS ON MY INNER THIGHS. OF COURSE I POP THEM, BUT THEY LEAVE SCARS. HELP!"). I'd blame it on being exhausted.

Do I get point

Black Sheeped said...

I was cut off! I was going to say, do I get points for answering in a completely unordered and random fashion? I hope so.

Anonymous said...

Swistle! Update us!

Tessie said...

Well, well, PAUL, it must be nice to be wearing the same size pants you wore TEN YEARS AGO. No really, GOOD FOR YOU! I'M NOT BITTER!

Amy said...

I somehow missed this original post but scrolled down when I saw your newest post to read it because: the alcohol thing? Happens to me, too!

When I drink alcohol (though not beer or wine--in fact, usuall only rum-based drinks), my right shoulder starts aching. Just my right shoulder.

I rarely, rarely, like once or twice a year, have a drink. Not morally opposed--just not worth the pain and the hangover I always manage to get no matter how little I drink.

When I mentioned this to my husband after drinking a daiquiri on vacation, he wanted to know how he had known me 12 years and never known this. I can tell you this--my friends in college certainly knew. My alcohol consumption then was, like, 1000X what is now.

I was hoping to read some earth-shattering explanation of this...

Farrell said...

I can't answer but just wanted to say found your blog via ALL & Sundry and LOVE IT! Am definitely adding you to my "daily reads," so thanks:)

Anonymous said...

Just found your blog post. You can get those chocolate-covered cherries at Sam's Club (check their website for individual store availability). Only bummer is that you have to actually go to the store (won't ship online)...