March 7, 2007

Unloading Some Of The Things I Keep Jotting Down To Say But Not Having A Full Post For

If only a stick of deodorant did not have to bid its farewell by breaking off startlingly into moist, powdery chunks all over the sink and floor, leaving the empty plastic shell to scrape unpleasantly against the armpit.

Rob said he had a dream about lemon toothpaste. The next time I went to the store, I blew his little mind by bringing home a tube of that very thing. I tried it and thought it was pretty good, like lemon drops. Weird flavor for toothpaste, but not bad. Then Paul said he thought it tasted like Lemon Pledge, and the next time I used it I realized he was absolutely right. It tastes like Lemon Pledge.

Now that we have a large freezer, we are getting better at going grocery shopping once a week rather than twice or even thrice, but the bananas don't work on this system: they're eaten up by the second or third day, but if we buy extras they go bad before we can use them, and I only want to make so many banana muffins/fritters.

Tomorrow I have an ultrasound to take a look at the placenta previa situation from the ultrasound I had in mid-January. I am glad to be getting this looked at, because then I can either stop worrying or else I can start worrying in earnest, rather than this silly worry limbo where I'm feeling like I could be worrying over something that would turn out to be nothing, not that that's an unusual situation for me, considering how often I worry about how I'd cope if Cujo were outside my minivan.

I haven't been posting separate Digging Ourselves Out entries because my projects have been so very, very dull and unphotoworthy, but that doesn't seem to be changing so I'll mention what I did today. We have a recliner too short for the vacuum cleaner to fit under the edges. From the chair in the kitchen where I feed the twins, I can see right directly under that chair, and the accumulation of dirt was bugging me. I moved the recliner and vacuumed under it.

Also, our dustbuster had been making me feel sad and low. We bought it to replace one that I used all the time until it finally broke, but we'd had this new one only a few months when it started seeming as if I might as well turn it on its back and stick the Cheerios one by one into the little slot. I was feeling grouchy about having made an expensive purchase that turned so useless so soon. Then I thought maybe it would help to use a little brush to brush out what looked like little lint-clogged holes. As I was doing that, I thought, Hey, this part looks like it snaps off. Snapping it off revealed practically an entire cat curled around the filter. This dustbuster has a different design than our old one, and evidently there is a filter that is supposed to be cleaned. After I cleaned it, the dustbuster's strength was so restored it nearly suctioned itself to the floor. So that is happy.

But you see how those tasks are difficult to assign, per se. Well, how about this: spend 5 minutes or less doing a small cleaning task that is bugging you every time you see it unclean. And if you have a dustbuster, and it has a filter, clean the filter. There!


Mommy Daisy said...

"Snapping it off revealed practically an entire cat curled around the filter."

Ha, ha, ha! This is my stupid vacuum EVERY TIME I use it! Except you can take out the "cat" part and insert "dog". Anyway, I've been thinking that I'd like to have a dust buster. I don't have one, and until the last several months (when the little one is making all sorts of messes) I haven't needed one. I think it might be something I ask for soon.

Best of luck with the ultrasound. I hope that they find everything A-OK.

Cleaning, hmm, maybe I should do that again. Ok, I'll try to find one little project. (I cleaned so much last week getting ready for the birthday party, that I have done almost no cleaning this week.)

desperate housewife said...

Mommy Daisy- Yes, you must have a dust buster. In fact, I have two. Don't ask me why. It was an impulse, the second one. I seemed to think, "If one is good, two will be GREAT!" No matter how great they both are, though, you can only use one at a time. So I can tell you, you don't need two. But you do need one.
Swistle: Good luck with the ultrasound. Hope all is well- I mean, I know you're having a c-section anyways, but as I understand it, the previa thing can make preterm delivery more likely. So I hope that everything looks normal in there.

nowheymama said...

I washed our shower curtain liner yesterday with lots and lots of bleach. I guess my 5 minute job today is to hang it back up....

One of my very dear friends had placenta previa that self-corrected somehow when her pregnancy was about as far along as yours. You never know.

Thanks for the link love!

Jennifer said...

I have the exact same problem with bananas. I despise having to go shopping more than once a week, but hey when you need bananas, you need bananas!

Good luck with your placenta previa checkup!

Black Sheeped said...

In response to your comment: Yeah, they're called Soft Paws. They really prevented some bloodshed (my blood, of course) during that kitty bath. I love them--adorable, AND they prevent the cat from randomly clawing out the dog's eye.

Good luck with the ultrasound!

coffee stained said...

What is up with bananas anyways? I cannot seem to pick out ones that don't go brown in a day.

You don't have the cone dustbuster by chance? We got one for Christmas and I like it pretty well although I haven't had opportunity to clean the filter yet. I thought that it was pooping out too, so I'll have to look into it. Recently I've been feeling like our floors get dirty too quickly to even break it out. My daughter creates a mess like Pigpen from the Peanuts comics.

Swistle said...

Coffee Stained-- Ours is a Black & Decker DustBuster 15.6V. I was torn between the 15.6 and whatever the next number down is, and I asked my mom what the difference was (I think our old one was a 7.-something). She said, "The 15.6 will be louder."

velocibadgergirl said...

If only a stick of deodorant did not have to bid its farewell by breaking off startlingly into moist, powdery chunks all over the sink and floor, leaving the empty plastic shell to scrape unpleasantly against the armpit.

Oh, hallelujah, someone else in the world suffers this annoying problem! I HATE it when my deodorant goes kamikaze. It always happens when I'm in a big hurry, too.

el-e-e said...

perfect! Your assignment (of course I'm a day late) fits with what I just exactly DID -- wiped down all our white painted doors in the house. Y'know how the dog's nose bumps the door every time he enters a room? Yeah. Ew. But all it takes is a quick rub-down with a wet washcloth. Done!

I'm not officially signed up for this "dig ourselves out" deal. But count me in.