March 9, 2007

Appointments, Baby Names

That "vote on a name" comments section was THE MOST FUN EVER. I loved reading all your comments. LOVED. IT. Well, except for the Milo and Otis comments, because I found out that I am very, very elderly. I didn't even know what you were talking about until I looked it up, because I was way too old in 1989 for movies such as that one to make an impact on my consciousness. Dead Poets Society, yes. Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure, yes. Uncle Buck, yes. Story about a kitty and a doggy who are friends? NO. So now I feel old, thanks so much. (I'm waving a cane irritably in your direction.)

One commenter wanted to know what we thought of three girl name candidates: Evelyn, Eve, or Gwen. I'm a big fan of the name Eve. If we were having a girl this time, I'd be pushing for Millicent around here, and Paul would be pushing for Penelope; we both like Ivy and Eve even better than the names we'd be championing, but can't use either of them for other reasons.

I should have re-mentioned before posting that vote thing that I use pseudonyms for my kids' names. So although Milo would be a bad, bad match and Henry would be like the perfectest fit ever, in actual life either name is about the same, match-wise. They're both equally good with our surname, too. Well, okay, Henry is a shade better on both points. But only a shade.

Well. Yesterday's appointments. Elizabeth has a massive ear infection, and the usually very understanding pediatrician made me feel bad about it. When he looked in her ear, he said, "Whoof." "HOW long has she had the cough?," he added. And when I said to her, "Oh, no! An ear infection? Has your ear been owie?," he said, "She would have had to have felt that." Me: *sinking into hole in earth, while simultaneously declaring my total innocence since the child never seemed bothered by her ears at all, I swear*

And Elizabeth was totally working it, looking at the doctor with the large pitiful eyes and limp posture of a Truly Sick Child, communicating with every fiber of her being that she had tried and tried to tell me but I wouldn't listen.

The thing is, I brought Edward in less than 2 weeks ago for this same cough, and I felt like a total overreacting idiot because he was absolutely fine and I'd dragged three children and a double stroller into a tiny exam room for nothing. So with Elizabeth I waited a little longer. Edward had had a low fever and no appetite and he looked cruddy, but Elizabeth seemed happy and healthy except that she had this cough: no fever, no loss of appetite, no batting at her ears, nothing. In this whole parenting thing, one of my biggest struggles is the "When to call the doctor" struggle. I feel like I always go the wrong way.

I had my ultrasound, and got the all-clear on the placenta previa situation. I'm very glad. Then I had my usual OB appointment, and confirmed that I'm now in the third trimester. I'd been confused on that point, because my week-by-week book says it starts week 27, but Baby Center says it starts week 28. The OB says week 27. I'm going with that, because I like that answer better.

The screens for gestational diabetes and anemia both came back fine. Blood pressure was kind of high for me, but only the top number, and I personally think it was because their ultrasound tech is an irritable sadist who nearly leaves bruises every time I see her, plus is always sighing as if I am ruining her day. For my mid-pregnancy ultrasound I asked to go to the hospital instead, because they don't try to KILL me there.

So, here we go! About 12 weeks left until the c-section, which will probably be scheduled when I go back to the OB in 3 weeks. And they didn't say word one about my weight, which was good because I was still a little fired up from earlier this week, but it would have been difficult to defend myself considering I had Cadbury Fruit & Nut Bar breath.


Jennifer said...

Glad to hear your Dr. appt. went well! Can you believe how close it is until arrival of the new baby?! I'm 30 weeks, so just a wee bit farther along. I can't believe it's almost time!

4andcounting said...

My mom said I was the same way as your daughter when I was a child. She would take me in to see the doctor because of a cough or runny nose or whatever, and I always had ear infections. No fever, no pulling at my ears, no typical symptoms, so she never knew. Finally, she took me in every time I had other cold symptoms, just to be safe.
Glad to hear all of the pregnancy stuff is going well. Hope it continues.

Swistle said...

Jennifer-- I always feel like things start going VERY FAST INDEED after the 30-week point. Almost TOO fast. But not quite.

Shelly said...

So glad to hear your ultrasound went well, other than the tech molesting you.

What is it about not wanting to be Hypochondriac Mom? I have such anxiety about not being one of "those" moms who call Dr. Peds every other day. Yet, since I didn't go to med school, how am I supposed to know when to call/go in for an appt and when to let it slide? You feel overreactive when there isn't anything actually wrong and you feel neglectful when you wait it out a bit. Is there any happy medium ground?

Shelly said...

PS - I'm almost 36, so the Milo & Otis thing can't be about age. Unless I've just got the mentality of a child, which might be a possibility.

Devan said...

That dr could have been more understanding. It's not like she was screaming and pulling at her ear and you ignored her just for fun.
Welcome to the 3rd tri! I'm 34 weeks, and hoping that the end of the 3rd tri is in sight.

Sarah said...

Thanks, Swistle, for your thoughts on my girl name question! I also like Eve, but I am trying to pick something that won't be too popular (like Olivia or Ava has been recently). Our last name also has 9 letters, so am thinking a shorter first name would be best! Still can't decide, but I appreciate your feedback!
Good luck!
P.S. I'm dying to know what your children's real names are - I actually really like their pseudonames (Elizabeth is a family middle name that will also be our daughter's middle name, if we have a daughter)!

Erin said...

Thanks for your comment on my site. I am going to have to steal your idea of asking the internets for name advice. Great idea!

My son had ear infections off & on (mostly on) for an entire 6 month period. They seemed to pop up out of nowhere.

Glad to hear the pregnancy is going well.

JMH said...

I was a senior in high school in 1989 (and loved your references to the other movies)The only way I knew about "Milo and Otis" was my daughter got it as a gift. Otherwise, I would have been next to you as we shook our canes together :)

I thought my daughter never had an ear infection until she was 2 years old. However, when she was 3, I noticed that she couldn't hear very well and I took her to an ENT doctor. Turned out, she had suffered through MANY ear infections and she ended up getting tubes in her ears. Keep in mind, she NEVER had a fever, pulled at her ears, or any of the other "classic" signs.Her ear infections went undetected. So, don't feel bad about your partenting skills. At least your baby didn't require surgery!

Leah said...

Pseudonyms?! Well, that changes everything! :)

(I love the name Eve too--so much so that I named my cat Eve. Boyfriend still thinks it's okay to name a kid after a pet, though, so...)

Shannon said...

Whooo hoo to good docter's appointments (and screw the ped for making you feel lowly).

Welcome to the third trimester! I think I will go with your doctor's interpretation that 27 weeks is it because I will be there Monday and it gives me a sense of reassurance.

I've always been told (at least since my preeclampsia at 28 weeks last preg) that the high number is more indicative of outside influences, so a molesting ultrasound tech would totally qualify.

Lis said...

Don't worry about the not realising she had an ear infection! I went to the doctor yesterday because I couldn't hear too well and he told me that I have one... but I had no pain or any signs other than I couldn't hear as well as normal.

nowheymama said...

So glad to hear that everything is all right. So are Henry and Milo pseudonyms, too? Will you pick one but refer to him as the other? You're messing with my head! :)

Amy said...

That is one of the biggest parenting conundrums, in my opinion. I always feel like I either call the doc too soon or should have called sooner. Last week's visit with Baylee fell under "should have called sooner", as she had an ear infection, coupled with laryngitis, by the time we went.

Congrats on the good ultrasound.

Swistle said...

Shelly-- I really shouldn't have been so oblivious. I mean, I was totally familiar with The Little Mermaid and Beauty & The Beast, and those were post-childhood, too. I can't explain it.

Nowheymama-- I know, I know! The pseudonym thing is a problem! Henry and Milo are actual first names--but what will I do when the baby is born? Will I announce his actual name or a pseudonym? It's messing with MY head, too.