March 28, 2007

30 Weeks (Tomorrow)

I had my 30-week OB visit today, and now I'll be going back every 2 weeks instead of every 4 weeks. The nurse is going to call me tomorrow with my c-section date. They're scheduling the c-section. Scheduling the c-section! I'm not sure you heard me: they're scheduling the c-section. That means we are getting seriously close now.

I had to get up and go to the kitchen to look at the calendar and make sure I was right that I'm 30 weeks tomorrow. At 30 weeks, things start going very quickly for me. I was chatting with another pregnant woman who said she has the opposite experience: in the beginning it feels like she's flying along, but then the last couple of months are an eternity. For me, I think it's a matter of how big a chunk "one week" is of the time remaining. When I go from 8 to 9 weeks pregnant, I've reduced my remaining time by about 1/30th. Whoop-dee-do. When I go from 33 to 34 weeks pregnant, I've reduced my remaining time by about 1/5th. That's significantly more exciting.

Listen, don't quibble with me about my math. It's nearly 11:00 at night, and I've just spent twenty minutes trying to figure out if I was supposed to make the fraction out of the 33-week-mark "time remaining" or out of the 34-week-mark "time remaining," and I have furrowed my brow in vain because I still don't know. Furthermore, I no longer care. I am pregnant and I am crabby, and you do not want to correct my calculations while I am still holding this well-sharpened pencil. Let's just agree that I'm right in spirit if not in actual mathematical fact.


Jennifer said...

I don't do math, so no arguments from me. I know what you mean by time going much faster at the end...if feels like the past few weeks have passed at the speed of sound.

Devan said...

I didn't even question the math either. It's not my thing, so I always assume others are right. lol
I find the early months go by fast because I know I still have a LONG time to go, but the late weeks go sooooo slow because I really want to be done already!
However, I'll be 37 weeks sat. (AH!) and I can scarcely believe it!

jen said...

I didn't even think to question the math either because I just gloss over it as well. (I don't count my change, either!)

For me, the whole thing goes agonizingly slow, except at the end, where it goes in reverse.

desperate housewife said...

Yeah, definitely wasn't furrowing my brow wondering about your fractions over here, either. When it comes to anything mathematical, I never question people who sound like they know what they're talking about.
I can't believe you're so close to baby! The end goes so slowly, but so quickly at the same time, for me. I remember walking around, huffing and puffing with hugeness, wanting this to be over NOW but also terrified that in a few weeks my wish was going to come true!

Shannon said...

I can't even figure out how many months pregnant I am, so no math criticism from me!!! I'm jealous that you are scheduling your c/s soon. I don't get to schedule mine until 33 weeks, so boooooo.

Pregnancy just goes by slowly for me. I'm too busy worrying and growing gray hairs and taking my bp and checking for swelling to enjoy it. Thank goodness this is our last baby.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Swistle, I have to agree with all these people: who EXACTLY are you expecting math criticism from? 'Cause like DH, I just assume people who sound like they know what they're talking about really DO know what they're talking about.

This post was hysterical, BTW.

penny said...

It's pregnancy math! Always right in your head even if it's wrong to the casual bystander.