February 27, 2007

Quick Question: Zipper Fix

I have a sleeper here (it's William's, not mine) with a zipper that has come un...threaded(?) on one side. That is, the zipper pull is sliding up and down freely on one of two zipper...ladders, but without being connected to the other ladder. The zipper doesn't appear to be broken (no zipper teeth missing, no splits in the ladder), just disconnected. Can this be saved, or is it toast? I mean, I'm not going to replace the zipper; I'm wondering if it can be rethreaded so that both ladders are in the pull, and if so, how, or if I should toss it out. I tried to cram the disconnected ladder into the pull, but it looks like the ladder is too thick to go in like that. It's a brand-new sleeper, and I don't know if the zipper was like this when we bought it or if William unthreaded it the first time he was putting it on.


Anonymous said...

I've fixed a few zippers (even one on a tent!), and ... yeah, force did the trick. You might need some pliers to force the ... uh, prodigal? ... side back into the pull. If so, remember to squeeze it back into shape. Once both sides are in, start the pull all the way down to the end, where the two sides are still together. Pull up fast to re-catch the track ... It will take several tries.

It's not easy, but depending on how valuable the item is to you, it's worth a shot.


Christina said...

It is fixable, but it's going to take a lot of wiggling it and forcing it.

jen said...

It can be saved. I've done that a few times. You'll have to force it and wiggle it in, it takes time (but once you do it once you'll be better at it)

When you get it on, sew a thick band of thread around the bottom to keep the zipper from traveling too far and undoing again. (sort of like how those metal bars are there, that probably fell off yours)

jen said...

so did you ever fix it? I can't stop thining about this for some reason.

Swistle said...

I haven't yet, and in fact this morning I thought maybe I would just offer the fabric to my mom (she makes doll clothes) and give up. For a 75%-off sleeper, it seemed less overwhelming to just toss it. But then I thought, "All I have to do is get a pliers and TRY it, what kind of sissy am I?," so it's still sitting pitifully on my computer desk, waiting for me to get around to it.