February 19, 2007

My First Meme Tag

Semi-Desperate Housewife tagged me for my very first meme! I tag Aoife of Farrago.

It's called "The ABCs of Homemaking." Let's not dwell on whether that's the kind of thing we homemakers find stimulating, let's just answer the questions.

Aprons- Y/N? No. I do own several: a vintage grandmotherly half-apron with red rickrack, a large blue striped canvas one, a plain white one. But I never wear them, I just allow them to take up valuable cupboard space.

Baking- Favorite thing to bake? Cookies. Bars.

Clothesline- Y/N? As if.

Donuts- Ever made them? We made them a few times when I was a child, but I've never made them myself as an adult. I seem to remember they weren't very good. Or maybe they were good, but too much trouble.

Everyday- One homemaking thing you do every day? Think about how I ought to clean more.

Freezer- Do you have a separate deep freezer? As of this coming Wednesday, yes!

Garbage Disposal- Y/N? No, and I want one so badly, because Paul can't seem to remember that we don't have one, and is always trying to stuff bits of raw chicken, vegetable trimmings, etc., down our sink. We have our own compost heap in the u-bend.

Handbook- Y/N? What? Like a cleaning manual I use? No.

Ironing- Love it or hate it? Iron is a vitamin supplement and a useful building material, that's ALL. I do own an iron, given to me by my mother. It lives it its box, and I have removed it twice: once when we had a houseguest who needed one, and once when Paul had an interview and his shirt looked rumply.

Junk Drawer- Where is it? Kitchen, the smallest drawer. Also, on every flat surface in the entire house.

Kitchen- Design and decorating? We have a crappy 1960s kitchen with tons of floor space and about 2 square feet of counter space. The counters are that awful 1960s gold-flecked stuff, though, so I guess the less of it the better. The cabinets were dark pine, and since the kitchen is dark anyway, it was way too dark; when we moved in I painted the cabinet doors and drawer fronts glossy white. It looks...weird. But it's lighter. I always mean to repaint them a better (but still light) color, but I never get around to it. The walls are the same "apartment cream" as the rest of the upstairs. I keep meaning to repaint that, too.

Love- What is your favorite part of homemaking? I guess I like baking best.

Mop- Y/N? Um. Yes! Oh, yes. Clearly I mop. Who wouldn't? I mean, it would be really bad not to. So obviously I do.

Nylons- Wash by hand or in the washer? On the very few occasions I wear them, I handwash them and fling them over the shower curtain rod to dry.

Oven- Do you use the window or open it to check? Look through the window, then open it. Because I never learn. It seems like it would work to look through the window.

Pizza- What do you put on yours? Those yellow hot peppers; black olives; sausage; pepperoni; cheese; sauce. And I mean that Paul does it, since he's the one who makes pizza. But those are the toppings I request.

Quiet- What do you do during the day when you get a quiet moment? Computer, or read a book.

Recipe card box- Y/N? Yes. Also books.

Style of house- It's a raised ranch. When we moved in, the basement was unfinished, but my dad built two bedrooms and a family room down there after the twins were born, and now we call it "the downstairs."

Tablecloths and napkins- Y/N? Assuming you could see the surface of the kitchen table under the clutter (and that would not be a safe assumption to make), you would see a leaf-patterned vinyl tablecloth. You might think I was just a little late changing it from this past fall, but actually it is there from the fall of 2005. We usually use paper towels instead of napkins.

Under the kitchen sink- Dish soap, hand soap, small appliances (see "counter space, lack of"), trash bags.

Vacuum- How many times a week? Per WEEK? I'm not able to answer in those terms.

Wash- How many loads do you do a week? An endless number. ENDLESS. Well, probably six or seven. I'm not sure. I'll try to do better about keeping track for the next meme.

Xs- Do you keep a list of things to do and cross them off? Sometimes. And we have a white board in the kitchen for tasks that we don't want to forget (like getting the oil changed).

Yard- Who does what? Paul does anything that gets done. Frankly, our yard is a little embarrassing.

ZZZs- What is your last homemaking task for the day? Doing anything that will make me feel crazy if I see it not-done first thing in the morning. Or meaning to.


Kelsey said...

Your response about your yard made me feel wonderful! Misery loves company? I can barely keep the inside of our house from looking like it should be condemed. Matt and I both HATE yard work and we're not good at it. His allergies are worse than mine so I lose and get stuck mowing. That's about all we do, mow the lawn, once a week if our neighbors are lucky. This year, even though it didn't get cold until well into November, I stopped mowing by October because this is Ohio and, well, grass should just be finished growing by then. This is a very long way of saying that I'm glad we're not the only ones who aren't so good at the yard stuff.

desperate housewife said...

I realized while reading this that whoever invented this meme must have really liked/been good at housework stuff. Otherwise, this exercise is only good for making you feel a little worse about the state of things. Sorry!
Also, I was thinking of you this weekend, and I really don't know how you get anything done, being pregnant with four kids. Seriously, how? Do you get to take naps? Did you feel like you had low-grade depression for the first three months of your pregnancy, when you had as much energy as a sloth and the very sight of the kitchen made you run for the bathroom?

Swistle said...

D.H.-- I think one of the upsides of having so many children is that no one expects anything of the mother except pure survival. I did feel pretty crappy my first trimester, and I feel really tired now in the second trimester, but it's comforting to know that probably no one in the world would try to eat off my kitchen floor anyway. Well, except Elizabeth and Edward.

Swistle said...

Kels-- I think we still have the leaves in our yard from fall 2005.

Swistle's mom said...
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Swistle's mom said...

Re "Donuts Ever Made": They were EXTREMELY yummy and hot and greasy! Well, at least extremely greasy!