February 12, 2007


Guess what I bought this weekend? A freezer! The act of blogging about it apparently filled me with fresh resolve. I went into the store, looked at the freezers, chose one, and it'll be delivered Friday. It is an upright, even though those cost more to run, because I am not temperamentally suited to a chest freezer, and would always be "just this once" taking out the topmost items rather than the ones that were oldest. It's a self-defrosting one, even though those too cost more to run, because I am at peace with myself the way I am, and I know I would never ever defrost the freezer, and eventually I would have one cubic foot of freezer space surrounded by many cubic feet of frost. I had been fretting about what size to choose, but the cost per year of running the three different sizes was basically the same (a $5/year difference between the smallest and the largest), and the largest was on sale for less than the cost of the medium-sized one, and so I bought the largest one. Yay, me! Before the baby is born I will be able to make all those yummy recipes you guys sent in.


Black Sheeped said...

Is Paul sending this under his name r both your names? It seems sort of unfairly pressure-y to make you send something like that.

Maybe I'm too big of a weenie, however.

In other news, hooay new freezer! If we had one I would just use it for copious amounts of 1) ice cream and 2) frozen pizza.


Erica said...

I'm totally on board with Paul being the one to send her the feedback email. Anything you send can be stored and used as future ammunition, you know? Let her son be the one to give her the ol' "hell no."

Exactly how much more ice cream are we talking? Do I need to be looking into this whole freezer purchasing thing? For the extra meal storage, that is. Not ice cream. No, not ice cream.

Mommy Daisy said...

Good luck on supplying your mil feedback. I hope that goes well. Way to go on the freezer decision. *Giving you a big pat on the back.* You won't regret it.