February 13, 2007

Baby Girl Hair Question

Beth has posted my question in today's Diary of a Playgroup Dropout, and if you guys have any advice about handling/managing/cutting/taming baby girl hair, go on over there and chip in. You don't even have to have a baby girl--you can just have been a baby girl yourself at one time, or have known baby girls, or have heard something about difficult hair in general.

Also, if you know anything about a good child's conditioner, please speak up. All I can find are ones that smell like gross fruity candy. I'd like one that smelled like regular baby shampoo, or even just like non-gross-fruity-candy.

I first found Beth's column on ClubMom when Linda at Purple Is A Fruit linked to this column: "Would Somebody Shut Me Up Already?" and I've been reading every since. Good stuff.


Mommy Daisy said...

I saw your question on Beth's blog this morning. I'm hooked on reading it. I think I found it through your link section. Or maybe it was from Linda's link on Purple is Fruit. Anyway, that's great for the shout out.

I don't have too much advice about girls hair. Personally I probably wouldn't cut bangs until she's a little older. I'll keep reading to see if you get any good ideas about conditioner. My son's hair has been crazy with static lately. He's had his hair trimmed, but we left it a little long.

aoife said...

*ducks head* I like the fruity stuff. So does my son. We use Loreal kids shampoo/condition in Mango. Yummy yum good.