February 17, 2007

Assorted Items Of Business

Kelsey was wondering if I get an email when someone comments, and yes! I do! It is great, because even if someone is going through the archives and wants to comment or ask a question on something from way long ago, I get an email that the new comment is there. Since otherwise I would spend hours a day combing obsessively through old posts ("Did anyone comment on this one? How about now? How about NOW?"), this is a service that is keeping me off psychiatric medication. Thanks, Blogger!

You know what I don't get, and I wish I did? Email addresses. I mean, I wish it only if you volunteered it as you were commenting, I don't mean that I wish I could spy on your personal information (although if I could, I would totally find out if you had any ice cream in your freezer, because we just ran out...somehow). Sometimes someone asks a question, and as we've established, it's not common or practical for people to go running back to check the comment sections of every blog they've commented on just in case the blogger left a reply. Several people have recommended I switch to a new thingie for comments, but sigh flop groan. I can't face it. It's so easy to go with Blogger's, even though it fails me in this regard. If you ever have a question that you want to make sure you get an answer to, but you also think other people would be interested in the question/answer, you could leave a comment and also email me at swistle at gmail dot com. Then I'd answer you personally from my email address, and also answer in the comment section. Gee, this is a great post so far, as mesmerizing as going over the minutes of last week's meeting.

Hey, you know what I bought at 50% off at Target? Heart-shaped paper plates, for next year's Valentine's breakfast of heart-cookie-cuttered toast with red jam (not pancakes). I'd wanted to find heart-shaped plastic bowls, but the only heart-shaped bowls were large and ceramic, like candy dishes. I'll keep an eye out, but for now the plates are good. I got paper napkins, too, with a heart pattern.

Remember my new freezer, that was supposed to be delivered Friday and keep me from running out of ice cream? It was not delivered Friday. Our delivery window was 8:30-10:30, and at 12:50 they called to say that they weren't doing any deliveries that day because the weather had kept a manufacturer's truck from getting to them with the appliances. Well, that's a totally understandable reason. And are they asking me to believe that they didn't realize until midday Friday that they would not be doing any deliveries? I think they could have called a little sooner, like before I spent all morning waiting anxiously, not daring to pee in case the doorbell rang, cooped up with three children because I couldn't leave the house. But as my dad pointed out, at least I didn't have to take a day off work to wait and then have this happen. Indeed, that would have been way more annoying. I'm still crabby about the ice cream, though.


theflyingmum said...

Will you remember the heart-shaped paper plates next Valentine's Day? Because this is just the kind of thing I do, and then forget about. I'll usually find them in the summer when I'm getting the paper plates out for a barbeque or camping trip. I also loved the idea of the cookie-cuttered/red jam breakfst. But again, I doubt I'll remember it. If you do remember, and are still blogging next year, could you do a pre-Valentine's post so that I'm reminded? Thanks, 'preciate it.
Also, I know what you mean about checking back. I spend entirely TOO MUCH TIME at the computer checking to see if the poster commented on my comment (hey, this is IMPORTANT...) email sounds like a good idea.

Bunny said...

I also use blogger and I, too, wish I had email addresses. I guess it's just a typepad thing cause I love that when I comment on a typepad blog, they can email me back.

Swistle said...

Flying Mum-- Good idea; I'll try to remember to do a "Don't forget not to make pancakes! And hunt down those Valentine's clearance items!" post next year. If I'm not too busy forgetting all about it and putting Bisquik on the list.

jen said...

I love getting comments but often I don't have something to say and then I think they are thinking "DUH! INGRATE! See if I ever comment again!" So you really can't win. I missed the other discussion but I always check back and I think it's totally up for discussion. However if I ask a question in the comments I will definitely check back.

Mommy Daisy said...

Grr, about the freezer. Why are companies so bad about this? I hate that. Well, I hope you get it very soon! (so you can start stocking it with lots of ice cream, of course)